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A Priest Calls

I did wonder what had actually occurred when the house sitters were here the week before.

The energy in my house had taken a shift in the way it felt, and not in a positive way.

It felt like the feeling you get if you walk into a room after someone has just had a row, the tension thick and a feeling of unease surrounding. The dogs were edgy, growling at the living room wall or door. One evening around 10pm we were sat watching a film and suddenly both dogs jumped up and sat in front of the living room door, staring intently at the handle. Their heads tilting to one sides, both fixated at the door. I caught out of the corner of my eye something on the door handle. It was as if someone was catching the reflection of sunlight and making a small glimmer of light dance around the door handle. I checked and no –one was outside, no cars driving past. The light stayed for about 5 minutes and then disappeared, at which point both dogs turned and walked back to their beds. Neither had barked or whimpered as they would, had someone been on the other side or at the front door.

Experiences like this were becoming more and more frequent and I had started to forget what living a normal life was like. I had decided that on the Sunday when I picked up my daughter from Sunday school I would have a chat to the priest.

It may sound crazy but after I spoke to the priest and arranged an evening for him to come to the house a few days later, whatever was in the house made itself even more known.

Activity increased, doors slammed shut up stairs and lights flickered as I entered rooms. Both my husband and I thought we heard mumbling in the middle of the night, checking our daughter was asleep and looking onto the street for people but no one to be seen. Several times in the night I thought I felt the weight of someone sitting on the edge of the bed. I’d wake with my heart pounding so fast and a feeling of impending doom lingering.

The evening had arrived that the priest was to visit to assess the situation we had discussed. He was a young priest I’d have said about 30 years old, a cheery man with a kind face. He came into the house and almost immediately his face changed from the smile he had on entering. He asked to be shown around and so I started with the upstairs rooms and we finished in the kitchen. He then said that our house definitely had a ‘personality’ and he would like to bless the house with holy water but he wouldn’t attempt this on his own he would bring another member of the church with him for support.

It was still early evening and he suggested that this was performed in a few hours and that he would return about 8:30pm.

On his return he was accompanied by a woman who was dressed in a black robe with a purple scarf and he was dressed in white robe with a purple scarf, the purple I later discovered is usually worn when performing exorcisms.

We as a family had to accompany the priests in each room as one said prayers and the other sprinkled holy water in all 4 corners of the rooms and then each of us in turn, repeating this in every room until finally finishing in the living room.

During this time the fire alarm started and the downstairs kitchen smelt of stale tobacco, the dogs stayed in their beds not moving as if they had been told off and sent there.

After they had finished the male priest gave my daughter a small book on children’s prayers to read and gave us 2 small crucifixes to keep close by. He said that the feeling of the house would be different, in a nice way but if we had any questions over the next few days to call him.

He was right; the house did feel nice and peaceful… For a short while at least, just a week later it all started again only this time it was worse. I got the feeling we had really cheesed this spirit off and now they wanted revenge.

Jaine Davies

Jaine Davies

Barrie-Jaine Davies is a Reiki Master, Proprietor of Another Fairytale, Local Talent show organiser, Founder of ‘Famous but Frightened’ 2008 and 2010.

Jaine,as she prefers to be called, has written many articles for paranormal groups. Winner of a short story competition for a local newspaper in 1994 and one of her poems published by ‘The International Society of Poets’ in 1995. Mother of 3 grown up children, Jaine now has the time to continue her passion of writing short stories.