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You can’t judge a book by its cover

Phone calls from people who are having problems with spirit and need help are a regular occurrence at Feathers Academy, our clairvoyant business in Cheshire. One day early April this year was no exception. The occupant of the house 77 year old Jack was at his wits end trying to deal with unwelcome spirit visitors who disturbed him every night forcing him to sleep downstairs. He told Jackie on the phone that he felt as if a spirit is in him, becoming part of him. He said it was a strange sensation like a sudden surge of energy and heat that he couldn’t explain. He has seen apparitions and his wife had an experience when the television wouldn’t turn off, and in the end she had to pull the plug out. She then saw what looked like an orange glowing ball of light that moved out of the room.

His son had also experienced unexplained things and the grandchildren wont stay over. He had invited other mediums in the past to try and help him, one of which told him that there were portals in the house and that there was a spirit family there that they had all died together. She showed them into the light and closed the portals down. However he was still experiencing problems through the night which is why he was calling us.

He had lived in the house with his wife and children for 46 years, were the first occupants and the house is built on former farm land. The activity had started about 12 years ago.

Jackie advised Jack to keep a diary of events and asked him if he could print off the picture of Feathers front door that is displayed on the front page of our website. She explained that we have a spirit guide called Mavis who mans a portal for us at Feathers. She works with us in rescue situations, particularly when we cant be present at the property. Jackie told him to put the photograph of the front door in the bedroom and when he felt the presence of spirit around him, to look at the photograph and to tell the spirit to go to Feathers front door. She explained that it all sounded very far-fetched, but we have helped people all around the world using this method. As soon as the connection with the photograph is made mentally, the spirit would be able to connect to it, and it is at this point that our Spirit Guide Mavis is able to communicate with them. She meets them at the door and takes them through the portal. Sometimes they resist and so Mavis leaves them in a waiting room at Feathers where Jackie or Steve talk with the spirit to find out what the problem is, and eventually they go through the light to the spirit world. It’s something we call remote rescue. Jackie went on to tell Jack that he would know when Mavis is there as she has a very particular smell to her, which is not particularly pleasant, but very obvious.

The next day Jack rang to say that he had actually smelt Mavis’s presence the previous night. He was amazed as he had not thought that possible. It was a great indication to us that Mavis was one step ahead. However, a couple of weeks later he rang again to say that the problems still continued and we agreed to go out see him.

The team on this investigation was Jackie, Steve and Anne. We always meditate before any rescue, tuning in to our spirit guides for guidance and insight. The journey was about an hour, and on the drive there we compared notes from our meditations . Both Anne and Jackie had strong connections to shipping, sailors and fish or fishing.

When we arrived at the property we told Jack about our discussions in the car, and we had wondered if this was a clue for us in some way. Jack told us that his Grandfather George, was a Sea Captain, and had met his Grandma at Tatton Hall where she worked. This was a very odd coincidence as we had just done an investigation at Tatton Old Hall a few weeks previously. So the seaman could very well have been his Grandfather George maybe trying to help.

We asked Jack for a little background information about himself especially if he had experienced anything paranormal at any time, in any other property prior to the 12 years. We were trying to find a time line to see if there was an underlying catalyst, a pattern of events and realised as we spoke that Jack had retired 12 yrs previously. Could this have been an indicator for us? He then told us that since he had finished work he had written several stories, eventually becoming a published author, his stories are all set back in time. (1600’s onwards) He very kindly gave us 2 of his books, which we were thrilled about.

He had been in the army and during his time there he clearly saw an apparition of a little boy in period clothing with pants to his knees and shoes with buckles on, who then disappeared. Following being in the army, he had joined the police force and worked as a police officer in Salford. Leaving there he became a security officer at Brooke Bond, a position he held until he retired. He recalled that there was an odd feeling in the coffee plant and that his canteen manager wouldn’t go in there as he had seen an apparition of a man with a stove pipe hat who walked through the wall.

Jacks youngest son whilst still living at home with his parents had been tapped on the shoulder by an unseen hand. Jack says he feels the presence of spirit in the music room, they seem to come into him in there.

He told us that he sleeps downstairs now as he is so bothered by their presence upstairs, and although he is aware of them downstairs its not as bad. One spirit in particular disturbs him at 4am every morning.

In the house Jack had seen a spirit lady dressed in pink with a big hat, who appeared to be from the 1900’s, who walked down the corridor and out through the wall. A year ago he saw a man dressed in a long grey coat with big shoulders, a farm labourer from the 1800’s. He has also seen an old man in a blue suit in broad daylight. Another apparition was a man with black curly hair, wearing a fair isle sweater from about the 1950’s. About 5-6 yrs ago he saw what looked like a cage come down from the ceiling with an oriental man inside .

As we walked through the house, Steve felt that there was a lot of different energies and that it is Jack and not the house that is the attraction to spirit and Anne and Jackie agreed with him. The strongest energy however seemed to come from the music room upstairs. Jackie was drawn to a picture on the wall. It was as if an energy force was pulling her backwards and forwards, a bit like a human pendulum. Steve stood in the same spot and also felt the same energy. It was quite a bizarre sensation. Both Anne and Steve felt that the energy also flowed from the music room on to the landing and out through the side of the house. We went back into the Music room and stood in front of the picture again. All of us were mesmorised by it as it was very spiritual. It showed an oriental gentleman in traditional clothes who was surrounded by chakra colours. In the picture there were symbols in a circle around the main character and colours, the symbols gave the appearance of interlocking chain which was very reminiscent of the vision that Jack had experienced of the oriental man in the cage.

We asked Jack where the picture had come from. He told us that he had met a man at his brother in laws fish shop a few years ago. They had become friendly and the man had felt compelled to draw this for Jack, but he had no idea why. This tied in to the fish connection that we had discussed in the car on the way here, and now we knew that it had been a clue for us. The portals that had been previously closed down, remained so, but we believe that Jack is psychic and is connecting to a lot of spirits who are seeing the shining creative light that flows from him. We felt that the drawing was of a spirit guide who is helping Jack with his psychic ability and manning his spiritual doorway , and would confirm the vision that he had of the oriental gentleman in the cage. We also felt that a lot of the stories that Jack writes are actual events from people who have passed over to spirit who want their story to be told and that these are some of the spirits who visit. We believe that he is influenced by them in this way.

We cleansed the whole house with a spiritual white light, and advised Jack how to ground and protect and to close his chakras. We explained to him that he is psychic, and that he will have to close down his chakras every night and be firm with those in spirit. To set the boundaries, so that he is in control of his spiritual gift, and not that the gift is in control of him. This way he will hopefully be able to have a good nights sleep undisturbed by impatient spirits who want their story to be told.

Are you sitting comfortably?. Then I will begin….....

It just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover!

Jackie Dennison

Jackie Dennison

Jackie Dennison is a Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Artist of International Status and co hosts the popular and successful TV show ‘Rescue Mediums’ which airs in over 30 countries around the world, including CBS Reality in the UK, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Channel & W Network in Canada & WE in the USA. Jackie has been involved in TV shows and other media over the years including radio interviews in various parts of the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Canada & USA.