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Paranormal Research: Back to Basics

Paranormal research has spiraled in an obvious standstill where learn the science from what they see on television. Some things you see and hear on social media can be well thought out and useful however I have personally been seeing a lot of the same theories over and over again and yet most don’t even correlate with what have been tested many times with consistent remarkable results.

I wanted to take moment to take a look at some of these theories that seem to have been forgotten amongst the name of research by modern enthusiasts. Before I begin with these basic theories I will quote myself and say that before we understand ghosts we must understand how humans work. What I mean by this is simple, there is a lot about the human mind and how it sends electrical impulses to the rest of the brain that we don’t understand.

Some may ask. What does that have to do with ghost? Which is a great question. Einstein said himself energy can’t be created nor destroyed it can only change form. So what does that mean, well we are all energy or electricity. When we pass our energy doesn’t get destroyed, that doesn’t apply with the law of physics. Which leads me to the big question. Why wouldn’t we want to start with the living to research ghosts?

As we learned in school many physicist have proved that everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have a positive charge, neutrons have a neutral charge, and electrons have a negative charge. When these charges are out of balance, an atom becomes either positively or negatively charged. Switches from one charge to another allows these atoms to flow from one t another. This is what we call electricity.

When we here doctors talk about the nervous system sending signals to the brain to either move your hand to open a door or take a step with our feet they are talking about the electric current being sent from our brain to specific body part or other parts of our brain that control our memory and or emotions.

When we pass as humans that current doesn’t die just changes form in theory. That being said I think that understanding how the electric current within our bodies work could help us understand entities as well. Maybe even start to predict when paranormal phenomena will happen the most.

Dr. Duncan MacDougall (c. 1866 – October 15, 1920) was an early 20th-century physician in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He came across something startling and yet still baffles most scientist today, and I dint mean paranormal researchers. He noticed that at the time of death the human body loses on average twenty-one grams of weight. His research wasn’t based on paranormal phenomena, as he was just a basic physician. He couldn’t explain this loss of weight thinking of every possible solution from losing bodily fluids and tissue. All possible solutions were tested in a control atmosphere and yet still came back with no possible solution.

His only possible theory was that was the weight of the human soul and or energy leaving the body. I know that something like that seem a bit hard to grasp being that technology during his era was not as good as we have today. However recent scientist from present day decided to look into this theory, and yet still no possible solution. I’m not saying that the original theory is true I’ll leave that for you to decide, though I can’t throw the idea out being it still baffles scientist.

Carlos Averdo is a parapsychologist from the University of Atlanta. He researches psychic abilities. Another phenomena that has always struck the curiosity of many scientist. Psychics come in many forms of abilities though I wish I knew the true extent of what that Is I don’t, and in all honesty I don’t think anyone does. Remote Viewing is the ability of seeing a past and or present event by looking at pictures or walking into a building. In some cases touching people have triggered a vision.

Clairvoyant is said to be able to see clearly. What is meant by the term clairvoyant is the ability for a psychic to see what normally can’t be seen, or to see the future or to see the spirits of people who have passed over.

Empath (sometimes called a Sensitive) takes on other people’s feelings of pain or pleasure, actually feeling the emotions of others. For a psychic empathy healer it is an ability that can help in relating the symptoms and cause of a client’s ailment. However many empaths would rather not have this sensitivity as they can experience life as an emotional roller coaster when in the midst of emotionally high people.

Studying these abilities can further our knowledge on the afterlife. Not for the ability but how does it exactly work. Some would like that to remain a mystery though researcher such as Carlos feels that it would be a huge benefit to understand. The energy used in these abilities maybe the same sort of energy that spirits are made up of. It opens the door in a lot of ways. If entities are running off the same amount of electric current used by these abilities it will help us design better equipment that tuned into that specific frequency range.

The other big question when studying psychic abilities is how it works. Most people may say it’s a gift but I am researcher not a person based on beliefs. Its proven that we only use about 10% of our brain any giving time. That doesn’t mean that we have 10% we of one section and that’s it. It means that during the day we may use all of our brain but 10% during each period. I sit back and wonder what if some people had the capability of use more than 10% at one time. Maybe they had the ability of using 15 or 20% at a time. The possibilities could be endless. Maybe that added amount of energy is what is needed to obtain some sort of ability.

I am not sure where the next step in my research will lead me, and throughout the years I have learned a lot just by hearing and reading other experiences of others. I only hope that my work does help others in some way. So please I encourage all to take the time and learn a little of life in your evidence of ghosts. They do go hand in hand in some way or another.

Jason Stanton is the host of the fresh, lively and provocative GHOST CHAT RADIO on DTM WICKED RADIO

Jason is the author of the brand new Feeble Minds: The Ghosts of Letchworth Village and Unrested Peace, both available on

Jason Stanton

Jason Stanton

Jason Stanton is an author, radio personality, paranormal investigator and paranormal researcher from Sullivan County, New York.

Jason is the author of Unrested Peace (March 2014 French Point Publishing) His second book Feeble Minds: The Ghosts of Letchworth Village will be released in spring 2015.

Jason’s background in the paranormal began in 1992 with an accidental EVP (electronic voice phenomena) he recorded while playing music at a cemetery near his home. He also noticed that a compass he placed on a headstone was pointing to the wrong direction. This occurrence led to an ongoing and ever expanding study of magnetic fields as pertaining to the paranormal. Jason lectures on his findings which have grown to include radiation, parapsychology, geomagnetic field and electromagnetic radiation.

Ghost Chat Radio started in January 2012. This fresh and edgy 2 hour weekly show has been a huge success with as many as 70,000 listeners per show. Jason set a record with that number for internet paranormal radio and has also been nominated for 2 awards by the New England Paranormal Awards hosted by C.C. Huntress. Jason continues to work to raise the bar.

Jason Stanton is currently connected to multiple filming projects and has been interviewed on Time Warner Cable Network in New York, Fox Radio Network, London Knights, Family Spirit, and more. Jason was a speaker recently at Dixie Ghostland Paracon in Aiken, South Carolina. Jason Stanton Co-Founder of Eternal Dead Paranormal and lead investigator.