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The Chronicles of an Exorcist Investigator

This is our view and how we see it, under no circumstances is this view of the Vatican or any other church organisation, we are all individual but our proses is the same

Hollywood, the great deception of the horror, Ghosts, and the Demonic, from the film the Omen to the Exorcism of Emily Rose and Annabel, whilst loosely based on real events it’s not as exciting as it seems, no doubt you have watched these films and said ” I would do this” and ” I would do that” but would you? Be honest, how many would walk into a room when someone is levitating off the bed? You would probably say yes I would, but to be honest with you that’s Hollywood and the chances of you seeing this happen are slim to none. Plus if you did witness this phenomenon I feel a human shaped hole would appear in the door or wall

Being an Exorcist investigator is not as glamour’s as it looks, in this article I hope to break it down a little for you, from our own experience and the experience of others who choose to do this work. First off get Hollywood out of your head as it is not like that, on the rare occasions where it is genuine you can walk into a room and just know the boogie man is with you, it has a taste a feel, how many mediums say I can’t explain it but I just know, it’s the same, when you know you know, but what it is like is hours of investigative work, hours of traveling the country and being a diplomat, sometimes you go to the most deprived areas of the country and the living accommodation is not fit for human habitation, and it breaks your heart to see this, the thing is with the demonic anyone can be affected but you can change your chances of being affected by changing a few lifestyle choices, eat healthily, rise your vibration, have you ever heard the saying like attracts like, raise your vibe, stay away from drugs, if you take weed it lowers your vibration and all barriers come down and it easy for energy to latch on, spirits love a stoner because a stoner can’t relate to what reality is, if you are reading this I will assume that you are into investigations and the paranormal so this won’t be a shocker but protection, when you wake up and just before you sleep, again when you sleep your barriers come down, not your fault you’re asleep so protection before you go to sleep is always a good idea, also grounding, ground yourself it only takes a few minutes out of your day but it’s a great way to start your day, for the sceptics out there as the old saying goes it’s ok not to believe in Satan and his minions because he believes in you, remember for every Demonic force that’s out there they have legions under them, from kings of the demonic to earls, these all have foot solders under them, you have different houses that they belong to that’s why it’s a good idea if you ever come into contact with something diabolical it’s good to know who they are and what house they belong to, remember as above so below, what the Angels have so does Satan

An e-mail will come in telling us that the is something Demonic in the house or my child or other relative is possessed, please help, you never give advice via e-mail or the phone as this can be dangerous because for one you don’t know the full story and second they could be suffering from mental health issues and if you feed them with information you could send them on a psychotic episode. So we take details of just name and address and arrange to go and meet them at the place that has the supposed Demonic issue, now different stages of the Demonic can be accruing,

Here is a brief rundown on three of them, the first is infestation, Demonic infestation happens when the door to the Demonic is opened, either intentionally or unintentionally, but always through invitation, how many people have worked a spirit board or believe they are talking to a child, you have to remember the Demonic are master manipulators, but because you think it’s a child you invite them to talk to you more thus you are inviting the manipulator in

Demonic Oppression, this can be mild to severe harassment by evil spirits, the entry point for oppression is the mind, it tries to change the way you act, behave, to isolate you

Demonic possession is rare but it does happen, it is a complete takeover of the mind and body. It is the condition where one or more evil spirits inhabit the body of a human being, taking complete control of it at will and expressing his or their personality through that person

As I have said a proper possession is a very rare thing and probably one in one hundred cases maybe a full on possession. A lot of the time before you even go to the first client contact that if it is a true possession or not, the Demonic know you’re coming and will do an all they can to make sure you don’t arrive, you can suffer from illness the day before you are due to visit or even on the day, you may suffer from car trouble and when taken to the garage nothing wrong can be found, in some cases car accidents have happened to investigators who are traveling to meet the client for the first time

You have made contact and arranged the interview making sure that anyone who has witnessed or is infected are present, this is where it can be a bit tricky, NEVER go alone, your safety is paramount, if mental health is the reason behind visions because the client has an undiagnosed condition like a

Split personality disorder you could be walking into a situation where they can turn violent towards you so never go alone

The process, safe guarding yourself and the client is a must, we personally have a seventy five questioner for them to answer, everything is videoed and recorded on tape if they answer over half the questions that point to the Demonic we then arrange to come back another day with a full team and investigate the house or building of said activity, we also run background checks on the property and surrounding area, we also ask that the person or persons effected go to the doctors for a full psychology and neurological assessment, once the investigation is done and the doctors reports are in we then send all reports to our Archbishop and a panel who consist of doctors in psychology and they review the evidence and decide if an exorcism is needed, it is then past to a priest or bishop for an exorcism to be provided. If of course it is mental health we gently persuade them to seek medical assistance, we would never say nope that’s our job done and leave it like that, we are here to help and no matter the time frame that’s what we do

So like I said it’s not like the films, it can be very painstaking tedious work, but knowing that you have helped someone regardless if it is Demonic or not is a great feeling, but on a side note, not everything is demonic and not everything is paranormal, if you have something in your house it is not always evil and means you harm, we all know different classifications of spirit, it could just be Aunty Flo coming to say hello so don’t go running for the holy water and the salt, if you’re worried call in someone who is respected in the field of the paranormal and if someone tries to charge you for this service go elsewhere as no reputable paranormal group and no clergy should charge you for this service, have a blessed day

Simon and Vicky Hughes

Simon and Vicky Hughes

Reverend Simon and Vicky Hughes are a husband and wife team that have 20 years’ experience of working in the paranormal industry between them, they met while working in a haunted location together, and they travel up and down the Up working with Chris Conway’s mystical ghost hunts team as they are active mediums within this group