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Psychic Spies -Remote Viewing

Most remember the 1994 French-American movie, Stargate, and its fictional doorway through time and space; however, few are aware of the secret government Stargate project which studied psychic and paranormal phenomenon long before the debut of that old blockbuster hit, and endeavored to create one of the most controversial intelligence programs yet. From 1972 to 1995, American military researched and operated a psychic spy program, involving remote viewing for military intelligence purposes. What seems like a conspiracy theory ripped from the Hollywood science fiction screen is a verifiable government spy program that raged a competition and suspicion between two powerful nations. Uncovering it could attribute credibility to the psychic phenomenon, shred its foundation, or increase the mystery.

The research and evidence was found to be so compelling that the military of the most powerful nations in the world employed it. An overview and comparison of studies of paranormal phenomena, such as extrasensory perception and telekinesis, which were conducted by the U.S. and U.S.S.R., reviewed and concluded findings of interest for potential future military applications at the inception or early stages of this program. The studies involved other subcategories; however the significance is isolated to distance remote viewing, where a target is placed long distances from the psychic remote viewer. The remote viewer’s ability to sketch drawings of a location and/or objects during these double blind studies heighted interest and support for the program. While the outcomes varied with reliability, some studies yielded accuracy of as much as 80%. Russel Targ, physicist and author, was cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute’s program during the 1970’s and 80’s, playing a significant role in the U.S. research.

When comparing the differences in the early Soviet and U.S. studies, they found that the Soviet screened their subjects, while the U.S. did not. Theory guided Soviet experiments, contrasting the U.S. which provided little attempt to link theory to study. While the Soviets already had interdisciplinary research involving natural scientists, the U.S. had very few natural scientists in the field at that time. The brief concluded that more than forty years of research conducted in the United States was inconclusive; furthermore, it determined the Soviets were more likely to control, explain, and apply findings than the U.S. The vigor and thrust of the Soviets, evidenced by hundreds of millions of dollars invested in their psychic spy program, and competition for superior spy intelligence may have been the fuel for the development of a United States program to study and create psychic spies

The secretiveness of the Cold War time period is said to veil much of the program, even after being declassified; however, some interesting facts have surfaced, exciting interest in the program and the concept alike. It was the premise of the program that remote viewing could be learned. Soldiers and civilians participated in hundreds of studies. Remote viewers have come forward over the years, some hiding their identity, and revealed their insider perspective.

The implementation of psychic spies led to the discovery of a downed bomber in Africa. During the Cold War, the U.S. employed the top-secret psychic spies in their desperation to reach a downed Soviet recognizance plane, and retrieve secret intelligence. A remote viewer was able to locate the exact location of the downed plane, intriguing President Carter and justifying program funding. By the mid-1980’s, successful outcomes continued to lend support and credibility to the program, as the location of hostages in Iran were discovered, and hidden Soviet weapons’ facilities were identified. Despite these successes, program analysis continued to provide inconclusive evidence, and lacked support to continue funding. Following the dissolution and defunding of the program, Clinton declassified the Stargate program in 1995.

Psychic phenomenon teeters on a fence, with skeptics and supporters on each side. Regardless of which side we join, at least two powerful nations have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to research and employ the possibility. Whether remote viewing is reliable or whether it can be taught to the average civilian for spy purposes is undecided; however, it has been verified that a few psychics were able to accurately make significant discoveries with reliability using remote viewing, which the U.S. government reaped benefit from during times of war. For now, psychic phenomenon remains one of the unexplained divisions of the paranormal, but the Stargate program has been exposed.

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Jenna Alatari

Jenna Alatari

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