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Ghosts of Lincoln

Lincoln city is one of the most historical landmarks in the country. The cathedral is seen from all areas of the town and is worth a visit! Rumour has it the cathedral had to be rebuilt eight times throughout the decades. Enjoy a stroll around the Bail gate and admire the beautiful architecture around you. There are plenty of pubs and restaurants to stop off at if you get tired. But when the shops shut and the pubs close that’s when the history of Lincoln comes alive!

Lincoln city is renowned for its ” Ghost walks” and hauntings. However being a “yellow belly” (somebody born in Lincolnshire) I have been on one of the ghost walks that takes place outside Lincoln castle. I wouldn’t recommend it if you wanted to experience paranormal activity. However it is a nice tour if you want to know about some of the legends of Lincoln and the Bailgate. I remember going on this ghost walk and at the end I brought the “ghost walk CD” which is basically the host of the ghost walk telling you all about the legends. However she said to us that the CD would not play while we were still in Lincoln.

Brushing this off as a joke we made our way home, thinking nothing of it. However when we tried to play the CD (We were parked by a haunted pub “The Smugglers inn”) it wouldn’t work. We drove past Saxilby and suddenly the CD started to play. I went to school in Lincoln and college so I know the area pretty well. Bailgate is supposed to be the most haunted area in Lincoln city. The paranormal group Most Haunted actually went to Lincoln castle. However Most Haunted I’m afraid to say was not all that it was cracked up to be. The majority of the time they lied about the paranormal activity and made it up. I know this because I went to one of the haunted locations they went to ( Hever castle) and I asked the staff about the paranormal investigating group Most Haunted going there. The staff member said that the castle was haunted but Most Haunted made the majority of the stuff they witnessed up.

I myself have been to Lincoln castle. It is a mysterious and earie place. Because I pick up on spiritual energy I sensed the atmosphere in the castle to be that of a sad one. I could feel the old inmates watching me from afar as I made my way down the cell block and into the court room. The court room is full of old dummies which are seated in individual “sections” of the room. This is to represent the old inmates and what they would have seen while they attended their weekly church services. It is a very glum and depressing part of the castle, But interesting.

There is another haunted location I would like to talk about. Greasestone steps near the cathedral, is said to be haunted by a “rolling head” and a man. Apparently if you take photos on the steps at dusk you will see an orb or a spirit manifesting in one of your photos. The White Hart Hotel in the Bailgate is also renowned for its hauntings. It is said that a highwayman roams the corridors as well as a monk. If you ever do go to Bailgate “Browns Pie Shop” is worth a visit. It is haunted by a ghost of a little boy who likes to steal things and throw things at the staff. I have also been here and the food is lovely!

Lincoln city has allot to offer spiritually and historically. I highly recommend it!

Arabella Mortimer Hendry

Arabella Mortimer Hendry

​Arabella has always been fascinated with the supernatural from a young age. She has recently written a book Love Tie which is going to be released later on in the year. As well as writing being a passion of hers she is also an actress. Currently living in Chichester, West Sussex.Arabella hopes to pass on her knowledge about the spiritual world to other people. So that they may see the world in a different light.