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My 4 Scariest E-Mails

I had a radio show that I did for four years called Python Radio and with it I had a fairly successful website called The Paranormal Python. It had between 1,500 and 2,000 subscribers. I got a lot of e-mails from people looking for help. These e-mails came from all over and all I could do is try to make referrals to someone in their area who could check it out.

Having said all of this, there is no way for me to know if a case is legitimate or not. It seemed that over time the stories were getting weirder and weirder plus more talk of demonic, which was unsettling.

Here are the four stories, in my own words, that led to me walking away from my website after 5 years.

1.) I was getting e-mails from a woman who was using a ghost box in her house regularly and told me she had hundreds of voices talking to her constantly (all day and night without the box.) She may or may not have been mentally ill, but had become so distraught and lacking in sleep that I feared she would take her own life. BTW I have been told stories similar to this before. I feel the ghost box does not just “pick up” voices but draws spirits to it… but that’s just an idea. Who knows?

2.) A distressed man wrote me that he had a portal in his house and his family was seeing a multitude of spirits including one that was a little girl. She seemed sweet in the beginning so they bought her toys and set a place for her at the dinner table. The girl was very fond of the dad and sometimes went to work with him. Over time she became jealous and if he showed affection to the wife the girl would scratch her. This escalated to a situation where the ghost girl was trying to push his children down the stairs at every opportunity.

3.) Ok this story comes from a young man. He told me he lived with his disabled mother who was in a wheelchair. In the beginning there were funny noises. Then going into the kitchen he started seeing that the cabinets and drawers would all be open after he had left the room with them closed. Sometimes this would only take a few minutes to happen. The dog would growl and fixate on certain areas in the house. Well one day he was watching TV with his girlfriend and his mom wheels herself into the room and gets up out of her wheelchair and speaks in a language he doesn’t recognize. She then goes to her bed and gets on it on all fours and makes animal noises. He asked me what he should do. (What does one say to this?)

4.) This story comes from a man who was frantic and e-mailing me up to 15 times a day. He told me he was a twin and his brother died as an infant and was buried under a tree. He said his mother was cursed and she had passed away and he is alone and cursed not knowing how to remove this from himself. He had ghostly warriors in his home that try to attack him. No matter where he goes it is the same. Sooo…. I am trying to find someone to help him in his area but was unsuccessful and then one night after talking to him via e-mail I was trying to go to sleep and something whispered in my ear so closely that I felt the breath. That freaked me out. It was a man, but, I could not make out the words. The man writing me had become so upset that he talked about me coming to where he lived which was in another state and frankly wasn’t about to happen.

In my own life I was dealing with some paranormal issues myself and at times was so unsettled by these people that I felt I didn’t have answers and the energy to deal with it all. I hate to dismiss someone as crazy because of how it felt when I was afraid no one would believe me, and by the intensity of these communications I felt that each of these people believed that they were telling me the truth.

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Annette Munnich

Annette Munnich

Annette Munnich has been a graphic artist since 2000, and a publicist, manager and agent since 2009 for clients across the United States and UK. She was the host of Python Radio for 4 years. She also is the illustrator of the Billy Rabbit’s Adventure series of children’s books. Annette is from Chicago, Illinois but has also lived in Ohio, Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma.