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Surprise Visit

As nights go, it was an ordinary night like many nights before this. I had worked all day and was happy to get home to the solitude of my apartment. I straightened up a bit, fed the cats, flipped through the television stations and then took a nice hot shower. As is my habit I did a bit of reading before going to sleep, nothing heavy just a book about the local area.

I had moved out West about nine months prior to this so reading up on my new residence seemed like a good idea. Everything was vastly different from the town I had moved from back east in New York.

At some time around Three o’clock in the morning I woke out of a dead sleep to the feeling that I was not alone. There had been a shift in the energy and the tiny hairs on the back of my neck and arms had risen making me shiver. I cautiously rolled on my right side where there was a small hallway that led to the bathroom. It was not pitch dark in the bedroom, there was some light from the moon streaming in and I kept a small night light in the bathroom to avoid crashing into walls if I would wake to use the bathroom…

At the end of the hall right before the bathroom door frame I saw the outline of an older man about 65. As my eyes focused I could see that his salt and pepper hair was standing bit on end and he was staring at me, arms akimbo as if he did not know where he was with a confused look on his face. He had on a tee shirt and some type of pants, possibly jeans. He looked alarmingly out of it. At least he was dressed! Thank the powers that be.

I thought the apartment had been broken into because he looked so solid. It was a shock to say the least to wake up to someone standing in part of my bedroom. My mind raced. I lived on the second floor of a six plex! All the windows were closed and I knew I had checked the door before turning in. This could not be happening! Or could it?

I mustered up all of my courage, not to mention I was getting annoyed that he was in my space. I simultaneously turned on the light by the bed and demanded to know “Who are you?” As soon as the light went on, he was gone, Vanished before my eyes. I blinked, and my logical mind took over. He could not have gone into the closet because the doors were shut and I didn’t see him back up into the bathroom. I got out of bed and took the six paces to the bathroom. It was empty. Now I was the one who felt confused. I went back and sat on the bed.

Trying to process what I had just seen and felt. I noticed that none of my cats were in the bedroom with me. That was unusual because I always had at least one cat if not more sleep on the queen sized bed with me. If it were not for the amped up energy in the apartment I would say that I had dreamt it, but this was no dream. It took me a few minutes to get up again and double check the door and windows. Everything was locked up tight. It was unsettling to say the least and I finally went back to sleep, with the lights on I might add.

Two days later I was talking to my building supervisor who lived downstairs. He asked me if I knew that “Joe” died. I told him I didn’t know who “Joe” was. I had a shiver go through me and described the person who I had seen. I was informed that I was describing “Joe”. He had died in his apartment and wasn’t found until yesterday. I had seen ghostly manifestations before but not as clear as “Joe”. Did he become lost after suddenly dying? I could still see the confused Look on his face. I also realized that in hind sight I was not scared per say but more taken back by seeing someone in my home, not to mention in my bedroom!

Did “Joe” show up because he knew I would see him? Was he confused and wandering looking for help? I’ll never know. That was the first, and last time I had seen him. Since then I try to pay more attention to shifting energies. One day maybe I can help someone move on now that I have had my experience. When I look back to that night I think I startled him as much as he startled me.

Caroline Genovese

Caroline Genovese

I have had paranormal experiences since I was a child and that started me on the path of reading all I could on the subject. I am interested in herbology and have been a practicing Eclectic Witch for 25 years. I have studied mythology of the Celts, Egyptians, Norse, Romans, and Greeks. There is always something to learn. I am also interested in haunted places.