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Examining the Validity of Holy Water

Can water be blessed and be made into something sacred, healing and Holy?

The answer to this question may come as a surprise to some. I have chosen to explain the validity of Holy Water from outside of the traditional point of view which would be a religious stance. As we know, the use of Holy Water is widespread throughout the world and can be found in many different belief systems inside and outside of Christianity but the uses remain similar. Holy Water is used for cleansing and blessing.

In some traditions water is mixed with salt to become energetically altered as salt is considered to be an agent of purification. Most other Holy Water comes from being blessed by a spiritual figure for public and ceremonial use and is key in the sacrament of Baptism which washes away sin and marks a rebirth for that child or individual.

Can water be blessed to hold intent and is it changed by such a blessing?

I believe the answer to this to be yes, and I will support this point of view by citing the works of Dr. Marasu Emoto. Dr. Marasu Emoto graduated from Yokohama University after studying Science and Humanities. He became interested in and educated in Alternative Medicine and Magnetic Resonance Analysis. From there his research into the mystery of water began.

Dr. Emoto’s experiments included photographing frozen water crystals taken from various places and looking at these crystals under a microscope. He would then using various methods, put either a positive or a negative intention on the water. In some cases he used music to affect the water.

Dr. Emoto’s findings were nothing less than amazing with the beautiful water crystal pictures that he was able to take and share with the world. He also did, in fact, photograph Holy Water and the beauty of it can be seen in this video along with many other water crystals discovered, created d photographed over the course of his studies.

Dr. Emoto is also the author of five books. He developed prayer days for focusing intent on different bodies of water. Dr. Emoto is also the creator of the rice experiment in which cooked rice is placed in two identical jars except on one jar is written the word “hate” and on the other “love.” The rice in the “hate” jar rots faster than the rice in the “love” jar.

We do know that everything is energy and we, ourselves, are made of approximately 60% water. We are told that stress kills and those thoughts are things.

Sadly, Dr. Marasu Emoto passed away in October 2014. In his lifetime he was able to show us something that, if it is to be believed, is life changing and of infinite value.

Annette Munnich

Annette Munnich

Annette Munnich has been a graphic artist since 2000, and a publicist, manager and agent since 2009 for clients across the United States and UK. She was the host of Python Radio for 4 years. She also is the illustrator of the Billy Rabbit’s Adventure series of children’s books. Annette is from Chicago, Illinois but has also lived in Ohio, Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma.