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The Rose

I will always remember my first ever séance – and when I say séance I don’t mean a few friends sitting nervously around a battered old Ouija board – I mean a proper séance - organised by a physical medium. A physical what… you might ask? A physical medium is a highly developed spirit medium who has trained in all aspects of deep trance and physical mediumship.

There are probably millions of psychics and mediums in all corners of our globe, doing their own bit to try and make our lives as comfortable as possible. However, there are probably less than 100 fully developed physical mediums within this fraternity. Physical mediums are as rare as hen’s teeth. So, finding yourself with the opportunity to participate in a proper séance can be extremely difficult, nonetheless highly rewarding.

I was really lucky that my spiritual teachers were physical mediums and it was only natural that I would eventually be given the opportunity to train in all aspects of physical mediumship. I sat in a physical circle for more than two years and witnessed phenomena that you could only ever dream about, which left me in no doubt whatsoever that there really is life after physical death.

But, back to that first ever séance. I was extremely nervous about sitting in the dark and waiting for objects to move about. I suppose much of my fear was down to the fact that I did not really know what to expect. After all, I had previously witnessed strange things going on in my house, usually during the night, but at least there I could turn on the light and reassure myself that nobody was actually present. But in the séance room, the lights remain off and you sit in complete darkness, whilst trumpets and tables adorned with translucent tape fly over your head, footsteps are heard running past your chair, and sometimes even the voices of spirit people are clearly heard.

The first time I saw the trumpet rise in the air, I froze with fear. In truth, I presumed that someone from our group had lifted it up and was waving it about. Then, it started to fly around the room at such a speed that I suddenly realised that no human could possibly achieve this feat. And the crazy thing is, after sitting in that séance room, week after week, I began to lose the fear as I realised that the spirit people who attended those séances were truly benevolent and were simply wonderful energies.

I’ve often spoke about my experiences with friends and family and although they truly believe what I’m telling them, I know that they can’t fully understand what it was like in those séances. It was the most incredible experience of my life. My best moment was surely at the end of one particular séance when the lights went back on. A red rose had been left behind on the small table. This wasn’t the first time that this had happened but this time the physical medium presented the rose to me as a memento. The significance of this rose is that it had been dematerialised from somewhere outside and then rematerialized inside the séance room. In other words, this rose had travelled through different dimensions.

Physicists have researched interdimensional travel through quantum energy but are nowhere near finding a way of achieving such a feat. Yet, the spirit people in that séance room performed this task effortlessly. And it wasn’t only flowers that travelled through different dimensions; people also came through in their physical bodies. I know this because I spoke to them, I felt their physical touch and I listened to their incredible words of wisdom.

My dried up rose sits proudly in a picture frame and hangs innocently on my wall. To any passer-by it’s just a flower in a frame. But to me – it represents ...endless possibilities… and truly beautiful memories.

David Shaw

David Shaw

David Shaw is an author from Kilmarnock in Scotland. More commonly known as ‘the spiritcounsellor’, he works as a complementary therapist offering such therapies as hypnosis, past-life regression, massage and psychotherapy. David is also an experienced deep trance medium and regularly demonstrates his abilities through spiritual workshops. David has written many spiritual articles for various newspapers and magazines, and his new book – ‘Ghost Writers’ will be published by Harlequin at the beginning of 2015.