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Ghost Hunter Claims to have Definite Proof of Life After Death ‘WITH VIDEO’

I conducted my last investigation in Elgin, Illinois upon an invite by psychic medium Chris Fleming. He told me about this old casket company and the owner was reporting some intense paranormal activity. Chris told me that the location is currently an operational “haunted house attraction” titled Evil Intentions. This location has been dubbed by local media as a “haunted…haunted house.”

The history of this location caught my interest from the get go. It was built in the 1840s and eventually became The Elgin Casket Company. It was a very successful company and at one point built over seventy thousand caskets per year. The company even built a casket for a president! Other legends which surround the location include murders, cult activities (I seem to be drawn to these places), and strange unexplained occurrences.

I called my partner John Stephens and we agreed to film at the location. Chris Fleming was present as well as Marcia Mack (our EVP Analyst), Mike Fitzpatrick (the owner), two of Chris’ high school buddies, Katy and Brad Lundsteen, Ryan Alexander (marketing manager for the haunt), and a few others. This was a much larger group than John and I are used to. It is normally just the two of us whilst investigating a haunted location. Albeit, the energy was just right for a night of unexplained activity and we managed to capture something amazing.

During our investigation we made communication with several spirits during Chris’ “live EVP sessions”. This is where you utilize a simple voice recorder and then play it back right away to check and see if there are any responses. This only works if you are getting “Class A” responses otherwise known as “clear and intelligent answers.” We managed to receive many intelligent responses one of which was a female who called herself “Tara Lee”. Another spirit even claimed responsibility for a gunshot murder which allegedly took place on the premises. Lastly, we received many responses which clearly sound like a young child.

Our final experiment took place on the lower level inside of the boiler room. Chris was conducting an EVP session and also utilizing the Ovilus IV. John and I were assisting and filming Chris using Digital Dowsing’s “SLS Cam.” Chris began to speak to the spirits about their awareness of being dead when a figure slowly began to manifest itself on the screen of the SLS Cam. I knew exactly what I was looking for as I had joined an investigation in which Bill Chappel has initially tested out the Xbox Kinect Sensor in a haunted environment. You can watch that video here:

Directly before the spirit popped up on the screen we received an EVP response which told Chris “I’m behind you.” The correlation between this EVP and the entity on the SLS Cam is astonishing. Two forms of evidence of an intelligent entity side by side is groundbreaking. The spirit seemed to be dangling from Chris’ voice recorder. It’s stick figure legs and arms hanging lifelessly while it’s head appeared to be buried inside of the microphone. This was absolutely incredible! I have talked with so many spirits using electronic voice phenomena, but to actually see it happening was quite the rush!

I asked the spirit if it could move it’s arms or legs or wave at me. To my surprise the spirit jumped up and appeared to turn towards me. It then began to kick it’s legs and jumped off of the microphone….AND FLY UP THE WALL AND AWAY! Chris remained calm as he had not witnessed what we saw on the screen. The rest of us gasped in excitement as we knew we had just captured something golden. So far this device has done nothing but impress me. I said it back in 2012 when I first used it and I’ll say it again, this device is going to change the way we hunt ghosts. It is pulling back the veil that covers our eyes and blinds us from the spirit world. In this latest investigation I truly believe we captured evidence of life after death. We confirmed that the spirits we spoke with were intelligent. Before appearing on the screen in front of us and hanging itself off of Chris’ voice recorder, it told us clear as day “I’m behind you.”

David Scott

David Scott

David Scott is a paranormal filmmaker based out of Chicago, Illinois. His interest in ghost hunting began at a very young age and he has since made it his life’s mission to capture evidence of life after death. He directs the online series “Believe : A Paranormal Experience”.

You can follow him at and see his videos with partner in crime John Stephens at