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I just got back from a lovely little town in what is known as the “Texas hill country.” My grandson, Everett would have been delighted because the dense, dark woods sure looked like “Sasquatch “country to us! His Opa and I even performed some tree knocks and though we got no response from those, we did hear a very unusual howl in the middle of one sunny day…

There indeed are many hills and coming from an area that is relatively flat and ugly, I was most inspired by the beauty of the woods, cold, clear creeks and those hills looming over the back deck of our rented house.

I’d come to this place for some peace and nature time. I truly didn’t care that there was no television here. Much. I did however have my trusty old laptop and joyfully bored my face book friends with the beauty of the place, though photos could never do justice. I’d come to this place to think, to try and make sense of some things troubling my soul.

I relaxed in our private pool, took naps and jolly well ate what I wanted but I knew I was looking for something else.

I was looking for signs. The Bible says we’re a people who look for signs and I think some of us more than others.

There’s an older movie starring Mel Gibson called “Signs” and though the plot may be silly a times I like some of what the lines in that movie. At one point Mel’s character and his brother are discussing and pondering what the arrival of alien beings on our planet means. Is this a good thing? A bad thing? Are they simply curious about us or is something terrible about to take place?

Some people, Mel’s character says, “think it’s a sign from God.” He continues to tell his brother, “The thing is you have to decide whether you are a person who believes in signs or are we just on our own.” That was not a direct quote, but pretty close. And here I admit I am a person of “signs.”

Sometimes I’ve asked for them, though I try not to. I know that faith does not demand signs but still there are times when just a little something, anything is a great comfort.

On our second day there as I lazed around the pool silently, a dragonfly appeared overhead. He (she?) stayed with me the entire time I was there and flew off when I reluctantly left. Each day that dragonfly (or its twin) would appear over my pool float and stay with me. One day, a younger dragonfly landed on my knee and stayed there as I quietly floated.

On day three or so I noticed a hawk flying over the pool and very low. This big bird was soon joined by another hawk and they too stayed overhead as long as I was out there. A flash of red in the cedars behind the pool proved to be my favorite bird, a cardinal. He chattered at me and though I didn’t see him as much as I did the hawks and the dragonfly, I could hear him. I knew he was there.

Did I take the hawks, the dragonfly and the elusive but “there” cardinal as signs?

You bet I did.

Two of my oldest friends have always been “hawks” to me. I could feel their support circling over me. Never intruding, but there. The cardinal is my own symbol and also the symbol of my dear grandmother who passed ten years ago. I miss her ever day. Her love and total support is still with me.

The dragonfly?

Well, as most of you know I’ve wondered about whether or not my books, beginning with “The Dragons of Candlewood” were worth the writing to anyone besides myself. One of Candlewoods mythical creatures is a little horse/unicorn creature called “Firefly.” Does a dragonfly equal dragons and my “Firefly?”

Again, why not?

Maybe I can take these things as signs of support, as signs to not give up hope just yet. I think that’s a good thing.

So ask yourself. Are you one of those people who see signs?

I do.

Ellen Newton Driscoll

Ellen Newton Driscoll

Ellen from an early age she was fascinated with the paranormal, supernatural world and read every book she could find about ghosts, angels, monsters and God. She and her family have had many experiences in their lives with everything from visitations from loved ones passed to dreams and confrontations with “angels unaware. In 2010, she and her husband Tom founded “Parker County Paranormal” with the sincere intention of helping people whose stories not many would believe. Ellen also writes a series about kingdoms and dragons beginning with THE DRAGONS OF CANDLEWOOD.