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In the Midnight hour of December 11, 2015, It was warmer than usual for this time of the year, early December and 53f after midnight, the skis cloudy but almost as if to react to my desire to gaze at the stars the clouds began to split to reveal a panoramic view of the heavens.

Myself, Sue Brown and her eldest daughter Lindsey decided to take a late night walk over to a small cemetery at the edge of town to do some late night paranormal filming, the night began ordinary and uneventful, to be honest our family are all paranormal seekers however it seems that most of the experiences don’t come from sightings but stories well over thought about and an over eager desire to witness anything out of the ordinary, for example: a street light going off as we approach; that is not uncommon, turns into an act of the spirits attempting to communicate, trust me we tend to never leave any stone un-turned in our search for the supernatural.

We approached the cemetery and Sue began to experience some odd feelings of dread, indeed this woman has made me a believer some of the things that happen around her and her family are just un-explainable to a logical mind like mine

As we hit midpoint deep into the heart of the graveyard , I began to get a feeling that I was being watched my hair stood up on the back of my neck and the overwhelming anticipation of witnessing a apparition took over, I turned the night vision camera on and began to film, Lindsey brave young lady as always took off on her own to explore, Sue and I just slowly moved about filming, as time passed our camera filmed nothing and it looked to be another uneventful night of field work, as we began to head back to the entrance to the cemetery we all three of us caught a still black figure sitting at the front of a grave stone, startled but curious we all started taking pictures odd as it may seem this figure just let us film and snap photos.

I recognized this figure or a similar being, a few years earlier I had experienced in a late night setting the same black Smokey figure that was darker than the night, but at that time the figure was startled and took flight disappearing into the backdrop of the midnight moonlight. This time almost as if it wanted the three of us to study it; it sat there, it is entirely possible that do to the fact that all three of us saw it almost at the same time it decided to freeze as not to draw attention, but the gig was up! so to speak, we were on to it.(

After snapping dozens of photos and some short videos, we decided it was time to head back to the house to load the footage to the computer and see what we caught, as we were walking again the street lamp went out, this is so common with us that I ignored it, this was a mistake as you are about to find out, midway home I began to get a feeling of almost static electricity running through my body ever so slight but enough to know something was out of the ordinary, Sue at the same time said she all the sudden had a headache and that she was dizzy, she said “I need to rest” we walk all the time and this was not unusual but for the two of us to experience some anomalies at the same point in time warrants attention, as a researcher I have learned over the years to never dismiss anything when it pertains to the paranormal.

The static feeling became stronger, I decided to take some still pictures around the immediate area around us, as I pointed the camera up, I spotted a low flying craft, I have no frame of reference so distance and size is a mystery, however the craft seemed to be round saucer shaped with two rows of light on the outer edge, it was late and dark so all I can tell you about the color of the craft is it looked like a low gray to dark but outlined enough to see it was saucer shaped, the craft moved above us from east to north west, slowly so slow in fact that any earthy aircraft would have fallen out of the sky.

The night vision camera I was taking the stills with is a (BENQ full HD 1080p, 5.0 mega pixels HDMI with night vision capability’s with a 12 red pod light bar accompaniment for night vision shots) that Sue and I purchased from a paranormal outfit selling them on

After what seemed to be minutes the craft disappeared out of sight, I couldn’t say where, it was just there then it was not. upon review of the nights footage, I can say that although we spent a lot of time filming in the graveyard and witnessed the shadow person, we caught nothing on film that could prove it was real and/or there, you will just have to take my word on it, for the second time in my life “I know what I saw” however some of the shots that I took of the saucer shaped craft did show up on the digital camera stills but not on the motion film.

I can’t tell you why the pictures are so fuzzy and distorted maybe due to the static in the air around us, I welcome any and all to scrutinize the shots, here they have been re-sized for space but nothing more, I have the full file with the original stills from the camera for further review by serious investigators.

In conclusion I can’t help but to assume that the shadow person, the lights, the static and Sue feeling sick and the craft are linked somehow, to many variable to close together to dismiss any possibility’s.

Mark Varricchio

Mark Varricchio

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