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As individuals who are inside of the western science oriented societies we are not used to or in many ways comfortable with being presented with issues that have their basis in how we have acted and the choices and decisions we have made. Those actions we especially considered hurtful or less than what we expect of ourselves.

In many ways we prefer to leave them in the past and glory in the present, the eternal now of being. We allow those activities and actions to slide back into the filing cabinet of our vast subconscious. We forget them for a time not realizing how we have been affected by them.

These issues can begin to build as we place layer upon layer of programming and expectation into the subconscious areas and over time these issues and experiences can begin to build a level of intent based in ours and society’s expectations of being a certain way. A fearful event can become a repeated lesson throughout life because of the built up expressions of pain and fear behind them. Many issues can “ride” the carrier wave of this expression as we allow old hurts and fears to collect into patterns of interconnected suppositions and fantasies and in some ways they become more than what they were to begin with.

When Kundalini enters the picture, these fears can feel as if they take on a life of their own. The apple cart of our fears is overturned spilling all of our fears unto the ground where they can take root in a Kundalini awakened environment. Abandonment, anger, loss, jealousy, lies, bitterness, deception, laziness, hate, grudges can add up pretty quickly into a form of an egregore.

An egregore is a weak psychic entity or a thought form that is made up of strong energetic influences and strong emotional influences are a good environment for them to form. It is most associated with groups of people having a strong current of intention and forming from that intention a kind of consciousness. Emotions can also bring these types of thought forms together.

They are not stronger than you but because they have fears that you have harbored within yourself in them and these are your particular “hot button issues” they can come, it would seem from out of your external space to invade your daily and nightly internal spaces. It can seem as if they are something separate from you. Yet they are not. Yet your ego and your fear will team up against any such conclusion and as an active form of “showing you” can ensue to convince you of the reality of your fears by “proving it too you” (moving objects or other types of psychic chicanery.)

The Kundalini will amplify this in a very big way. To the point that no matter what is said or done to the contrary these issues will do their best to keep you locked into an appreciation and respect of these fears and in so doing the egregore grows and the fears become stronger. A person may hear an inner voice saying “Don’t do that!” A feeling of being attacked from a fear may be delivered. A person who isn’t adept at learning from intuition will assume that this is what it is and jump away from a certain action or thing, thus validating the fear and worse - its communication.

Physical objects can be moved by these fears. Yes they, with the help of Kundalini, can have a direct effect upon physical objects. I have had very heavy metal pipes over two feet wide and thirty feet long get shuffled and moved by my fears mixed with the Kundalini. Scares the heck out of a person to be sure!

It is important to realize that these fears are completely controllable and releasable. They are under the power of your thoughts and your conditioning and your Kundalini. Any level of negative self worth programming or self aggrandizement or many of the “faces” we often adopt to cover up our “true self” feelings can be used by these forces. They become an aspect of our shadow self. They are temporary. Eventually one learns to release them.

When the Kundalini begins to interact with these collected issues and the amplification takes place, if the person has done very little to balance their lives and face their issues these egregore’s can begin to scare them to pieces by performing all manner of “psychic scenarios”. Moving pipes was merely a beginning for me and took me much time to be able to understand what was going on.

This is an illustration of how important the safeties are in the awakening of the Kundalini. How expressed love as a thought and a deed is so important. By expressing the forgiveness’ s and tolerance for others and gratitude we begin to greatly reduce the effectiveness of the fears that we have collected. The egregore’s begin to dissolve. But it must be daily and steady as we begin to walk in the areas of the physical/spiritual dimensions where thoughts are real things that can be seen and felt and queried.

People who haven’t done these conditionings such as myself at the beginning can go through many levels of the “hell realms” before they begin to understand the lessons these realms are teaching. Here you are being given a direct instruction to be able to understand what is actually occurring. So practice the safeties. Be forgiving in thought and deed daily. Be loving and considerate in thought and deed daily. Be tolerant in thought and deed daily. Be gracious and give service to others in thoughts and deeds daily. Really mean what it is you are doing!

These qualities when practiced by those entering into the Kundalini will also become hyper-expressed by the Kundalini and a form of balance will begin to be experienced. All of a sudden doors that have been shut up to a point will open wide as you have cleared away much of the detritus that we can collect in our western technological societies. Kundalini and the bridge to divinity that it is will begin to show you just how wonderful you really are. How awesome and powerful your potentials actually are. You then step into the next level of learning.

For further info on “The Safeties” see Kundalini Safeties artcle in the June issue of Supernatural:



Chrism came into life with a fully awakened Kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened Kundalini he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own Kundalini energy