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Alien Communication with Radio Technology UFO

Alien Communication with Radio Technology

“Where is everybody?” says Dr. Frank Drake of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, West Virginia.³ Since his statements about the possible increase of alien civilizations, which he based upon recent discoveries of potential planetary environments for organic evolution in other parts of space, we have to wonder whether there is alien life out there, and wonder why we cannot see them.³ While we know science is busy searching for alien organic life, it is possible that the alien beings we are searching for are not organic at all. Let’s take a journey through space and time, discover the research by leading scientists, and some very unique evidence.

For a moment, let us consider the latest research involving radio frequency. SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, a non-profit organization that once teamed up with NASA, is deep in space expanding and searching with satellites, looking for that one radio signal from an extraterrestrial being. Yes, they are searching for radio signals. How can we forget the “wow” transmission discovered with the use of the Big Ear Observatory in Ohio, when those melodic tunes playing through deep space made headlines in 1977.² The “wow” signal was never confirmed to be extraterrestrial; however, the idea has yet to be discarded, and radio satellites remain the tool of choice. So let’s consider radio frequency for a moment.

Radio frequency follows the inverse square law, which says the farther from the source, the more widely dispersed and equally less intense.4 How far away or how close would the alien source need to be for this case of intercepting an alien transmission? So where are they? We might find they are closer than we think, just in another form than we ever imagined. Let’s consider some interesting facts about radio frequency to develop a clearer picture, before analyzing the audio.

What is interesting about radio frequency is that it can be found in nature, travels at the speed of light, carries energy as it propagates, transfers energy to the matter on which it impinges, can break chemical bonds, can ionize the matter it impinges, obeys the inverse square law, can be reflected or refracted, travels great distances, can be bent around the Earth’s circumference by reflection from the ionosphere, and can pass through walls. 1 What are radio waves? The answer is electromagnetic radiation –yes, it is energy. 1 Some recent and very interesting claims about aliens seem to pass through the radio waves, literally.

Interesting discoveries, not made by these advanced research programs, are coming about in ordinary places with ordinary handheld radio receivers that are only set apart from a regular radio by the tinkering that makes them continually scan FM or AM radio waves at a manually set rate. These popular devices are being integrated into society as a “spirit box” and designed to communicate with spirits, but in addition to this amazing observable phenomenon, other beings that are not from Earth seem to be speaking up. Are these actual alien transmissions?

Magik Smoke, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to researching the paranormal, and providing spiritual guidance and awareness, comes now and shares a mix of spirit and alien communications, where some refer to themselves as “peaceful aliens.” Are these alien communications or spirits? You decide. You will find a compilation of their most compelling research to date available for your review at


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Jenna Alatari

Jenna Alatari

Magik Smoke, Inc. is a non-profit organized to provide spiritual guidance and awareness through psychic readings, education, and paranormal research. I am a psychic medium and paranormal researcher that communicates directly with the spirit world, documenting and sharing my work with recordings.