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What Dwells Within

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What Dwells Within

If you have an interest in the paranormal, then you will not be disappointed by this upcoming book release, from Haunted Dolls founder, Jayne Harris, and horror author D.J Weatherer.

Focusing specifically on haunted objects, possession and spirit attachment, this book details the many cases that paranormal expert Harris has come across in her many years of studying this fascinating subject.

As the founder of the extremely popular group Haunted Dolls, Harris has spent much of her time (since her late teens) exploring haunted items, and has been investigating objects given to her from people the world over, from frightened owners who didn’t know where else to turn to for help.

Harris, who has studied Criminology, Psychology and Counselling, has also undertaken courses in Demonology as well as a recognised qualification in Paranormal Investigation. Her breadth of knowledge is obvious when one reads What Dwells Within, because within the pages readers can recognise her focus, passion, seriousness and critical evaluation of the haunted cases that she has been involved in. Her devotion to the subject shines in the narrative of this release.

What can one expect in What Dwells Within? Packed within this paranormal release, is everything that a paranormal enthusiast will enjoy: Case studies, explorations of theories, as well as an FAQ in which those who wish to study this subject for themselves can glean some valuable advice.

Whether you are looking for a creepy read (there are case detailed in this book that I found particularly creepy) or whether you want to use this as a starting point for your own studies, What Dwells Within is a book that covers it all. I don’t believe any paranormal enthusiast will be disappointed.

D.J Weatherer’s skill in detailing and excavating the world of Harris’ paranormal studies should not be ignored here; it is a story he unfolds with precision, passion and respect. I personally found his written word enjoyable, interesting and beautifully described.

I highly recommend this upcoming release. I rate What Dwells Within 5/5.

Thank you to Jayne Harris and D.J Weatherer for their advanced review copy.

TITLE: What Dwells Within. AUTHOR: Jayne Harris, and horror author D.J Weatherer PUBLISHER:6th Books PRICE £9.99

Fiona Dodwell

Fiona Dodwell

Fiona lives in Torbay, Devon, with her husband. She has been passionate about the paranormal since she was a child, and several paranormal experiences of her own have led her to personal study of this fascinating subject. Fiona has had three horror novels published, and has been studying the paranormal under Dr Ciaran o’Keeffe.