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Is Paranormal Research Dying?

What has happened to paranormal research? Is it dead and buried? Or has it taken to a more “stars in their eyes” approach of investigating the unknown?

The influx of teams/groups has seen a number of disputes and arguments for their personal claim to paranormal fame. Personally on reflection this is a very sorry affair. What would Arthur Conan Doyle think to modern day ghost hunting? There are too many groups out there that are in this for the wrong reasons and are bringing the field to its knees.

What will it be like in 10 years? There are only a handful of dedicated researchers that want to push the paranormal into the modern day scientist’s view. Are they fighting a losing battle? I think so, instead of working together there seems to be so much back biting and big egos overshadowing the real research that some do.

Myself being part of teams I’ve seen it for myself and only now I’m getting a full understanding of the scale of nastiness and downright ignorance some teams have to ideas and views of others. I have been caught up in the trap of back biting and I think now is the time to address this.

I’m sure others have had the same thought and others reading this may think I’m talking rubbish but the bottom line is, were all going backwards.

The days of keen researchers are dying out and the masses of groups just out for a frill are overtaking the minds of the general public judging every ghost hunt as an interactive scary movie. I think it’s time for everyone to take a step back and just think what they are doing. Do not get me wrong, there are still some excellent teams out there putting hours into research and giving people proper insights into what paranormal investigators do and my hat goes off to them but it just seems it’s for a lost cause

I started investigating at the age of ten, and it’s escalated into making my mind set of the dangers ahead for committed research in the field. I have been very lucky in finding and working with groups who share the same understanding and worry of what lies ahead for us. This problem seems to be a global problem too, only a few months ago I had a very interesting conversation with a couple from Ireland who experienced the very nasty side of teams being troublesome and now they do not investigate but research and now have their own radio show addressing the issues stated.

These I find very sad, but is true and is happening to people you probably know too.So what can we all do to change this or is it just too late?

If we step slightly into the past when the Fox sisters seemed to of kicked off the spiritualist movement back in 1888, people listened and had their view. A very clever hoax or a genuine supernatural occurrence, people still stopped and listened. I’m sure then the public slammed it down but researchers took an interest and built there research and interest around it which paved the way for the likes of Sir William Crookes and others to try and get an understanding into things science is not ready to accept.

The general modern day ghost hunter has a lot to learn, but this should not be the case at all. Our advances in modern day society and technology has exploded, but still we struggle to advance for a scientific perspective on the paranormal. There have been some ground-breaking experiments on E.S.P, Psychokinesis to name a few, but still scientists judge the field on silly shows on television that state the program is for entertainment only!

I understand that some may have already enough evidence for themselves , and do not possess the passion to further research but I have for one want people to stop and listen and to educate people who want to further their interest into the abyss of the unknown.

Maybe one day someone will find that ground-breaking footage of the lady in grey that so many yearn to have but is the paranormal meant to be found?

Is it down to a personal perspective?

Are we meant to unlock the secret of the paranormal? We may never know. I hope one day we all back proper researchers in the field and that we all can share, gather and discuss which may send us onto a magical momentums database of paranormal accounts that people will sit up and take note.

I will leave you now with a quote, probably not too famous to some people but I think this has a very strong point to the sceptical mind.

“I don’t know about ghosts-you know, I had never seen a ghost before and I’ve never seen one since. But I do know what I saw that day in the cellar.” Harry Martindale.

Tomo Warrington

Tomo Warrington

I started at the age of 10, when receiving a book about the Enfield poltergeist. When I was young I used to cut clippings out of pares of haunted houses and used to try and estaablish meanings of the hauntings. From then on I knew my path and as I grew older I studied credible researchers like Guy Lyon Playfaire. I have been involved with many paranormal teams and have travelled up and down Great Britain. I have been very privileged in the paranormal world meeting many known and unknown researcher’s and investigators, I am currently working towards diploma in parapsychology and also I write for a number of magazines. I have lso started up a paranormal age on facebook for all people who are intrigued…..