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Aliens within Us: The Rh factor UFO

Aliens within Us: The Rh factor

The creationism argument used to be between those that took the scientific approach to evolution and then those who followed their religious devotion to the story of Adam and Eve. With new technology and hematology research, the human race has learned a lot more about our genetic make-up and also that there is more than one blood type. One unique medical discovery that has fueled those believing that alien blood could be mingled within the human race is the Hemolytic disease found during child bearing and birth. Hemolytic disease is the allergic reaction that occurs when an Rh negative mother is carrying an Rh positive child. Her blood builds up antibodies to destroy what is perceived as an ‘alien’ substance within her body (the same way the immune system would attack a virus), thereby destroying the infant. This disease has created a spark of suggestion that if we are indeed all from one genetic source, why would an evolutionary growth cause a mother’s body to reject its own child and perhaps one blood type of a father is in fact different from the mother; different on a whole new species level. The process is known as red cell alloimmunization and still remains a mystery to ‘why’ this happens.

The journey down the rabbit hole, as I call it, begins with this medical abnormality in conjunction with Biblical scripture analysis. Those who scrupulously dig over religious texts to support their belief that aliens indeed live among us start by mentioning that second to the word “God”, “Blood” is the second most used term. From native American pacts of ‘blood brothers’ to the noted importance of marrying within one’s kind to keep a pure blood line and successful genealogy, questions arise to the importance of this noted obsession with bloodlines and family purity.

Genesis 6:2 “The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and took them wives, all of which they chose.”

Genesis 6:4 “God came into the daughters of men, and they bear children to them, and the same became mighty of old.”

Defined in the King James Bible dictionary: “men children - men of Israel, male children of God, not children of man”

Ex. 34:7 “The iniquity of the father will be unto the children unto the fourth generation.”

It is these scriptures among many that pique the interest of those who have begun to believe that when the new bloodline appeared, a believed 25,000-35,000 years ago in Europe that this was the introduction of a new species via an extraterrestrial exchange. It is stated by researchers that Rh negative blood is considered to be a ‘mutation of unknown origin’ and through DNA testing of mummies and other buried remains we are learning the ‘where’ and ‘when’ of when this mutation occurred… but not the ‘how’.

R. Frank, a scholar from the University of Iowa, has suggested that these early humans with unique Rh negative factors are set apart from others across the globe. He states that The Basque (his term for those with the Rh negative blood factor) were highly advanced in comparison to other civilizations across the planet at that specific time. He states that the Basque people are responsible for such memorable items in human history as the following:

“Stonehenge and similar megalithic structures; A unique system of measurement based on the number 7, instead of 10, 12, or 60. Regular visits to the North American continent, long before Columbus, to fish and to trade for beaver skins. Recently unearthed British customs records show large Basque imports of beaver pelts from 1380-1433. The invention of a sophisticated navigational device called an “abacus.” (No relation to the common abacus.)”

Regardless of R. Frank’s contribution to the noted differences of those who have created outstanding monument to human history, the characteristics of those having Rh negative blood to those with Rh positive blood is also outstanding. It is important to note the listed characteristics of those with Rh negative blood:

• Sensitive vision

• Mental conditions associated with depression in ‘lack of belonging’ or heightened ‘empathy’

• Lower body temperature

• Hazel, green or predominantly blue eye color

• Heightened sense of psychic ability

• Largest demographic to self proclaim the experience of abductions

• Higher sensitivity to UV light

• Higher I.Q.

• Extra Vertebrae and/or Rib bone

• Low blood pressure/pulse rate

• Ambidextrous

Of course it is noted that just because you have Rh negative blood does not mean you’ll fit all these characteristics and if you’re Rh positive, you might share some of these characteristics as well. Aside from the scientifically noted differences, it is self-proclaimed that many who are Rh negative also seem to have a heightened interest in PSI research, psychic ability, science and science fiction, and it is even said they have lighter skin, larger eyes and larger craniums!

In considering the ancient alien theory of blood related differences, one has to really reach into the mysterious realm to successfully get on board with some of the outrageous claims. Others find the theory that they may be linked to an ancient astronaut quite welcoming and peaceful. Regardless of your current belief, it is always important to be aware and to ask questions. With that being said, what blood type are you and where did you come from?

Sarah Soderlund

Sarah Soderlund

Sarah Soderlund aka Paranormal Sarah is a wife, mother of two and forensic psychologist. She holds a Masters degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with specialties in your linguistics and criminal profiling. She is a licensed hypnotherapist and has worked in the mental health field for over a decade; she has worked with paranormal clients for nearly 2 decades. Sarah is a published author and speaker on parapsychological topics ranging from Ufology to the Psychology of Fear.