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The Evil Connection to Violence and the Paranormal Perspective

Each time someone learns that I’ve worked with psychics and have concluded psychic readings myself with those who have passed over, the question arises, “why are they here?” According the Parapsychological Association, 2 in 5 Americans has experienced some ‘paranormal phenomenon’ and 30% of Americans stated in the 1990’s that they had been visited in some way by the dead. Studying transpersonal psychology and trying to make the spiritual realm fit into our observable, Newtonian, scientific world is quite difficult, but not impossible. A recent article published by the Epoch Times highlights recent attempts and continuing this uncharted and turbulent path but also something that is my specialty, forensic psychology. The article mainly highlights the statistics of apparitions and those who witness them and projects the findings. Remember, statistics teaches us that correlation does not mean causation, however the patterns and illustrations of violence to paranormal phenomenon was astounding. More than 77% of both sexes that had claimed to witness an ‘apparition’ and stated the spirit was male. Violent deaths show a link to male spirits regardless of who perceives them. Violence is often associated with the paranormal but perhaps we consider out own perceptions in these examples. Consider the absolute importance of the Observer Effect and selfishly highlight our own minds.

How have my negative experiences, negative traumas and even negative past lives affected my spirit and personality and has that guided my education into the field of forensics; I empathize because I’ve been there. Synchronicity or not, violence weaves its way in and out of my life in many ways and my life experiences have been invaluable to my ability to achieve greatness as a forensic psychologist. Often called ‘sterile’, ‘cold’, ‘too objective’ and yet also in correlation to, ‘lateral thinking’, ‘refreshing’, ‘the good psychopathic’. We use what we have and we consider out own strengths, we consider our perceptions. I’ve always been driven to the mysteries of the haunted dark asylums with a gruesome past. Lurking late at night, alone and hoping to have an experience. Personally, spiritually and scientifically (because those are usually so polar from one another), I was hoping to have a ghost grab me, violently scratch my arm and pull my hair and I would go running away with ‘an experience’. I also have an education in mental health and find the history, the architecture, the sad romance of tragedy and knowledge all to linger with the hopes of ghosts and therefore exploring violently haunted locations has always ‘called to me’. Perhaps this is the proverbial Kalnienk vision and metaphoric loss of my ability to see with peripheral reason while having a passion in the paranormal. Always conflict, always violence and always the glamorization with dark mysterious demonology. I do after all specialize in psychopathy. Whether you’re free, stuck or tangled in your ability to so a range and diverse set of skills, somehow the same things find you… even haunt you.

Side stepping a whole new article that would be needed to delve into Gestalt Psychology, I’ll mention the scared Freudian in me, the one that whenced at the thought I was projecting self-psychopathy by being interested in it. Freud often suggesting our deepest desires are Ego driven and therefore our best passions are related to our true selves. I have a library of serial killer books and criminology text, so what did this say about me? I looked to the only moral conscious I resort to at times of abyss…rationale. Objective and linear thought, simple disassociated talk. Violence in forensic psychology discusses behavior and law (intention and competency) and also the root of evil. In my life experiences, my intentions were good and my source was initially external (an abusive step-father). I wasn’t Mary Bell and stabbing people by the age of 5 and instead I was a studied doctorate student by the age of 30 and making waves for myself in a field predominantly unmoved by women. With the baggage of a paranormal speaker, and heaven-forbid psychic reader, that I too could be both empathetic and subjective and also excel at being scientific and objective. What I later realized is that it also requires the separation of self, the removal of perception and the change of mind as much as one can try to achieve. Enlightenment is scary because it is lonely and it is a complete state of self-responsibility. To remove oneself from your own mind completely is insanity is it not? Without cutting the ‘silver chord’ as we think outside ourselves, we take a look at society as a whole and just step back, hover above. Rationally, let’s look at what we see and what do the numbers tell us?

A slew of online survey news sites (google, CBS, Huffington…) have reported similar numbers in their survey of users that believe in ghosts and life after death. More than half (64%) of the participants believe there is a life after physical death. Continued paranormal research surveys even support the research of Dr. Haraldsson that 67% of apparitions are male and that they seem to have some correlation to violence. A rise in paranormal shows that focus on the ‘most haunted’, ‘most violent’ and even include ‘exorcisms’ seems to be the viewer preference on popular media and might reflect this correlation or link to violence and the paranormal. With investigators seeking the ‘most haunted’ of locations to explore and families rising to fame after their stories become modern horror, violence again rises to fame.

Some scientists regard superstition and ghosts stories to a link in fear of our past or even learning lessons. To teach (condition) a child to make the best decisions, often we use fear and pain, violence and spanking. Psychology suggests Bandura, Dr. Milgram and the Stanford Experiment may have all been ethically questionable but they did conclude how important violence remains a key ingredient to human interaction. Emotional, raw, powerful and sometimes violent. Violence has many definitions and I try to leech to the legal term of ‘intent to do harm’ and focus on intent. Do the ‘violent’ spirits have negative intentions to harm us or are they just trying to communicate? Research continues but correlations are strong that violence plays a key role in the veil that connects us with the other side.

Sarah Soderlund

Sarah Soderlund

Sarah Soderlund aka Paranormal Sarah is a wife, mother of two and forensic psychologist. She holds a Masters degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with specialties in your linguistics and criminal profiling. She is a licensed hypnotherapist and has worked in the mental health field for over a decade; she has worked with paranormal clients for nearly 2 decades. Sarah is a published author and speaker on parapsychological topics ranging from Ufology to the Psychology of Fear.