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Free E-Book Amazing Paranormal Encounters with Annette Munnich

Annette Munnich has been a graphic artist since 2000, and a publicist, manager and agent since 2009 for clients across the United States and UK. She was the host of Python Radio for 4 years. She also is the illustrator of the Billy Rabbit’s Adventure series of children’s books. Annette’s new book is a collection of real experiences by notable paranormal personalities

After starting out as a publicist and PR Specialist in 2009, she began setting up events and working as agent, and management. Having many book authors as clients, she felt the need to expand into publishing and make a company that fit the needs of authors

Annette was born and raised in Chicago and currently resides in the Chicago area, but has also lived in Ohio, Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

She has worked with radio stations, radio hosts, authors, local businesses, venues, psychics and television personalities.

Norie: This looks like a fascinating book, Annette, tell us all about it and where the idea for it came from.

Annette: Thank you Norie! “Amazing Paranormal Encounters” has been in the works for some months. It’s a compilation of true paranormal experiences by some very interesting people in the paranormal field. This was actually thought of in 2014 as a fun collaborative project involving authors and radio show hosts primarily. This book also celebrates my new company, Stellium Books, which is a publishing and publishing services company.

Norie: Very nice! Who are some of the authors in Amazing Paranormal Encounters?

Annette: I have a chapter about an apartment I had with a haunted mirror in the bathroom, which was very creepy. Rick Kueber, who also writes articles for Supernatural Magazine has a chapter. I have 2 PhD. Authors contributing to the anthology; William Lester and Michael Lynch. Both do radio shows that people may enjoy. More radio hosts include; Linda Marie Johnston, Anthony Wolf Paw Ortiz, Richard Ruland, and Geraldine Bouse. Author Joni Mayhan wrote a chapter for it and also Connie Hall Scott and Jason Piper. As a bonus chapter I included a story from my daughter, Brianna, at the end.

Norie: Are all of the stories ghost stories?

Annette: Basically, yes they are. Although one is a near death experience based account with spirits in it. So, yes. This is not including UFO’s or other kinds of phenomena.

Norie: How can readers get this book?

Annette: Very simple! It is free on Smashwords and 99 cents on Amazon. I don’t know what that converts to in other countries but it’s the price of a cup of coffee here in the U.S. lol Thanks for the interview, Norie, I hope the readers of Supernatural like it and if so please leave us a review. We have a discussion group for Amazing Paranormal Encounters on Facebook as well so feel free to join us!

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Norie Miles

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