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What are ghost’s

“There is a tendency in 20th century science to forget that there will be a 21st century science, and indeed a 30th century science, from which vantage points our knowledge of the universe may appear quite different”.

Dr J. Allen Hynek

First and foremost dear reader, what constitutes proof? That’s a plain and simple question. What you might consider a fact or proof in regards to answering the ghostly question may to others not be proof at all. What I mean by this is, you could get ten witnesses who see a car crash and you may get ten different versions of how that crash occurred. Then there are those close minded people, sceptics who just won’t look at the good proof of ghosts, they refuse to believe whatever you show them, don’t rock ‘their boat’! Then you have the debunkers these are people who no matter what fantastic evidence you put in front of their eyes, they just won’t believe it. They are pre-set in their minds not to believe and nothing you will do will change their mind. Sceptics I can handle as I was once one myself, but debunkers, well that’s another matter. This situation will never change; you’ll always have the sceptics and the debunkers. Don’t get me wrong, for me there is still a place for these people in regards to the paranormal. They keep researchers like me on their toes and ensure that we question everything we do (which is only right) That’s fine it’s the downright debunkers who get me I’ll never understand their closed mind syndrome I really won’t. At the end of the day science and technology is always progressing mankind has come so far in the last 100 years it really is unbelievable so is the answer to explain ghosts an easy one? No is the quick answer to that one. To try and put this in perspective in a way that you the reader can see how things can change look at it like this. We used to think that the world was flat, we know now that it is not. It was the Greek Pythagoras who first stated that the world was not flat but round. It wasn’t until around 300 years or so later that another Greek scientist Eratosthenes came up with a mathematical theory to prove that the Earth was round. And when Magellan and his crew sailed round the world in 1522 and charted his journey was it realised that the Earth was indeed round. Now that’s all very well but that was all done in the ‘observable universe’ When we talk about ghosts we are talking about a different set of rules and probably mathematics and structure. The ball park is much different. The invention of the microscope in 1830 by Joseph Jackson Lister showed us that there was a whole invisible world out there for us to explore. Things that couldn’t normally be seen were now brought into clarity for the very first time. Our radio and television sets pick up and utilise signals and turn those signals into observable pictures or sounds some would say that that is exactly what a psychic medium does, picks up psychic signals from ‘elsewhere’ and fine tunes them, understands them and delivers them to their recipient. The inventor of Spiricom George Meek had this to say about matter.

“The material world and our physical bodies are not the solid matter we think we see and touch”. “All matter, the chair you sit on, the building in which you find yourself in at this moment, the ‘solid’ foundation on which the building rests consist almost entirely of ‘empty space’. “That is why your vision can pass through ‘solid’ glass several inches thick”. “That is why hundreds of radio and T.V. signals carrying speech music and pictures are at this moment travelling right through the ‘solid’ walls of your room and your ‘solid’ body”. “Only if you can comprehend the above concept, can you begin to realise that it is possible two or more things occupying the SAME SPACE at the SAME TIME”. “Your physical body is being experienced in our common everyday three dimensional world of space and time”. “Your mind and soul are living in another space time system which interpenetrates your physical body and occupies substantially the same space as your physical body”. “Hence the ‘next world’ is one in which your mind and soul will CONTINUE TO LIVE when you shed your worn out physical body, you will be aware of the surroundings in which your mind and soul are living, ‘The Astral Planes’

George Meek.

In the coming weeks I will be looking at the many variations of what we call ghosts, believe me, they are not all the same. Stay tuned.

Do remember, if you have what you believe to be a strange UFO or paranormal experience, do let me know as I would be most interested to hear from you. Everything will be in confidence. Till next time, (Malcolm Robinson)

Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson

I’ve been interested in the strange world of UFOs and the paranormal for as long as I can remember and in 1979 I formed my own research society entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations, (SPI). Since forming this society, I have moved down to Hastings in East Sussex where I have started up a sister branch to SPI, entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations England). SPI Scotland is now in the hands of a fellow researcher.