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Police Officer Records UFOs Flying Over Milwaukee,WI complete with Video UFO

Police Officer Records UFOs Flying Over Milwaukee,WI complete with Video

On July 25, 2015 Gustavo Rojas, a Wisconsin police officer, was shocked when he witnessed a series of UFOs flying in the night sky over Milwaukee. Rojas was lucky enough to have his cell phone camera ready and recorded the entire incident. Rojas wasn’t the only one to capture this eerie set of events. Several other locals uploaded videos of the strange lights. “I was working when I saw just one of those dots, me and my partner seen them, then they collapsed disappeared and came right back then they separated formed a shape as seen in the video and suddenly disappeared and didn’t come back, I felt a little shocked, and thought it was all a hallucination” says Rojas when interviewed by

It has certainly been an interesting week for Milwaukee. On the same day and days before the UFO incident, Milwaukee P.D. has been flooded with calls reporting a strange lion like animal roaming the streets. Residents of the city reported that it was very scary seeing this kind of animal casually strolling about. Police have searched the city armed with rifles and tranquilizers and have still come up with nothing. It’s always strange when two events correlate like this in the same neighborhoods.

Just like the case of the “big cat” roaming the city, the UFO incident remains unsolved. Local media reports that no one, not even the air force, has claimed responsibility for the strange lights in the sky. It certainly has been stirring up a lot of chatter and thousands of people have viewed and shared Gustavos’ spooky video recording of the occurrence.

Skeptics have been firm and outspoken about the Milwaukee UFO incident. Many claim these lights to simply be “Chinese Floating Lanterns”. These lanterns are lit by a small candle and float into the night sky to create a tranquil and symbolic experience. Many reject this theory because of the way the UFOs move themselves in the sky. Chinese Lanterns float upward slowly and gracefully while the lights in the video dart around the sky in a quick and intelligent fashion. Another popular (and most plausible) theory is that the UFOs are actually skydivers wearing magnesium flares. Professional skydivers will sometimes do this during festivals and/or late night air shows. Comparing Gustavos’ footage with footage on Youtube of night sky divers provides a very convincing similarity. Although there are still many differences such as how incredibly long it takes for the UFOs in Gustavos’ video to disappear. Videos of skydiving flares show them going dark much quicker. There is also the fact that no one will take responsibility for this yet. Although, there have been other videos uploaded to Youtube claiming “no UFOs in Milwaukee on July 25th” while filming what appears to be lights falling from the sky in similar fashion.

Regardless of what you believe, it is hard to deny the presence of other life forms in this universe. We live in a microscopic sphere of life, floating in an ever expanding enormous space. Space scientists confirm we are on the brink of discovery of life on others planets. We have even found organic residue only created by living creatures on meteors traveling through space. It’s a glorious age for the lovers of the unknown and it’s only getting better…and more transparent.

David Scott

David Scott

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