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Class: Loyd Auerbach - Promote Your Book and Promote Yourself (Corte Madera)

Class: Loyd Auerbach - Promote Your Book and Promote Yourself (Corte Madera)

23 Jul, 2016

Event Summary:

Most authors and experts are tasked with promoting their own work, whether they are self-published, work through a mainstream publisher, or have their own business.

Event Details:

In this class, author, speaker, public speaking coach and paranormal expert Loyd Auerbach will provide you with a basic and practical understanding of how to promote yourself to create the all-important “author platform” (or just to create a brand for yourself and your expertise) and how to promote your books and other writing. He’ll provide you with a good understanding of the various traditional media (TV, radio, print), their online parallels, and the main social media platforms that give you best coverage. He’ll also give you the basics of creating a media kit and a publicity & promotion plan. Finally, he’ll address any particular situations presented by attendees (so please come prepared!).

Loyd Auerbach is the author of 10 books and a world-renowned expert on the paranormal with media appearances numbering in the thousands. He’s an adjunct professor at JFK University, has taught publishing and promotion since 1989, and offers publicity and public speaking coaching for authors & entrepreneurs.

Organiser: Loyd Auerbach
Contact Number: (415) 927-0960

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Tickets $120 per person

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