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Signs from the Other Side

I was asked to tell their story, by a letter left for me from one of the two closest friends I have ever had. Sadly I lost both of them in 1999 through suicide, three months apart. Only those close to me know why, how and when. That really does not matter anymore as it is now sixteen years on, but to my surprise they have given me sure signs they are together and that life carries on beyond this realm.

Although I will not go too much into their story or all the reasons and unanswered questions as I intend these to be written into a book. I would like to share with you the signs and experiences that I have had in the last seven years, which has proved to me the existence of life after death.

My first best friend Sally died on 1st September 1999, (the female in the black top in the main photo). Since the days after her death I clearly recall such sorrow and grief like I have never had or experienced before. Her partner Tracey (the female in the grey top on the right in the photo above),

Use to say that she could hear Sally. She would dream that Sally was talking to her, at the time I just put this down to grief. I did have a keen interest in the paranormal before this story and now more so, growing stronger with the years which has become my career on and off TV.

I gave up my full-time occupation at the time to help Tracey with her grief and to be with her. I could not imagine what she must have been feeling or thinking. I remember sitting with her in a pub in Salisbury, there was just us in the pub one lunch time and all of a sudden a strong smell of Sally’s perfume surrounded us, it was the very unmistakable Chanel No5. As quickly as it arrived it disappeared. Tracey said it was Sally, she was near; I did not know what to think. On another occasion, Tracey and I had been up all night talking about things in great length and Tracey was smoking a bit more than usual, when all of a sudden, like the smell of Sally’s perfume we could smell car fumes, this happened many times, there were no windows open to let fumes in from passing traffic. I then lived in a close and there would not have been passing traffic to make these smells. Paranormal or just a sign from Sally? Could it be we are linking in with her, not knowing so?

A friend of mine has had the experience of being face to face with Sally, she told my friend that “it was a great wake mate ” and it really was a true celebration of who Sally’s life, even to dancing in the pub and in the street, it was such a wonderful tribute to her.

Tracey left this world on 2nd December 1999, just before the millennium celebrations which we had decided to celebrate together. In the three months of Sally’s passing, we had both become strong friends more so than ever and started the journey of recovery, getting back to some kind of normality. I had gone back to work and Tracey went back to her job and she had seemed fine. I received a call to say that Tracey had gone missing early morning about 7.30am and I did not know what to do. I decided that the best thing to do was to go and be with her mum as her dad was out looking for her.

In the car something told me to take a short cut, not the way I would normally have gone to Tracey’s parents. On taking this short route, I saw her car and you can picture the rest. That night after everything that had happened I got home so worn out; it had been something I had been worried deep down about for three months. I had not wanted to think it would ever come true. That night in bed I kept a white candle going which was very reflective and I could feel icy cold blasts of air being blown into my ear every now and then. I really believe this was Tracey saying “hey I am ok, we’re together again.” In a way this was a comfort. Just before she died I lent her ten pound’s, I never got it back until one day in the shared house I was living in, I walked into my room, sat on the bed and there in front of me was ten pounds. I know for a 100% fact that it was not mine out of my wallet and nobody else knew anything about this either. She has come to see me in one dream and I have personally experienced her presence and seen an outline of her imagine as a shadow. There are other events that I have experienced but I wish to keep these for the fore mentioned book.

I visited a medium who told me that Tracey was at the funeral and was very proud that I stood up and did a reading in front of all those people and that she took with her the items placed in her coffin also what I had given to her to keep with her forever. Looking back, I am certain that we all have had signs similar to myself from dearly departed loves ones, some we might not know we have had or put down to our imagination, but thinking about them I would like to think brings them closer. They are never too far away, it is just that we cannot see them, but they are there.

I miss you both dearly.

Ray Jorden

Ray Jorden

Since Ray can remember, he knew there was something different about him that made himself a loner at times. He can recall vividly playing alone, or with his cousin in the cellar of his grandfather’s large house. To them it was like a wonderland full of possessions and memorabilia collected over the years and we were talking a man who had served in the Battle of the Somme war.

To his cousin and Ray, the cellar was a magical place where they used to try and contact the spirit world. At such a young age Ray knew that death was not the final curtain, he knew that we just moved on to somewhere we could not be seen but were there. He remembers sitting in front of a mirror with a candle, why this method they did not know, but knew it felt right, calling out to ghosts, did they really think it would work? Well the answer quite simply was yes.

He has always asked the question “once we dead are we dead” Ray firmly believes that we do not cease to exist, but where we go is that unanswered question and journey that keeps Ray going.

With an interest in the paranormal spanning over thirty years, Ray Jorden better know from the 2014 - Present worldwide TV hit Haunting: Australia (now aired in over 25+ countries) as one of the Celebrity Ghost Hunters making up the UK contingent of the cast, the show airs in USA on 24th March on Syfy Channel.

With a huge array of TV, Radio, and Media credits to his name, investigating the paranormal in his own unique style of an old super sleuth is his huge passion, being able to translate this to TV and taking the viewers on a rollercoaster of investigating.

With further TV and ghost hunting event appearances planned for 2015, and further long term commitments to Haunting: Australia, Ray will be taking his audience to new locations and uncover and is looking forward to bringing the show alongside the other cast to America.