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Paranormal Theorem: Statute of Limitations

As investigators we are constantly searching for answers to hauntings and phenomena, most often through digging through history looking for any clues as to why these things are happening. Handicapped by our limited understanding of the laws of interaction, we are challenged to create theories to support some framework of understanding. Without a proper science to lean on, we can feel quite overwhelmed at times when trying to understand the mechanics of physical research. A fundamental question arises: What is the statute of limitations to a haunting? How long can an earth bound spirit remain to conduct itself?

As living beings we are grounded through our flesh into the Earth. We are a part of a circuit, or connection to another living being, mother Earth. We are energy consciousness that can interact in this physical matter form. When we die, we are still energy, without the connection that allows such interaction, but we still retain free will, we may stay behind to try and guide our loved ones. It is also possible to trap ourselves in great emotion as well, such as fear, anger, despair, and vengeance. Never underestimate the power of denial.

There are writings and beliefs that state that if we die before our time we remain until the time of our natural death. This is an interesting point to keep in mind during your history investigations. That would mean that areas with violent death would be more active during the lifespan of the victims. A battlefield for example, would be more haunted during the lifespan of the soldiers fallen versus several hundred years later. After the natural span most would choose to move on or reincarnate.

This is the natural statute of limitations, it’s been called by other names as well such as purgatory. When we are dealing with hauntings of locations that are very old we are either dealing with a trapped spirit, or a vengeful one, or a nonhuman entity, which is another matter altogether. It requires a great deal of energy to interact with physical matter. Without the connection, ghosts would require another circuit of energy to draw from. This is where we find that the best way to feed them would be to attach them to a living being, or in some cases drain power from other ghosts. The old saying people are haunted more than locations are very accurate after the statute of limitations has expired. They can stay within a family for generations by moving from father to child through our own abuse, often causing sickness.

We are a powerhouse of energy in life. We charge the very environment around us through our emotions and thoughts; this is another aspect to keep in mind during investigations. We can enter a location that immediately feels wrong and we become afraid. This can be possible without actually being haunted if enough people over the years have charged the location with fear energy. People go to haunted locations to be afraid and thus create a battery of sorts that can be tapped into by ghosts as well. Be mindful of the emotion you power while on location, or you might just take a tag along home with you.

So to recap: If we die before our time we remain behind until it is our time to go. This would make areas within a lifespan of the victims to be more active than after such time frame. Energy is constantly moving and as such ghosts must have a power circuit to interact. If we are dealing with old hauntings there must be a power source, whether that is other ghosts, spirits, location residual, or attaching to living beings. We must remain aware of the energy we invest in locations or we will allow them to leave with us.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence ~ Nikola Tesla

David Lawson

David Lawson

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