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Paranormal Wars

Is it me or has the paranormal world become a vast no man’s land, with big ghost companies and paranormal teams waiting in the trenches for their holy grail of evidence to throw at the others to embed their status as paranormal gods?

I have witnessed it first-hand, at how some groups treat one another, it’s like a war out in the field!

Why and how has it become like this? There a lot of groups out there that are constantly posting there supposedly Class A e.v.p’s for the paranormal world to comment, judge, and simply pull it apart for them to gracefully throw it back in their expecting faces.

There are a small number of groups though that do help each other out, they will happily engage with one another and team up for investigations, discuss findings and show each other how the other team works. But the vast majority seem to bitch and pull apart claims and evidence that have been put out for public viewing by other groups. Are these jealous actions? Or are they trying to climb the imaginary paranormal ladder of fame by tearing up the evidence gathered and putting there more important angle on it?

I for one am extremely concerned by all this commotion created in the field. It looks to me we are all loosing site on what most are trying to achieve and we have too many groups that simply want the paranormal stature of some well-known entertainment programs.

It does make me wonder how investigator’s like the late Harry Price and more modern investigators like Mike Hallowell think to all these wars that are breaking out in the field.

I can see them being confused and also disgusted at the amount of hatred and non-communication groups have. We do all have the same sort of goal don’t we? Why is it we can’t all unite and progress the field so maybe the paranormal umbrella can be more noticed by scientists. Is this why professors of science look on the paranormal as a sort of quick cop out to strange phenomena and not serious enough for them to do any sort of credible research on?

Maybe it’s time to try and come together, this may bring new techniques, new thinking and probably a much more constructive understanding within in the paranormal. Yes the big ghost companies will still exist but we all have to remember that they are not really making any sort of attempt of gathering any sort of evidence to be put forward. They are only interested in the money factor

It would be a dream of mine if all groups got on and maybe we could all start to comprise some sort of database that could house all evidence gathered. Just an idea but think of the possibilities we could all achieve if we started to work as one…..

The big venues will be overlooked for once and research in other areas that could give us all the answers to which most yearn may be a big possibility if we all worked together. Will this dream come true?, I fear not and in reality of things the future is very bleak if we all don’t wake up to the fact that the fighting and overpowering of team’s will carry on, which will be a domino effect on credible research, that will ultimately will be crushed and I for one don’t want this to happen. Do you?

I will now leave you with a quote from Harry Price from his book “The Most Haunted House in England”:-

“For a hundred years a few scientists, rather half-heartedly, have been trying to find out these things – without success. Even the ‘spirit hypothesis’ does not cover the ‘appearance’ of a psychic coach-and-pair! These are things that we do not understand, and science, to its eternal shame, is making little attempt to understand them.”

Tomo Warrington

Tomo Warrington

I started at the age of 10, when receiving a book about the Enfield poltergeist. When I was young I used to cut clippings out of pares of haunted houses and used to try and estaablish meanings of the hauntings. From then on I knew my path and as I grew older I studied credible researchers like Guy Lyon Playfaire. I have been involved with many paranormal teams and have travelled up and down Great Britain. I have been very privileged in the paranormal world meeting many known and unknown researcher’s and investigators, I am currently working towards diploma in parapsychology and also I write for a number of magazines. I have lso started up a paranormal age on facebook for all people who are intrigued…..