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Helsinki Mind Body Spirit Festival

10 Oct, 2015

Event Summary:

Traditional Helsinki Mind Body Spirit Festival (Hengen ja tiedon Messut in Finnish) is once again gathering people all over the Finland and abroad to Finnish coeducational school in Helsinki. We are continuing our journey under the theme: Is there supernatural?

Event Details:

Roots this 33 year old festival are deep in the World of paranormal, ufos and spirituality. By using example from similar London festival, it brings together thousands of people who are interested in greatest mysteries of our time. The festival isn’t only for Finnish people, but in recent years it has seen growing number of international visitors. The Mind Body Festival Helsinki is opportunity for people in various areas to grow together by looking for more spiritual ways of life, by taking care of your health and wellness, by studying paranormal phenomena etc.

There are about 200 stands and tens of classes in the three floors, including parapsychology classes and presentations in the main hall. There are also some international workshops and lectures, led by japanese shiatsu therapist Yumi Ogawa, PhD and international spiritual teacher Lucia Grail from University of Westminster, psychic consultant Avril Price from College of Psychic Studies, parapsychologist Jan Fjellander from Parapsychological Society of Sweden, herbalist and spiritual teacher Jim Cormier and author Anne Gjeitanger.

Organiser: Rajatiedon yhteistyö ry
Contact Number: +358 44 0100 964

Booking Details: Address
Finnish coeducational school
Isonnevantie 8