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When You Just Know There Has Been a Murder in The House

We stayed in a holiday home in Kirkcudbright , there are quite a few in the area. Renovated town houses in the small rural fishing town of Kirkcudbright, Scotland. We had stayed in this particular house four of five times already. Travelling across the country every two years too go and see family.

I preferred the property to the other one owned by the holiday let couple, old school friends of my Mother in law. I opted for this one each time we booked. I could not put my finger on it but I just could not settle in the other house at night. Something about the place kept me awake.

Known as Artist Town, Kirkcudbright is picturesque and steeped in History. In 1455 it was established as a Royal Burgh, with painters flocking there, buying houses which are now open as galleries. With a castle at the top of the street, it should have been obvious there were going to be ghosts hanging about. Especially if the tales about the Tolbooth Jail were to be believed. We were told all about them during a guided walk of the town. All part of the towns summer festivities.

It was some years ago now. My eldest is now a grown woman, but at the time she was a young, almost a teenager and she didn’t believe in ghosts, rubbish she would say.

It started before we got there though, me and my dreams again.

I was not so aware during this period of my life, what the dreams meant or why I even had them. But I dreamt of the house in St Cuthbert’s Street, of the bedroom at the back of the house, on the third floor. I dreamt that the blind fell down from the window.

There was always this very old musty smell in the room, no matter how well it had been renovated. An old smell that time just could not seem to erase. It was not in any other room, just that one. I thought is very odd and never found any mention about it in the guest comments book. Was it just me?

In my dream the walls turned red. The red started on one wall but spread across all the others. A man was having sex with a woman, whilst another woman lay in the room. When he was done the man strangled his partner, though I felt she wasn’t a willing participant in the act. The other occupant in the room could do nothing but pretend to still be asleep. She was so very frightened.

The room then became a sort of forest scene and I could see lots of imps hiding in the trees and I could feel their fear. A big black cloud was hanging about.

It wasn’t a very nice dream, it was another horrible one in fact, still it didn’t put me off going back there. It was only a dream.

A friend Karen and her daughter came to stay with us at the house. She lives near Glasgow on the out skirts, same village as Susan Boyle. From Scotland, but we met when she lived in England and her daughter and mine went to primary school together.

Karen and I went to the local pubs, they are like sitting in some one’s front room. They are so tiny. It is totally impossible not to get talking to people. I remember we were talking about physic readings and saying to her that I thought Nicole was capable of seeing things.

They occupied the upstairs bedroom, the one that had been in my dream. She never mentioned the old funny smell and she had stayed in it a few times, coming to meet up with us.

My two daughters were occupying the second bedroom on that same top level, whereas my husband, me and my son were in bedrooms on the next level down.

Lying in bed that night all I could hear for 5 minutes was the squeaky sound of someone opening and closing, opening and closing one of the original, heavy old doors upstairs. I wondered who it was but then went to sleep.

Our guests left the next morning. My girls asked if they could move into the room that they had been in, so I stripped their bedding and moved my girls bedding in. The room was just at the top of the stairs and so was a little bit nearer to me, if there were any problems in the night.

They settled down to sleep, I went in to see them, having just received news that my boss had passed away back in England from a Heart Attack and my daughter specifically said to me “the blind at the window just fell down”

Well that was just the start

I went to bed, sometime between 10pm and 11, I heard a bang.

My eldest daughter came down stairs into my room and asked for Paracetamol. Something had come in her room and was playing with the cupboard doors. She went back upstairs and got back into her bed.

I realised she was in shock, having actually comprehended what she had just said and went running up to her. She was sat in the bed, shaking. She was white.

She had been lying in bed, her little sister was asleep when she could hear doors squeaking in the hallway, she knew that something was coming. The air was sucked from the room and in its place came freezing cold air.

A woman appeared in a maid’s uniform. My daughter described a black dress, a white apron and a white cap on her head and she came and stood over her. What was worst and what haunted my daughter for years, its only been a couple of years that she has not needed the light on to go to bed. She was that traumatised, was the fact that the maid had no face. There was nothing but black.

Doors in the other bedroom started banging and the wardrobe doors in her room opened and slammed shut fiercely by itself.

That was the noise that I had heard.

I took her and my youngest daughter downstairs. I took the mattresses off their beds, carried them down stairs with my husband and put them on the floor of my sons’ room. I ranted and raved at the spirits that I hoped they were fucking pleased with themselves frightening a young girl like that. She was only about 12.

Neither my eldest daughter or I got much sleep. She was petrified to even go to the toilet across the hallway. I had to lay down with her. All the while, I was visualising the spirits being on the stairs.

That is how I became acquainted with Bev. My uncle gave me her number the next day. She said send me an email and the house address. I did. She replied back to me by text.

Lisa you are surrounded by them, there is seven of them in there. You, are lucky that they haven’t locked you in.

Ah yeah, actually I had forgotten that bit of the dream.

I feel cold just thinking back to it and typing

My youngest two ignored my warnings and were running into the bed room up the stairs. I found them in the cot in there. I was not a pleased mummy.

We were going to get them to cross. Bev was going to tell me what to do. She was going to send me something, I would feel it. I felt it alright, a warm feeling inside of me. I now associate that feeling with Reiki. The feeling I get and pass on to others

I walked from room to room, hallway to hallway, stairway to stairway and walk in cupboard to walk in cupboard repeating the words she told me to say. I was from happy at the way they treated my daughter and told them quite a few times I wasn’t fucking scared of them, that they were fucking dead, that I wasn’t and they needed to fucking realise it.

Never attack a mother’s children. She will defend them, whether the assailant is the living or the dead. Even now, if something dares show themselves to my children and they perceive it as frightening, I tell them to swear at it, showing no sign of fear. I then ask the spirit why it is brave enough to reveal itself to my children but not too me.

I am never without candles in my house now. Luckily my daughter had bought one for her friend as I gift and I used that to get them to cross.

Bev sent me time and time again by text, a prayer that is used by the Vatican to remove spirits and entities, but I never once received it. Something was stopping the message coming through.

“Don’t worry, im coming in” she said to me.

It was done. I got into bed.

Bev sent me a text; it had a message from an old lady whose soul was trapped in there. The message was aww… so frightened.

I didn’t get much sleep at all. Lying there in the pitch black, I heard a man’s voice above me and it was swearing. I could not believe what he said to me


There was something very sinister and unpleasant about him, and I obviously annoyed him

We had no more bother from them the rest of the stay, but we were glad when the stay was over. We were quite jumpy, when we returned home and were that way for a while. Though as I said, it took my daughter years to get over it.

Now though, she believes that ghosts do exist.

A few weeks after our return, whilst putting my youngest to bed, she started talking to me about the old lady that had talked to her on holiday. I knew instantly who she was referring too. She also started telling me about when she went into the woods.

I knew then, that my children had the gift too. It was not optional; it was part of their reality. Though as I have already said. I didn’t actually understand myself what my gift was.

My daughter met up with Bev, in 2017 after my Cardiac Arrest, I was still recovering so didn’t go. Bev told her, it had to happen all those years ago, she had to see that it was real and believe.

We have never actually met, we exchange messages. Me, usually hounding Bev asking her what does this mean or how do I do that? We did go past each other on travellators going in opposite directions in the shopping centre in town. We waved hello. I did phone her, when we left the house and returned home. We chatted about the events.

As she could see it, the mans wife died and her soul was trapped in the house. He raped and murdered at least three of his maids. It was a long time ago, the town was in the middle of nowhere and staff were disposable, they were property. She told me she believed that there were human remains buried there.

A male staff member was there too. I didn’t find him too bothersome, as was his poor old mother trapped there too, in death.

Even after his death, the murderer still had control of them all, no wonder he was mad and called me a fucker.

Though I know that the spirits have gone, they all crossed over. I can not bring myself to stay in that house ever again. I stay in the one I didn’t want to originally, or somewhere else. And where ever I go, I take small protective crystals with me and a small candle. I never know when I am going to need them.

Lisa Snopek

Lisa Snopek

I am a 38-year-old Cardiac Arrest survivor. My name is Lisa Marie Snopek. Back in April 2017 I dropped dead, and had to be given CPR, defibrillated and resuscitated. People tell me that I am stubborn, because that is what annoys them about me, but I think it is the best thing about me.

I was born with gifts that I didn’t understand, there were secrets about who I really was.

My life is lived twice over, once in my dreams and then in reality. And if I don’t like what I see, I then have to change it. I am a Reiki Healer and writer and I am working on finding a publisher for my first children’s novel.

I write very differently, because I am very different