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Haunted Plantations of The South - Richard Southall

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Haunted Plantations of The South - Richard Southall

This is a well presented and researched book. Seven sections deal with nearly 70 plantations, each containing a potted history, and the paranormal influences at work.

The author offers guidance on how properties should be approached and various pitfalls to avoid. It could, in fact, be described as a “Baedeker” guide to the Haunted Plantations of the South and is an essential accompaniment for “Ghost Hunters” who wish to investigate further.

It was disappointing to find no pictures or maps, however this can be rectified with a visit to Mr Google. Search for “West Pointe a la Hache” (page 85) for example and you will find that the “Woodland Plantation” has been depicted on the label of “Southern Comfort” since the 1930’s plus a whole range of photographs, one of which would have added greatly to the already impressive enjoyment of this book.

The “blurb” on the back of this book describes accurately what will be found within and invites you to “discover the supernatural secrets and thrilling tales within haunted plantations”. This is just what I have done from the comfort of an armchair some 4600 miles away from the action.

If you are are new to the field of the supernatural or need more hints and expert advice you could always buy a copy of Richard Southall’s “How to be a Ghost Hunter”. Then, all you need to do is contact a travel agent to arrange your next holiday which will, of course, be a fly drive “vacation” to the southern states of the USA. Good Hunting!

TITLE: Haunted Plantation of the South AUTHOR: Richard Southall PUBLISHER: Llewellyn Publications of Woodbury Minnesota USA PRICE: $15.99 ISBN: 978 - 0 - 7387 - 4024 - 9