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Stars Who Claim to be Possessed. Deal with Spirits, Ghosts and Demons.(With Video)

With Halloween here, it’s good to get spooky and weird.

For some its Samhain, celebrating the ancestors who came before and honouring those who would not it make through the traditional winter, with a grand feast and festivities, some see this as the beginning of a new cycle/new year. Others look forward to all saints day, others turn off the lights and pretend not to be home, they do not wish have ghosts knocking the door. It’s an ever evolving celebration,

We go into the occult circles of rich the famous.

“Stars who say they are possessed and deal with spirits, ghosts and demons.”

This is partly inspired by friend Alexandra Holzer, who wrote an article this month for Vice “Celebrities allegedly haunted by ghosts.” Which there will be a link in the description below? This broader in scope article and now Halloween special video that I’m producing was authored in 2014 for a feature in Episode 12 of the Rabbit Hole that is reality radio show, like all good things requires a revisit as it comes to here with some revisions and updates. This is different than people celebrities who claim to have seen ghosts. These are much closer in their lives. Too close.

While some will put forward they are acting, performance artists doing a role. One of the first lessons of acting school is how to be a different personality.

Artists are basically popular eccentrics. The esoteric tends to go in hand with eccentricity. Esoteric essentially means “hidden knowledge”. It’s basically just pre-modern understandings and usages of psychology and social engineering. I think they are directed and being told what to wear, what to do, what to say, how to act…I this goes hand in hand and lends itself to the notion of an occult cabal movement going on in the media. Whilst I do not think these people are possessed, I feel they are being told to say these inclinations for shock value! However their actions when they say these things, maybe these are a window into the world behind the curtain.

Current first attention will take to Miley and her personality. Twerking and jerking onstage acting like a perverted lizard. Running around bare chested waving around a huge strap on dildo and with devil horns. But perhaps that is the intention. Look at the press on her since.

In an interview with rolling stone magazine, Miley talks openly about her drugs use of such as cocaine and hallucinogenic. It’s been spoken of for a long time, that Hannah Montana is literally a manifestation of magic a normal girl during the day and at night becomes a different personality entirely. A duality. (Worth looking up on “Project Monarch” – A monarch butterfly which is also her on-screen logo). South park famously poked fun at this a number of years ago, remember when Britney went off the rails, in the episode Hollywood was calling for a sacrifice “a star has to fall” to fulfil a prophecy of not letting the world come to destruction. So Britney runs to South Park after a failed suicide attempt and of course is helped by Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Butters. All the towns’ folk know of the prophecy and “in” on the secret that she must die to save us all. At the end, and to spoil it for those who have not seen it Britany does die and I quote “the world is safe until next time”, “who will be next?” and a poster of Miley Cyrus appears and fades over the credits. Here we are 6 years later… (At time of original writing 2014, after the infamous NME awards performance.)

Britney spoke of her different characters who take over. When she becomes herself again, she has no memory. Celebrity Justice a rag mag celebrity gossip paper from 17 1 2008 edition

“This paints a very disturbing picture of Britney spears or whoever she happens to be at any given moment” we’ve all been told the British accent thing – well it appears to be more, Britney fully engages a different identity, multiple personalities. Including the British girl. We’re told when Britney loses the British personality. She has absolutely no idea what she did during the time she assumed that personality. Sources tell us Brit has a number of other identities a weepy little girl, the diva, and incoherent girl and others.”

There is an infamous video where she is being interviews in quite a solemn mood talking of her actions of late. Then suddenly is nudged by someone invisible says weird, then says “oh hello” suddenly becomes bouncy and very valley girl Hollywood. Depersonalization/dissociative episode most likely brought on by drug use, she has admitted to being on large amounts of prescription drugs.

Let’s round up a few others citied and stating they are possessed. Beyoncé Knowles claiming something possesses her while on stage and if it wasn’t for this spirit, (Sasha Fierce) she couldn’t perform like she does. Quoted as saying, “when Sasha is here, I’m not aware of my face or body”.

Indeed surrounding her is magical zymology, and videos contain esoteric images. She for instance wears a ring with the head of Baphomet; the super bowl performance is frequently referenced. As a very occult ritual.

Bob Dylan in an interview is quoted as saying he sold his soul to the … the one who cannot be seen. When the interview again there’s nothing that indicates a metaphor. Though He’s speaking very openly and his demeanour is quite serious when he’s talking about the deal. It was very real to him.

Popstars build public sentiment and culture far more than world leaders at this point. Popstars have spent the past 30 years becoming hyper sexualized and hyper materialistic, which has had a profound effect on American and world thought patterns. Politicians have fought many of these trends unsuccessfully,

Let’s talk You have Nicky Minaj talking about a controller she has called Roman, who is a boy who is full of rage and is violent. And that “people conjured him up” and put him inside me. She also has 7 others personas.

Lady Gaga talks of the fusion of different realms, magic, her mission to tell the world magic is not artificial – that was from the real freaky interview on it. Bizarre. But what’s more bizarre is the legal case that was filed against her, by a female assistant from one of her tours. Who was made to sleep in the room with Lady Gaga? This rang true to an interview I watched prior to that, where she said on a live show that she must have someone with her at night or else they come for her. When the interview asked who, she replied I can’t talk about them. Ghosts? His name is Ryan and that he annoys her during the night and he is a threat to her. She has held a seance while in Ireland for her Monster Ball Tour over the weekend, in an attempt to get through and see him off.

“She contacted a spirit medium and organized a seance so she could communicate with him and tell him to go away,” the source said.

“She gathered all her friends over the weekend in Belfast, Ireland, and held the seance to find out what he wants. She’s convinced she picked this up as a bad omen.

“Although most of her friends were skeptical they agreed to take part.”

It has previously been revealed that Gaga, 24, has spent thousands of dollars on ghostbusters and splashed out $47,000 on state of the art Electro Magnetic Field meters to detect spectres.

“She believes in paranormal activity and won’t take any risks when she is on the road,” a source said at the time. “It’s important to her to be safe from spirits. [That haunt her]” - Though this appears to be cited as an interview in 2010 UK Grazia magazine, which is not available online.

Keisha has said that she made to have sex with a ghost, then in different interview said she was forced to do the song “die young” she that didn’t want to sing the lyrics. Interestingly to this Keisha case, there’s a dark tone around the case involving her famed manager Dr Duke, – real name Gottwald. Kesha has said that a 2014 stint in a rehabilitation centre, where she was severe depression, post-traumatic stress and panic attacks, were due to Gottwald’s alleged abuse.

Keisha made allegations she was sexually abuse and raped by Dr Duke. It was during this time, she made the extraordinary claims above. There is multiple back and forth in the US legal proceedings to detail here. However to note, from the 14th October 2014 law suit file statement Dr. Luke abused Ms. Sebert in order to destroy her self-confidence, self-image, and self-worth so that he could maintain complete control over her life and career,” the lawsuit read.” Dr Duke holds managerial positions over a number of other world class performers, when it comes to their character, performances, videos, and intention as producer – these include, Jay-Z, Katy Perry (check out the Extra Terrestrial video), Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, including the 2 I’m about to mention -

Jessie J, occult symbol heavy music and videos, only stir controversy, though denies any knowledge of the symbolism or the terms contained within. As does Rihanna, who declares herself princess of the illuminati, her videos and actions are full of arcane symbolry, of the mysteries. Acknowledging herself as one with the pyramid in many pictures as - Hiram Abiff, a title of Osiris - amongst many other names in esoteric circles. With tracks such as “Umbrella”, the symbolry should not be understated. It’s clear and apparent, albeit hidden – unless you know what it is you’re at. Her song “Disturbia” where she and her dancers become possessed, with lyrics invoking such

It’s a thief in the night to come and grab you It can creep up inside you and consume you A disease of the mind, it can control you It’s too close for comfort.

The disease of the mind, being possession.

Other times, in a song called “Russian Roulette”, shows her being killed in various fashions whose lyrics call for suicide.

I mention Rihanna a little more because; of a panic tweet she made back in Jan of 2012 – FUCK U SATAN!!! Fuck right off!!!!! Was this a declaration of literal meaning?

Some out there claim that Heath Ledger may have been possessed. When doing the outstanding role of the Joker, for the Dark Knight -

This came allegedly from Bob Larson, and you’ll see from this formerly trending interview, (of which there is 2 versions of the interview) – This comes from Bob from possibly the world’s most famous or infamous exorcist. In an interview with Movie Web in regards to Bobs role with the movie The Devil Inside, the question was asked in regards to Heath Ledger and the Dark Knight,

Movie Web: Let’s go back to Heath Ledger. It’s your professional opinion, as the world’s most renowned exorcist, that Heath Ledger was, in fact, possessed by a demon during the making of The Dark Knight. That’s what propelled his performance as The Joker…

Bob Larson: I would say…something overtook that man. There is a strong possibility that somehow, he just took on too much of the evil of this character. After all, whether it was psychological or spiritual, he could not draw that distinction anymore. That is not the first time I’ve had an actor tell that sort of thing to me, when they are called onto portray a role. With this movie here, though, I don’t see that happening.

Bob Larson there, to say even despite his firm belief in demonic possession and exorcism. Where it would have been quite easy for him to say yes or most likely to continue to conspiracy that could have come from this. He nipped it, and was like no I don’t see that happening here. Ledger it is well noted is a method actor, withdrawing into the role completely. The Joker is of course, one hell of a messed up character to take on. Despite the Daily Express-alike headline this is not what he said. Despite Bob not saying this, it didn’t stop MovieWeb from running with the headline EXCLUSIVE: Heath Ledger Was Possessed during the Dark Knight Says Real Exorcist of The Devil Inside

Possessing pop stars does not preclude them influencing those wealthy power makers and players either, who also seem to want hyper-sexualism and hyper-materialism as well.

I don’t discount the possibility that symbols are used with intent to subconsciously program the people taking in this information. What exactly are these programs? I think it’s layered, at times. You get hints from the symbols, and from the lyrics, and the overall tone of the music or production, I’m not sure it’s easily decipherable, assuming this is seriously going on in the music industry. With many claiming that is.

Can we be sure between the lines of acting, promotional and when perhaps be honest and literal.

I think there could be a Dissociative Identity Disorder going on with many of these, systemic abuse for the rigour of the work and demands upon them,

Since time immemorial public figures and those behind them, seek the favour of those in the ether to propel their actions.

Last case in point, I leave you with today is Democratic front runner in the presidential election of 2016 Hilary Clinton. Whilst my opinion of her actions is deplorable, in the UK I don’t have any skin or steak in the game. However during her time in the white house as first lady, many times Hilary consulted it seems with the otherworld – via way of mediums and psychics?

Jean Houston, co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research, which studies psychic experience and altered and expanded consciousness.

And Mary Catherine Bateson, a colleague of Jeans.

Jean Houston and Mary Catherine Bateson get together several times over the next year, to conduct seances with Eleanor Roosevelt and indeed with Ghandi. A number of stories in the first year of the Bill Clinton Administration in 1993, when Hillary confessed that she regularly communicated with Eleanor; stories at the time even labelled these communications as seances. Not only did Hillary admit she talked to Eleanor, she said Eleanor talked back! This admission clearly identifies these sessions as seances, in more recent times the spin that these were not seances or communication with the departed.

“Mrs. Clinton met with Houston several times from late 1994 until March of this year, according to the 1996 book [by Bob Woodward, ‘The Choice’] that says Houston led the first lady through conversations with her hero, Mrs. Roosevelt and Indian leader ... Ghandi ... Mrs. Clinton said she engaged in hours of ‘freewheeling discussions’ with Houston.”

Many countries leaders and particular for the US, occultism is key and central. It’s an integral part of the power they wield, even if someone else may be pulling the strings behind the curtain.


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