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A Family Ghost

I have very very fond memories of my Nan and granddads house in Salisbury, just up the road from where I grew up as a child, a place I spent a lot of time playing, to me this place was magical and full of imagination, this was also the house where I saw my Nan for the very last time before she went into hospital and passed away, I was very young at the time but have a very good recall of that period in my life, this is what happened two months after Nan died.

It was the school summer holidays and myself and my cousins were playing in the garden of my grandparents house, firstly let me explain the house to you so you can understand as I go further on with my experience. The front door to the house was at street level, with one floor above and a cellar below, you had to go down through the cellar to get out into the garden, you got to the cellar by a door leading downstairs from a door in the kitchen. When looking out of the kitchen you had an amazing view of Old Sarum and Hudson’s field in the skyline and a great into the garden below, where I’m sure an eye was kept on us so we wouldn’t get into mischief, although we often did.

As I said my cousins and I were playing in the garden, I can even recall what we were playing, so I will be brave and admit, we were playing Jana of the Jungle, this was a cartoon when I was little, Jana was the female version of Tarzan, my cousin Claire or moo moo as she was affectionately known to us, my sister Vicky , cousins Mark and Nicky and I were all characters from the cartoon, we played and we played and was having so much fun, everyone apart from me was down the bottom of the garden and for part of the game I was up the garden near the back door and just in front of the kitchen window.

I can laugh as I recall this bit, I think I was ousted from the game as they never called me down to the end of the garden to come back into the game, I guess being the youngest I didn’t always fit in. I was happy playing on my own for some time and for some reason I looked up at the kitchen window, and there looking down at me was my Nan, looking directly at me in a very serene way, I can’t really remember how long I was looking at her, but inside I knew my Nan died, even though I didn’t quite understand the whole situation with my Nan I knew what death was and that people go to heaven, I wasn’t scared, it was just lovely to see my Nan, but still Couldn’t believe what I was seeing, even at that early age.

So I looked away to see if anyone else saw my Nan, but they were all still down the garden, I looked back and she was gone, she wasn’t there, so I ran into the cellar up the stairs into the kitchen to make sure she wasn’t still there, but no she was gone to my disappointment. I told my mum that I had seen Nan and she was the only one out of everyone that believed me, because she had witnessed paranormal signs after my Granddad died in our house.

Years later and on reflection I am privileged to have seen the ghost of my Nan, I feel that she came back to let us know that she was well and ok now, free from pain and illness, and I was the one lucky enough to have got the sign from her. I will never forget that experience or the house where we played as children, even at the age of thirty five I still miss it but the memories I have are precious and with me forever.

Ray Jorden

Ray Jorden

Since Ray can remember, he knew there was something different about him that made himself a loner at times. He can recall vividly playing alone, or with his cousin in the cellar of his grandfather’s large house. To them it was like a wonderland full of possessions and memorabilia collected over the years and we were talking a man who had served in the Battle of the Somme war.

To his cousin and Ray, the cellar was a magical place where they used to try and contact the spirit world. At such a young age Ray knew that death was not the final curtain, he knew that we just moved on to somewhere we could not be seen but were there. He remembers sitting in front of a mirror with a candle, why this method they did not know, but knew it felt right, calling out to ghosts, did they really think it would work? Well the answer quite simply was yes.

He has always asked the question “once we dead are we dead” Ray firmly believes that we do not cease to exist, but where we go is that unanswered question and journey that keeps Ray going.

With an interest in the paranormal spanning over thirty years, Ray Jorden better know from the 2014 - Present worldwide TV hit Haunting: Australia (now aired in over 25+ countries) as one of the Celebrity Ghost Hunters making up the UK contingent of the cast, the show airs in USA on 24th March on Syfy Channel.

With a huge array of TV, Radio, and Media credits to his name, investigating the paranormal in his own unique style of an old super sleuth is his huge passion, being able to translate this to TV and taking the viewers on a rollercoaster of investigating.

With further TV and ghost hunting event appearances planned for 2015, and further long term commitments to Haunting: Australia, Ray will be taking his audience to new locations and uncover and is looking forward to bringing the show alongside the other cast to America.