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When we decoratated the main bathroom in our second year of living in the house, we both felt the whole time that we were being watched whilst doing it.

We went through 4 paint brushes and a roller doing that small room, not because we hadn’t cared for them and cleaned them after each use. On the contrary we took care, we rinsed, cleaned and dried them and left them on the top of the tin of paint, and ready for the next time we were to use them to continue the job. Only they were not where we left them! 3 times over a period of a weekend 3 brushes and 1 roller went a miss.

It was as though we were not meant to paint the bathroom; someone really didn’t want us to complete the job!

But we did finish it and it looked so much brighter and clearer. Only, since we did complete the job, the spirit in the house seemed to want to make us even more on edge than it had already made us over the last year.

There was a definite increase in activity since that point and it was not welcome.

Our daughter had started waking at midnight every night. We would put her to bed at 8pm; she would read for 30 mins and then be asleep by the time I went to check on her 8.45pm. I would watch some TV down stairs till 11pm most nights. Often my husband and I would hear footsteps walking across the landing, we would go upstairs to check that our daughter was ok, but we always found that she was in bed, fast asleep.

Some evenings we would be sat in the living room and all of a sudden our two border collies would jump up and start barking at the wall or the door, then stop and tilt their heads to one side as if they were looking at something and then they would bark again.

We tried in vain to see or hear what they were annoyed at, sometimes we couldn’t find anything other times the door handle in the living room would move up and down, ever so slightly, but enough to catch the light from the room. We of course would open the door to investigate what was making the handle move but there was never anything there (not that we could see anyway).

Then one evening it had been particularly unrestful. Our daughter had woken twice in the night screaming almost at a hysterical level of fear. She claimed there was a ‘swirling’ pool in her room and a ‘croaky mans voice’ telling her that she was going to hell. Not nice to hear coming from a 5 year old, I didn’t think she even knew what ‘hell’ was, but she was adamant that this voice had told her that’s where she was going.

We settled her down again and tried to get back to sleep ourselves. Then around 2am we heard the dogs barking downstairs, my husband went down stairs to shut them up before they woke the whole neighbourhood let alone our daughter. When he got back up to our bedroom I asked him why they were playing up. He said that he couldn’t see anything outside the house but they were both agitated.

We settled back down and I think I was almost at the point of dropping off to sleep when I had that feeling that someone was watching me. I opened my eyes and nearly jumped out of my skin! Our daughter was stood on my side of the bed eyes wide open staring down at me! She had slept walked into our room so silently neither of us had heard her come from her room. She was still asleep so I gently ushered her back to her bed and got back into mine.

We tried again to get some sleep and about 10 mins later my husband nudged me,

“What?” I whispered

“Can you hear that?”

I listened carefully

“Voices?” I said

“Yes” he replied

They were faint, almost like whispers but there were voices, we both looked outside our bedroom window but the street was silent.

“Where are they coming from?”

We both strained to hear and looked at each other as we simultaneously thought the same thing…

The whispers seemed to come from across the landing, from the direction of the bathroom!

We crept out of the bedroom and checked on our daughter who was sound asleep. We could still hear a faint whisper so we opened the bathroom door, not really knowing what we expected to find.

We stood in there and the whispers had stopped as we opened the door, I shivered, it was so cold in there, and you could almost see your breath.

“Is the window open?” I asked

My husband pulled up the blind to check but the window was firmly closed.

“It’s freezing in here” he said.

“I’m going back to bed; see if I can get some sleep tonight at all!”

Back in the bedroom we tried to settle again, but it was like waiting in anticipation for something else to happen, something felt wrong…

It was almost 4 am when we were disturbed by the immensely loud fire alarm ringing on the landing. It was mains connected so it was very loud.

Our daughter came running into the bedroom crying asking what was happening.

I told her to sit on our bed as we both went to investigate why the alarm was ringing.

We quickly checked all of the rooms upstairs for signs of fire and then both of us ran down to see if anything was wrong in any of the downstairs rooms.

The dogs were pacing up and down the kitchen really agitated but we couldn’t find anything that may have set the alarms off, so we ran back upstairs to reset the alarm in the upstairs landing.

My husband pressed the reset button but it still rang, by this time my ears were ringing too! It wouldn’t switch off so I ran back downstairs to switch the mains trip for the alarms off.

My husband shouted down, hurry up to me… but I had already done it! The alarm was still ringing though!

I ran back upstairs and said try taking the back up battery out, but he had already done that too!

There was no mains electricity running to this alarm and no battery back up either but still it was flashing red and ringing!

“This is stupid!” I shouted over the ringing

“How the hell is it still ringing?”

My husband was practically thumping the alarm now but it still wouldn’t stop, then he said right its coming down!

He hit it so hard that it did come down from the ceiling; he pulled the wiring from it so we were left with a small hole in the ceiling and two wires dangling.

He held the alarm in his hand and it still rang, not as loud but it was still ringing!

He dropped it to the floor and stamped on it with his slippers on, it cracked and finally stopped.

My ears were still ringing as we made our way back into the bedroom; our daughter was in our bed, tears down her face.

“It’s ok” I had said

“That silly alarm has stopped”

“He did it” she said to me

Who? I asked

“The man with the croaky voice, he told me he would do it” she said.

My husband and I looked at each other, not quite knowing what to think.

For what little time was left of the night we all slept in the same room that night, our daughter was too scared to be left alone and to be honest we were all feeling a bit like that ourselves.

It felt unnerving sleeping without the fire alarms switched on and at that point I was waiting for something else to go wrong.

Fortunately that was the last thing that night and we slept for a few hours at least.

We called the council to come out and repair the alarm and found it strange explaining to them why it was in pieces on the floor!

They replaced the alarm and said the wiring was fine, they couldn’t find a problem that would have caused the commotion.

We had a fairly good idea though!

Jaine Davies

Jaine Davies

Barrie-Jaine Davies is a Reiki Master, Proprietor of Another Fairytale, Local Talent show organiser, Founder of ‘Famous but Frightened’ 2008 and 2010.

Jaine,as she prefers to be called, has written many articles for paranormal groups. Winner of a short story competition for a local newspaper in 1994 and one of her poems published by ‘The International Society of Poets’ in 1995. Mother of 3 grown up children, Jaine now has the time to continue her passion of writing short stories.