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What is Past Life Regression?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what most practitioners believe is the memories of past lives or incarnations.

Not a bad interpretation of past life regression, but I ask where does the subject of Past Life regression fit in with the “Paranormal”? The “paranormal” is described as “things that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding”, does being able to recollect memories of past lives fall into the same description?

Past life regression is a process where you are taken, or you take someone else, using hypnosis, back in time. This is achieved through the memories stored in the subconscious, those memories being the ones of, we believe, previous lives.

Our character is a representation of who we truly are. It is made up of an accumulation of the experiences we have had during our total existence in this life and others. These experiences have an effect on our behaviour and how we perceive life. Forgotten experiences from the past can in some cases, contribute to emotional traumas which in turn could cause psychological problems and challenges

Undertaking regression and exploring your past lives can present you with a complete new understanding of your own character. You may start to realise why you are drawn to certain places or have a particular interest in something or someone. Perhaps it will even offer you an explanation to that Déjà vu feeling.

Curiosity tends to be the main reason for people wanting to experience there past lives. Some past life existences can be pieced together, producing accurate names, dates and places; details can then be researched and authenticated, making the experience even more enjoyable.

However people often require an alternative explanation to things that realistically cannot be explained. So for every explanation for past life memory recall there has to be an alternative and through these alternatives it often help those out there that do not believe in reincarnation and the existence of past lives to understand, or start to understand the possibilities of past lives.

Here are 3 possible “Alternatives” to how we seem to recall information, memories from past lives.

A Connection To Spirit: When in a relaxed state, an altered state we connect to the memories of a person in spirit, another soul. This is not a bad alternative as many mediums trance information from spirit in an altered state. But what we have to remember is that quite often when we thoroughly examine someone’s, or our own past life memories we see similar if not identical behavioural characteristics linking to our current lives.

Pure Fantasy – all Make Believe: Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. The question here should be does it really matter? Past life regression therapy has, in its own right, therapeutic benefits. If the mind chooses to invent these memories to help someone feel better within him or herself, then that’s fine. But let’s not forget these memories are provided by the data in the sub conscious, so at some stage in our existence we must of experienced, in some way, what is recalled.

Genetic Memory Recall: This alternative gives us a more scientific explanation to past life memories. It is said that the DNA from ALL our ancestors is imprinted into our own genetic structure. These genes are passed from generation to generation and have some sort of effect on our character. In an altered state, it is believed that the memories linked to our ancestors are recalled through genetic memory. Sounds a little far-fetched to me, but there again I’m not a scientist.

So don’t let the unexplainable, curiosity of possible past lives hold you back, each and every one, in some way, can and does benefit from past life regression………

Dave Vickers

Dave Vickers

David was born in Kegworth, Derbyshire, and his early childhood was very much the same as any other. Although, as a young child a question that often brought confusion to him was “What was the point of living just to die?” There had to be more to life. What happens when we die? David, along with his wife Helen, opened their own Holistic, Beauty and Spiritual Awareness centre in Loughborough, Leicestershire. ‘the TSL Holistic Centre’, TSL standing for The Spiritual Link