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Shasta: California’s Mountain Of Mystery

Perhaps one of the most enduring mysteries of our strange world is the belief that long ago, beyond the mists of time, a continent known as Atlantis was destroyed in a great cataclysm. The knowledge of this damned civilization was brought to us by the great Greek philosopher, Plato who recorded the history of the domes continent in the “Timeous and Critias.”

When Plato sat down to record the events that detailed the rise and fall of the ancient advanced culture he claimed he received the story from, Solon, an uncle who got his information while traveling through Egypt. Today, many experts regard Atlantis as nothing more than a cautionary tale against greed and lust for power. Themes that ancient Greeks would have been acquainted with. However, if ancient sources are correct, Atlantis wasn’t the only lost advanced culture that dominated the oceans of the world.

Many thousands of miles away, just off the coast of California in the Pacific, another continent called Lemuria, was said to have met a similar fate as the Atlanteans. It would be easy to dismiss the story of Lemuria as a cheap knock off of Atlantis, if it wasn’t for the belief that the survivors of Lemuria’s destruction escaped the fate of their homeland and ended up residing in on of northern California’s most scenic mountains, Mt Shasta. Many strange tales are associated with Mt Shasta including strange lights and white garbed strangers who claim to be the descendants of the survivors of Lemuria.

Rising more than twelve thousand feet above sea level, Mt Shasta in Siskiyou County, California is considered to be a jewel in the state. Shasta has long been held in awe by the Native American population. They consider the mountain to be the home of the Great Spirit and various other spirit entities. Many New Age spiritualists believe Shasta is a place of great healing energies, as well as the home to one of the root races of immortals. They believe these immortals sit atop the mountain and watch over the affairs of mankind and will one day lead man into an age of enlighten.

Going beyond the beliefs of New Age enthusiasts, citizens from the surrounding area have reported strange unexplained activity on the mountain. UFOs have been seen flying around the mountain, sometimes disappearing into the face of the mountain. Chanting in an odd unknown tongue has been heard coming from the mountain. While have reported encounters with tall hairy Sasquatch like creatures.

If such stories weren’t strange enough, merchants around Shasta have claimed to have dealt with tall people dressed in long white robes buying items from their shops. Some believe these people are nothing more than some hippy cultists living out some weird sci fi fantasy. Although many consider this explanation as valid others believe these are the citizens of Lemuria. If these strange tales of UFOs, beasts and Lemurian descendants true are there credible eyewitnesses to these phenomena.

When it comes to any legend that has become a part of the popular landscape it is difficult, oftentimes impossible, to separate fact from fiction. Mt Shasta is the very physical personification of this and the legend of its rocky peaks reads like a bizarre Victorian Era science fiction nover.

The legend goes that over 10,000 years ago, the mysterious continent of Lemuria was destroyed a great earthquake that caused the waters of the pacific ocean to rage engulfing the island utopia in great waves. Although most of the inhabitants perished along with their home, 25,000 survivors managed to escape the great cataclysm.

When they arrived on the shores of Northern California, they immediately built a highly advanced city within the rocky walls of Mt Shasta. The Lemurians were said to be so advanced that they possessed an armada of intergalactic and inter-dimension ships called, “The Silver Fleet.” Why they didn’t use these ships to leave the unforgiving Earth behind is anybody’s guess. But many believe the many UFO sightings seen on or near the mountain is the Silver Fleet.

The many legends associated with Mt Shasta are sensational at best and sketchy at their worst. But are there any eyewitnesses who experienced contact with these legendary Lemurians? A couple eyewitness records exist that may just prove the outlandish tales surrounding Shasta.

In 1896 a man, his name lost to history, was the first to document his contact with the mysterious inhabitants of the mountain. One day as he was climbing the mountain he became tired and took up shelter in one of the many caves that dot Shasta’s rocky slopes. As he slept him claims to have been awakened a group of white robed men and women who stood over 7 feet tall. At first he was terrified by these strange beings but decided to follow when they imparted a feeling of peace and wellbeing telepathically to him.

As he was led down a long path that les further into the mountain, he claimed that the way was lit by a series of torches that instead of flames, were lit my strange burning crystal that seemed to exude peace and tranquillity.

When they reached the end of the path, the man said a giant metal door opened revealing a gleaming white city lit by a pulsating ball of light hovering over the city. His tour guides ushered him onto a strange airship with no visible means of propulsion. He was then given a tour of breath-taking city where he witnessed miraculous sights that defied logic.

When the tour was done, the white garbed strangers returned the man to the cave where they found him sleeping. Before they left the telepathically warned the man that if humankind didn’t abandon their war-like ways the nations of the world would most assuredly destroy each other. The man frantically ran down the mountain with quite a story to tell.

Our second story of an eyewitness comes to us from 1904. JC Brown, a geologist for the London based, Lord Cowdry mining company, was on Mt Shasa surveying the area for a possible venture. As he went about his work he happened upon a cave and a long path that led into the mountain. Ever the adventurous sort, Brown left his equipment and wandered down the path.

When he reached the end he came to an opening that led to a great gleaming, however completely abandoned city. As he wandered among the deserted city he discovered several artefacts. Swords, shields and golden chalices were found along with 13 human shaped statues made of gold and copper. Excited by the amazing archaeological find, JC Brown high tailed it back to Stockton, California where he seemed to drop off the radar.

30 years later, an elderly Englishman claiming to be JC Brown resurfaced in Stockton claiming to be an expert on lost civilizations. The strange man claiming to be Brown assembled an expedition of 82 men strong. He promised untold wealth and wonders inside Mt Shasta. Presumably the 82 men cared more about the wealth and less about the wonders.

On the morning of June 19, the expedition party assembled at the base of Mt Shasta ready and willing to discover the secrets that lay hidden and nearly forgotten in the mountain. Unfortunately for them JC Brown never showed, once again falling off the radar leaving an extremely pissed off crowd of men hungry for the untold treasures promised them. A few members of the expedition reported that JC Brown claimed that shadowy figures followed him constantly warning him to leave Shasta alone. Although these may have been nothing more the ramblings of an old man, was it possible he was perused and taken by these shadowy characters? Highly unlikely.

Today, Mt Shasta is nothing more than a beautiful part of Northern California’s breath-taking landscaping. Many still believe it is a place of power and strange lights and creatures have been witnessed on rare occasions. However, reports of 7 foot tall, white garbed strangers are a thing of the past. Perhaps they went home to some planet among the stars. Or the legend of Mt Shasta is just that, a legend and nothing more.

Rick Hale

Rick Hale

Rick Hale has spent his life in the pursuit of the unknown after witnessing an apparition at his grandparents’ house on the north side of Chicago.

Over the past 20-plus years, Rick has been on dozens of investigations with large paranormal groups to being completely independent. Rick began writing for Paranormal Underground magazine in May 2009, and a year later he became co-host of Paranormal Underground Radio.