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Many people detour their true path because of the fear of things. They fear that their true soul path will not support them. But to know the truth is to see past these things, and this would be considered having blind faith, true love or self, life, and all. Having the connection to your higher self and also calling out for help from your guides and angels.

One of the ways the universe speaks to us is through, “meaningful coincidence, or synchronicity.” Our spirit guides are always trying to our attention, and lead us onto our true path they coordinate events and certain chance meetings. The more we pay attention to these synchronicity, the more our guides speak to us.

As we rejoice and delight in these signs it raises our frequency and vibration, allowing us to draw closer to the divine, this is one of the tools of ascension. Joy is one of the sign post whether you are on your path or not.

If you have fallen from this joy and elation then you have fallen from your true and authentic self. Do to pain blocks, fear, suffering, and anxiety, these are lower vibrations. Causing us to feel uncomfortable, and are only present indicating to us to make changes in our life.

If we follow what gives us joy, it will guide us to our true soul path. Take time to reflect what vibration you are serving, and which one you are allowing to manifest into your life. Let go of what is no longer serving you, and let go with love.

These things hold us down, also weigh us into the lower frequency, do not become to that certain like of sadness. Do not hold on to the sandbags of yesterday, and from your other lifetimes. Delight in the new possible version of you. Always be grateful, gratitude is the greatest shortcut to creating, and attracting what you want in your life. Trust your dreams they are there for a reason. They are part of your souls mission, purpose, and plan for your life.

Airanna Blake

Airanna Blake

Airanna Blake has owned several businesses over the years. Recently, she began pursuing her passions in the field of spirituality, mediumship and writing. She would receive angel messages and Christ centered conscientious workings from said messages. She began writing for and helping a holistic magazine called OM Times where she nurtured her abilities helping many in the healing process. Today, she is a researcher in the paranormal field and the events manager for the global organization, Hunt with Holzer, dedicated to the research of the modern pioneering forefather, Professor Dr. Hans Holzer. A non-profit Musuem has been launched in his efforts to preserve paranormal history.