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Stardust in Las Vegas

I was working at the Stardust in Las Vegas, Nevada in their spa. It was one of those jobs where the money came in sporadically and sometimes you could go for hours waiting around in the office for a client to materialize.

On this particular day a client walked in. Normally that’s how they come in. They can’t fly in or drive through. But in Vegas you consider all these possibilities. An average man, head of the Psychology department, of a well-known university.

Generally when I give a reading and massage, you never know what is about to happen. In this session, he was lying on the massage table and I had just started the massage when I could feel a warm sensation as if someone were in the room with us.

I wasn’t alone in this perception as my client could feel this presence as well. We didn’t know what it was and at first we thought that someone had left the heat on. But in this particular room, there were no heating or air conditioning units.

Halfway through the massage, I stopped and felt an urge to do some spiritual energy work on him. As I worked with him, he suddenly began to cry uncontrollably. By this time I could feel the peaceful energy flow in the air from another presence in the room.

I sat on the edge of the massage table as the man was now sitting up and still crying.

I held him in my arms as a gesture of love, but I knew this man needed some compassion.

After the session, he told me that his son had passed away and that he had felt the presence of his son in the room with us. A presence and love which enabled him to communicate with God regarding the passing of his son. Now he knew that his son was okay and his faith had been restored that day. In simple words he thanked me.

I told him that I was a channel or connection between God and him and that I was overjoyed for him and his new found faith. I should say lost faith as people tend to get angry at God when they lose someone. It’s not God that takes them away, it’s just life.

But, unfortunately, God gets the blame, and in this situation, that blame can go on for a prolonged period of time or until the person realizes that their loved one is safe and in the company of angels. It is good to know that heaven does exist and that our loved ones will be waiting for us on the other side.

Richard Spasoff

Richard Spasoff

Richard is more than just a psychic. He also has the unique ability to communicate with loved ones that have passed on. He shares his gift of spirit communication by providing answers and closure, which allows the healing process to begin.

Richard amazes his audience and personal clients with the astounding detail and accuracy of the information he provides during his sessions, leaving even the most sceptical individual a believer. Richard Spasoff is bringing the world of the Metaphysical and paranormal to the mainstream.