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Famous Mercado Case in Brooklyn Pt3 - Interview with Marisa Anderson by Alexandra Holzer

This final exclusive interview is dedicated to all mediums out there who fall under the levels of what mediumship is truly all about from ‘labels’ such as psychic to clairvoyant… Marisa’s story is your story and springboard to keep up the great work as a giver of our natural-born sixth sense usage and abilities. Here’s to you for what you do and teach the rest who are blinded or closed off from the possibilities, depth of mankind and it’s inner workings.

Alexandra Holzer: Talk to me about the famous Brooklyn, New York’s Elaine Mercado Case involving my late father, Professor Dr. Hans Holzer, not a run-of-the-mill ghost hunter. Elaine was fortunate to enlist the services of father, whose name and reputation brought a great deal of credibility to this story. He also wrote the introduction to Grave’s End, Registered Nurse Elaine Mercado’s book.

Marisa Anderson: Yes. Hans requested my assistance on a case in 1995. He only told me was a haunting case and that it was in Brooklyn, NY. That was all he told me about it as you know how your Father worked. I was to meet him on such and such date and at his home and someone would drive us out from there. Excerpts from my website article and within “Past Present and Future” follow… When I walked in the door and looked at her I thought, “Oh my God, she has been in a struggle for a long time.” She looked exhausted, like a prisoner of war. It must have been an extreme haunting and they have truly been through hell. When I came in she said, “Can you give me my house back for just one day?” I said “I think I could do better than that for you” and smiled!

While it was a warm and humid day, it felt dark and cool in the house.

I felt deadness in the house, like it was sucked dry and life ceased to exist. I walked from the foyer and moved to the right toward the living room. I walked through a doorway and I felt this was it. We had the attention of who was there. A little left of the doorway, I looked at Hans and said “click a picture”—I saw an orb with a two inch tail moving fast. Moving from the dining room to the vestibule doorway we felt we were being probed by a group of males.

There was a vertical corridor in this area, almost a hole in the floor beneath and upward past me. It was huge, like an elevator shaft. It had substance, a dimensional voice, something moving up and down. I felt trauma from a hot spot, I needed to go downstairs. We checked the upstairs first—up a stairway into a room where I sensed a female who came from a previous location. She was a substance I could see, I saw a white dress and felt mourning. The house was moved and there was something behind the wall. Elaine said yes, she had found a white dress. I said yes, there was a loss—someone who had passed.

I had to go to the basement next. There was a high door to the dirt room. I had to climb up on a square table and step up to it. I went into it and sat in the doorway. I faced the people. Hans was in front of me and everyone else was behind him. I closed my eyes and “saw” beneath the dirt. I could hear the sound of wheels, men talking in different languages. I repeated the language and Hans translated to English. A spirit told me he was OK now, but at the time he was not.

There was a collapse and there was an implosion of dirt coming at him. They were in a cave-in and left there. Two other males were with him. One male he could continue to speak to for a week, and then he was silent. They felt the pressure of the dirt above them and the weight around them felt crushing. It was heavy. There was nothing done to take them out. He continued to relive the experiences for a century. (Later, Hans documented for the program “BEYOND CHANCE”, that there was a historical paper stating that subways were being dug in the area, and then they stopped digging in that area and started in another. They may have left the collapse and went to dig elsewhere.

They were stuck in time and they continued to recall being stuck beneath the ground. Of the three males, the first died almost immediately, and the remaining two lasted about a week. It was absolute terror. The screaming stopped after a few days. There were rats in the tunnel and one was petrified of rodents. It was horrifying for him. They were exhausted, dehydrated and crying. Their voices got softer and weaker. I remembered Elaine interrupting to ask about the gerbil incident. The gentleman apologized for that.

Hans understood why they were there in this situation. I was showing the spirit that they remained there because of the trauma. One man had dark hair and a round face. He was of German decent.

He was a big husky burly man with hairy arms and thick fingers. Another male (the one who died first) was very angry. I had no communication with him. He stood alone and wanted to be left alone. He may have been abandoned, perhaps by a female and child. He had a thin body and frame with a large amount of hair that was long in back, he understood English.

The other man had gangly features with light brown wavy hair. He looks were what we would call goofy today. I got impressions of him from what would have been activities in their daily life. I saw this man combing his wavy hair in a mirror. I saw the tunnel lit from 1 to 20 feet. The passages were dimly dark. I saw the husky man with a light over him when he looked down maybe a light on his head. I saw a rail car operating, moving back and forth taking dirt.

There were actually two rail cars. I saw shovels, picks and small tools. There were wood and metal rails piled along the side. There was a wood suspension along the wall and a massive boulder with dirt around it that they couldn’t get past. It was at a narrow point. Water was coming through. There were huge braces overhead that came down. They were only accepting their own trauma and were not interested in lives of people around them in the house. These people were annoyances to them.

I asked the spirits to look for the doorway to the other side. It is a hole that is light but not solid light I told them. The actual passing through didn’t take very long. The male who was angry and uncommunicative was the first to go. The young man with the wavy hair was hesitant because he wanted to wait for his wife. The husky gentleman was the last to go. I felt the little was anxious to pass over and was the first pass through the doorway to the other side. When the spirits passed through I felt an actual breeze flow past me. The air smelled like flowers and fruit. It was just a minute, but after all had passed the smell disappeared. At the end of the day, I was depleted. Elaine told me that it was like spending a day in church. She felt like she had witnessed a miracle.

AH: What are you currently working on today and what do you want people to know about your gifts?

MA: I still see clients when I am available, you can visit my web site to connect with me at I still go to locations for certain cases where I am requested, but I work mostly by phone, I like to say, nothing is impossible and I have done most of my work even the cold cases by phone. I also still assist local rescue animal groups where I live in Hudson Valley, N.Y., and still help locate what might be missing or lost and have been very fortunate with my whole life with my abilities for myself as well as others.

Sometimes the cases I have worked I would never have suspected I would do, like multiple level research granted cases, structural efficiency cases, world predictions and wall street assessment with brokerage firms, underground reports. I have been very lucky to never turn from a case, or someone asking me if I could do something, so I have in the process come to know just how much more I am capable of doing. I want people to know that nothing is impossible and that everyone has some sort of “extra sensory perceptions”... you just need to tap further into yourself to define those extra senses, and believe in yourself, and that nothing is impossible.

I believe in a God consciousness, and that the universe around us is very magical place. I have seen this magic since I have been a little girl. I have seen what people would call miracles, over and over again, in other lives, and in my own. We can tap into much of what is unseen by the eye. It is really that simple. Just “believe, and then you will see”. Never lose “sight” of knowing what you are capable of. Know and trust in who you are, always. But stay in the light with all that you do. If you don’t, you won’t reach those places that are “gifts”, the abilities for us to access.

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Alexandra Holzer

Alexandra Holzer

Second Generation Ghost Hunter and Writer, Alexandra Holzer, is no stranger to the world of the supernatural, publishing or art. She attended The Fashion Institute of Technology following her mother Artist Countess Catherine Buxhoeveden (related to Catherine the Great), who also attended. She follows in her late famous father’s (Parapsychologist Dr. Hans Holzer) ghostly footsteps (Original Ghost Hunter, NBC’s In Search Of, Amityville Horror, WOR Radio with Joe Franklin.) Hans Holzer was also an Assistant Professor of Parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology, Research Director of the New York Committee for the Investigation of Paranormal Occurrences, and a member of the College of Psychic Studies in London, as well as a lecturer at leading colleges. Alexandra is co-founder of her global organization, The Hunt with Holzer, in which her research continues into the unknown. For further details about this author, please visit: