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What’s it like being a spirit person?

As a spirit medium, I am forever being asked questions about the paranormal world, from the blatantly innocuous “Is there life after death”, to the rather bizarre “Why are there no ghostly dinosaurs roaming around our streets?” And to some extent, all these queries are valid in their own meticulous fashion. Yet, for some reason unbeknown to me, I have never, ever, been asked what it’s like to live and function in the spirit dimension. I can only presume that most believers in the afterlife think that it’s the exact same as living in this physical life – eating, breathing, sleeping, breeding and dying. But, it’s none of them – in fact, living in the spirit world is nothing whatsoever like the life we know so well in downtown Earth.

When I first started developing with mediumship, I was informed that when we eventually die we float up to the gates of Heaven and team up with God and all his helpers and then offer peace and joy to those we left behind. It sounded dreamy and pleasant and not too taxing. Then, I began working with deep trance and physical mediumship and the opportunity to communicate with those who were actually in the spirit world painted a clearer picture of what actually transpires when we return to spirit.

I was informed that we all have a spirit consciousness and this (invisible to the naked eye) energy field acts as a power lead to the physical and mental capabilities of every living creature on Earth. And when we die the only thing that continues to function is this band of energy consciousness – nothing else, no brain, heart, fingers, toes, eyes, ears or naughty bits! So think about that for a moment and then explain just how you are going to make God a cappuccino or play ‘Amazing Grace’ on his electric harp. Yet, the spirit consciousness does have the power to do all of these things – but by using the power of thought.

When we fall asleep at night, we have the ability to dream. And dreams can often feel so real. In fact, so real that you can easily imagine sharing a cappuccino with God without asking George Clooney to make it! And this is how everything works. You only need to think of something or someone and voila - your consciousness creates whatever comes into your thoughts. Which sounds great – doesn’t it? You only need to think of driving a Ferrari and you’re suddenly behind the wheel of your favourite sports car; you only need to think of winning the lottery and you’re rich beyond your wildest dreams, and you only need to think of a naked Pamela Anderson, well…that’s enough of my dreams! However, what use is a Ferrari when there are no roads to drive on? What use is a lottery win when you don’t need money to buy anything? And what use is a naked Pamela Anderson when what’s left of my naughty bits has been squashed into a ceramic urn? Precisely…no blinkin use whatsoever!

Suddenly, life in the spirit might not sound very stimulating. But who needs stimulation when there is an opportunity to experience life in its purest form – where the only limitations are the things you have still to think about. And since you do not possess any physical characteristic then there is no gender, no ageing, no class division and no prejudice whatsoever. Equality within the spirit world is as natural as anything you could experience in the kingdom of any god. And whatever you choose to do in the spirit world can be achieved without the fear of dying – ensuring endless possibilities.

It has often been said that you can only ever dream of the perfect world. Perhaps, once we enter the spirit world, then those dreams may become reality.

David Shaw

David Shaw

David Shaw is an author from Kilmarnock in Scotland. More commonly known as ‘the spiritcounsellor’, he works as a complementary therapist offering such therapies as hypnosis, past-life regression, massage and psychotherapy. David is also an experienced deep trance medium and regularly demonstrates his abilities through spiritual workshops. David has written many spiritual articles for various newspapers and magazines, and his new book – ‘Ghost Writers’ will be published by Harlequin at the beginning of 2015.