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Ghosts of Neath - Robert King

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Ghosts of Neath - Robert King

Loved the cover of this book. For if you look closely you will see four ghosts in the foreground of some Abbey ruins. Very clever. I like how the author has split his book into various chapters dealing with certain areas of hauntings. There are chapters on haunted houses and buildings, on haunted streets and roads, and on haunted public houses. Finishing off with animal hauntings and graves. Each chapter is solid with ghostly manifestations. In his chapter on haunted houses and buildings, the author tells us about the haunting that occurred in Ty Mawr, Neath Abbey Village. One chap stated that one night as he was laying in the bath, he suddenly heard the distinct sound of someone tapping their fingers on the side of the bath. The chap, who knew that there were ghosts in this house, calmly asked the ghost to ‘go away’, which it did, and the tapping noises stopped. On another occasion in this house whilst the witness was lying in his bed, a ghost pinched him then proceeded to lie on top of him!

Those who are involved with paranormal research are well versed when it comes to the subject of ‘apports’. These can be anything from coins that suddenly appear in a haunted house to a number of other such objects and when people find these things in their home, They can’t account for how they got there. Sometimes these ‘apports’ are ‘hot’ to touch. The author gives a startling account in his book about a family who were in deep financial trouble and suddenly started finding £20 notes in their home, one of which was so hot to touch that the lady of the house dropped it to the floor. One night this lady went downstairs and saw a ghostly woman in the kitchen, this ‘ghost’ then spoke to the woman saying that she would help her. The woman quickly went back upstairs roused her husband from his sleep upon which they both went back downstairs and found much to their astonishment £75 in notes in the kitchen. Now that’s what I can a very helpful ghost. Over a period of weeks, the family found more than £1,000 in the house in notes and coins (always £1 coins) Needless to say, all this money that the family found in their home got this family out of financial ruin. This is one of those stories which admittedly is so hard to believe and sceptics would have a field day with this. That said the family upon investigation, found out that their ghost was the ghost of a lady called Bethany Baker who had been in life, a local charity worker helping those in need. This was the house that she used to live in. So it would appear that in this case that she was doing her charitable work from the ‘afterlife’. This of course begs the question of, ‘is there a spiritual bank of the afterlife’ on the ‘other side’! Where is this money coming from? Why was the money left in dribs and drabs, why not just leave £1,000 all in one go? Questions questions.

What about the ghosts that love the cinema! The author tells us that an usherette had a startling observation of four spirits who were sat in the Windsor Cinema watching the screen. The usherette showed some people to their seats upon which these people stated that ‘their’ seats were already being occupied by four ‘others’. Sure enough, those seats were taken. The usherette couldn’t recall showing these four other people to their seats and at the end of the film they were the only ‘people’ still sitting in their seats at the end of the movie when all the other people had filed out of the cinema. The usherette calmly walked down to where they were sitting and asked if they were ready to go, upon which they got up and walked past her and simply disappeared!

There is also the tale of a ghost who saved a man falling off a bridge which again shows that some ghosts appear solid enough for you to be assured that you are dealing with a real person only for them to disappear in front of your eyes. This story is both intriguing and shocking at the same time and left a lasting impression on the witness.

Then there is the tale of the Christmas Day angel. A good Samaritan or someone from the other side coming to help? Read the book to find out I’m not telling you here! Seriously folks this is a brilliant book that leaves you wanting more. The only thing that was disappointing about this book was that it ended!

Fantastic. Buy it, read it and you’ll see that life is not so cut and dried and that what is all around us is not always what it seems. For the debunkers and sceptics of this world this is a book for them and may just chip away at their inability to see what I and the author have always said is there, and that is the spirit world.

TITLE: Ghosts of Neath. AUTHOR: Robert King. PUBLISHER: Amberley Publishing, The Hill, Merrywalks, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 4EP. PRICE: £12:99. ISBN: 978-1-4456-0246-2

Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson

I’ve been interested in the strange world of UFOs and the paranormal for as long as I can remember and in 1979 I formed my own research society entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations, (SPI). Since forming this society, I have moved down to Hastings in East Sussex where I have started up a sister branch to SPI, entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations England). SPI Scotland is now in the hands of a fellow researcher.