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Now That’s what I Call A Close Encounter Part 2: Contactees UFO

Now That’s what I Call A Close Encounter Part 2: Contactees

When you sit back and carefully consider the CE4 event, you can’t help but wonder what they want. Various theories have been offered over the years in an attempt to explain this perplexing and frightening experience. But each perceived answer just brings up more questions.

Researchers and abductees alike have theorized that abductions sexual in nature, because we share a similar DNA and they need us to JumpStart their species. While others believe we are nothing more than lab rats here for their experimentation. And others believe that abductions are a prelude to invasion. Any one of these is a viable explanation for this perplexing problem. However, there is a group of experiencers that accept a much different reason, contact.

Contactees, as they like being called, believe that extra-terrestrials are here to spread a message that they hope will somehow help us to save ourselves from our own worst enemy, us. These aliens, assuming they exist at all, are concerned that humans possess the ability to wipe out our own civilization. For the most part, these messages sound like nothing more than new age spirituality wrapped up in a bizarre science fiction story. But there are a few contactees that have carried their story to the grave insisting that what they experienced was absolutely true.

George Adamski.

In 1952, George Adamski, claimed he came into contact with “Orthon” a citizen of the planet Venus. Adamski, claimed that Orthon, a tall blond Norse alien, called himself a “Space Brother” and had an altruistic reason for taking humans and told Adamski that he was chosen to be the mouthpiece for Orthon’s message.

After several visits from this Space Brother, Orthon took Adamski upon his craft or beam ship. While aboard, Adamski was taken on a magical mystery tour around the solar system. While witnessing wonders very few humans will ever see, Orthon, imparted his message to Adamski. Orthon, preached that if mankind continued on the path that it was currently on humans would eventually destroy themselves in a worldwide nuclear conflict. Unfortunately, Adamski, has been widely discredited by his many detractors but still has a devoted following many years after his death.

Oftentimes some contactees believe their contact with an alien species a deeply religious experience. Some have even gone so far as to create their own personal religion stemming from their contact experience complete with doctrinal statement.

Truman Bethurum

In 1953 Bethurum claimed to have been contacted by a group of aliens from the Planet Clarion, A planet just outside our solar system which could not be detected by the technology of the time. The captain of the ship, a beautiful woman named Aura Rhanes, took Bethurum aboard her ship and like Adamski before him, was taken on a dizzying tour of the solar system and the planet Clarion, A world very similar to Earth.

While aboard the ship, Rhanes explained to Bethurum that whatever happened on Earth effected other civilizations in the solar system. If mankind destroyed itself, the other civilizations would die in a catastrophic chain reaction. Rhanes, told Bethurum that when he returned to Earth, he must teach his fellow man to abandon such antiquated ideas like racism and radical nationalism and embrace peace and universal brotherhood, Sounds pretty good to me.

Shortly after his contact experience, Bethurum, went about setting up a commune in Prescott, Arizona called, “The Sanctuary of Thought.” At the commune, Bethurum, tirelessly preached the message passed on to him by Captain Aura Rhanes. The message of Universal Brotherhood was well received by many and before long; Bethurum amassed a large number of followers with his utopian message.

Unfortunately as time went on, Bethurum began to lose his mind. He began equating himself with other religious figures and his message of brotherly love devolved into anti-American government rhetoric. Mix that with questionable financial practices and the Sanctuary of Thought was no more. Bethurum died hopelessly insane, the message of Aura Rhanes silenced forever.

The majority of the mainstream scientific community regard abductees and contactees as nothing more than hoaxers and frauds. They claim their messages of universal brotherhood as bestowed upon them by aliens as new age nonsense borne out of a desire to be special and the centre of attention. Or, perhaps, the scientific community is a willing participant of the cover-up. Paranoid? Maybe, but can you be 100% sure?

Rick Hale

Rick Hale

Rick Hale has spent his life in the pursuit of the unknown after witnessing an apparition at his grandparents’ house on the north side of Chicago.

Over the past 20-plus years, Rick has been on dozens of investigations with large paranormal groups to being completely independent. Rick began writing for Paranormal Underground magazine in May 2009, and a year later he became co-host of Paranormal Underground Radio.