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This article is written from a different angle..

A house I lived in about 10 years ago had months of activity and it was becoming difficult to live a quiet life and to keep my children safe. I sought the help off a local paranormal team to see if they could shed any light on what was going on.

The rest of the article is the paranormal teams documentation starting from when I contacted them. I requested the notes even though the investigation came to an abrupt end…


This investigation is somewhat of an ongoing one with a lot of previous history attached to the case before we started to investigate.


There are 4 members living in this house, 2 parents and children aged 10 and 12.The youngest child has reported feeling, seeing and experiencing a huge amount of paranormal activity for nearly 2 years. The older child has experienced paranormal activity but not on such a large scale as the youngest child. Both adults in the house have experienced varying degrees of activity over the last 2 years and have reached a point of wanting it to come to an end as it has disrupted sleep.

The house is a relatively new build, under 12 years old, a modern 4 bedroom detached house which is set apart from any other houses and is fairly secluded. On interview the individual members of the house had the following comments to say:

(For the purpose of protecting the identity we will use false names for this report)

Jon (Youngest Child)

“I can’t sleep at night, I can’t go upstairs by myself, I can’t do anything by myself because that’s when they come, and there are lots of them. They try to talk to me all the time”

Ashley (Elder Child)

“I don’t hear it as much as Jon, but it does bother me, feeling like I’m being watched all the time, Ill be doing my homework or playing on my Xbox in my room and suddenly things will fall off shelves or there will be bangs or thumps from nowhere, then it’s like you catch something out of the corner of your eye, but when you look there is nothing there”

Alex (Father)

“I am a level headed guy and not a lot gets me worried, but the last year there has been some very strange goings on in my home that I cannot explain. Lately the strange happenings have become more intense and it’s got to the point its disturbing not only my own sleep but that of family guests who visit too”

Jaine (Mother)

“There is definitely something not nice going on in my home, doors slamming when there are no windows open, footsteps when there is no one in the house or everyone is asleep, the feeling your being watched and an impending feeling of doom sometimes, the dogs play up when the activity is rife, sometimes there is whispering that has been heard by all members of my family and also visitors to the house, but no known source from where it came!”


The team were called in when the owners of the house experienced an evening of heightened activity that kept the mother of the house awake for most the night. It started when Alex was away on business for 2 days; this is when the activity is usually worse according to Jaine. “It’s almost as if when I’m alone, ‘the spirit’ seems to play mind games with my children and me, taunting us and making itself known more than usual”

The first evening my husband was away the house seemed different. I had arranged to pop over and see a friend down the street for an hour and the boys were watching a film. I got back to the house just after 9pm after only being out for just under an hour and the boys were upstairs already in bed but not asleep.

When I went up to check on them they said they thought they had heard voices downstairs before I came in and asked if there was anyone with me. Which of course there wasn’t, but they both insisted that they had heard male voices talking.

We all went downstairs together to make some hot chocolate and to let the dogs out before we went to bed.

While downstairs we heard a loud bang that came from upstairs. I went up to see what had caused the bang, but on checking all 4 bedrooms and bathroom I couldn’t see anything that may have fallen or caused such a loud thump. After having our hot chocolate the boys went to bed and I took my lap top up to bed with me to catch up on some emails.

About an hour later I heard whispering on the landing and footsteps that sounded like they walked from my daughter’s room past the bathroom towards the boy’s room. I was mad because it was nearly 11pm and the boys had school so they should have been in bed and asleep. So I got out of bed and went to their room. When I walked in, they boys were both fast asleep; there dog (who sleeps in their room) was awake and stood at the end of the bed. There room was freezing cold so I went over to check the window was closed and it was. The radiator was still warm from when the heating went off at 10pm so it was strange that their bedroom was so cold. I was a bit uneasy for the rest of the night but slept anyway. It was the next evening that was the main problem.

The coldness upstairs had stayed all the next day, even with the heating on, the only bedroom that had a little heat in it was my daughters room, which you would have thought would have been the coldest considering she hadn’t slept in it for 3 months as she is away in University. I work from home and spend a majority of my time alone so I’m not usually a jumpy or spooked out person but this day was different. Something felt strange like I was being watched; I heard bangs coming from upstairs, footsteps, then on inspection finding nothing that was there.

The dogs seemed uneasy all day too, the eldest dog growling and the pup kept tilting his head and looking at the door as if someone was behind it. I had a few friends over that evening for a few hours and they also said it felt really cold upstairs when they went to say goodnight to the boys. But yet again the radiators were on so there wasn’t any reason it should have been so cold, it wasn’t even that cold outside.

It was late at night that I got really scared for the first time ever. It was about 1am and I must have been asleep for about an hour or so when I felt the side of the bed go down like someone had got into bed, I woke straight away expecting to find one of the boys there, instead there was nothing apart from a cold breeze. I have to tell you I freaked and jumped out of bed and turned the light on. There was nothing there that I could see. I felt a bit stupid getting so scared. I was just about to get back into bed when I heard a thump, I didn’t know where it came from so I went onto the landing and stood there for a moment just listening.

I didn’t hear anything else and I had calmed myself down so I walked into the boys room to check on them, they were both asleep and to be honest I didn’t want to go back into my room straight away so I sat down on the edge of the bed and lay down beside Jon. I closed my eyes and almost immediately I heard a thump to the floor, I opened my eyes and saw a book fall off their shelf onto the floor and that made a second thump. I sat up and saw two books on the floor almost in the same place as each other.

My heart was pounding, the boys were still asleep but the puppy had sat upright too and was looking at the fallen books. Just then he looked towards the bedroom door and tilted his head as if he was looking for someone. That’s when I heard footsteps outside the bedroom door and then I heard the footsteps run downstairs! I spent the rest of the night sat upright in the boy’s bedroom unable to sleep, I was scared.

That is when I decided to call in a local Paranormal investigation team in. I have had enough of being kept awake at night and I wanted to know what was going on in my home.


We received an email from a lady who asked us to investigate her home. At the time in question we had our American honouree member over on investigative business so we thought it would be great including her on this case.

On entering the house we spoke to all 4 members of the family and asked what they felt were the key areas that activity occurred. All 4 concluded that the activity was most active upstairs but also the living/dining area downstairs had also felt at times very cold and uninviting.

We started to examine the upstairs of the house first and at the top of the stairs there are two bedrooms to the right and to the left there are 2 further bedrooms and a family bathroom. The 2 rooms on the right were the boy’s individual bedrooms but of late they had taken to sharing one room because they were too scared to sleep alone.

We shall call the unoccupied bedroom room A and the one that the boys are sharing room B. On entering room A the temperature of the room was cold and had an oppressive feel about it, in room B the temperature was slightly warmer but the small landing space between room A and room B seemed very cold too.

The shelf that the books had fallen from was inspected and the books that had fallen were positioned in various degrees on the shelf to see if we could reconstruct the falling. We found that the books would have to be placed almost on the very edge of the shelf for them to fall, and in doing so they fell immediately. The books are situated at least 2 inches clear from the edge of the shelf in between at least 20 other books of similar size, so quite how they fell is somewhat of a mystery.

The main family bathroom is situated opposite a large built in cupboard and the loft hatch is just outside the entrance to the bathroom. The 2 further bedrooms we shall call room C which is the daughters room and room D which is the parent’s room. On inspection of room C this was found to have a much warmer, light feeling and room D was fairly similar. The stairway area of the house also seemed quite oppressive and there was a definite feel of someone walking behind you when you descended.

The lounge and dining area are open plan in an L shape with a walk in cupboard and just past this leads to the kitchen area. This room is very light and even though it is open planned seemed quite warm. The householders explained that the ‘spirit’ that they think was bothering them Seemed to move from room to room and not particularly stay just in one place in the house. They also said that the activity was more so at night and particularly around 2am onwards.

We took into consideration that children lived in this home and we did not feel it appropriate to have a full team at the house overnight disturbing the family so we suggested that a team member stay overnight in one of the unused bedrooms to see if anything occurred in the small hours.

The homeowners were more than happy for this to happen so our American member volunteered to stay and she was offered the use of the daughter’s room for the night.

We didn’t set up any equipment this evening it was purely going to be a overnight stay to get a ‘feel’ of the home and anything that may or may not be happening.


Laura arrived at the house at 11pm and went straight to room 3 to settle. Laura is sensitive so she can pick up on spirit as they come close.

At about 12.30am in a half sleep state Laura was woken fully as she heard whispers in her room.

“Do you think she can hear us” was the first voice she heard.

“What? What do you want!?” was another voice, different from the first.

“WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE” was the first voice again.

Laura had sat upright in bed at this point and she stood up and walked to the door to turn the light switch on. She had checked that there was no TV or radios on; then checked the window was closed. She didn’t want to risk waking the children so she opened the door and listened for any sound in the house, but there was silence throughout the whole house. Laura returned to bed and tried once more to settle.

At 1.35am Laura was woken abruptly, the TV had turned itself on and her bedcovers were pulled off her shoulders by an invisible force. Laura jumped out of bed and tried to find out how to turn off the TV. The remote control was situated on the shelf right underneath the TV itself.


The next series of events are somewhat sketchy as Laura cannot remember exactly what happened. “I left the bedroom to go to the bathroom and tried to fully wake myself up after what had happened in the bedroom, I remember walking along the landing and opening the bathroom door, the next thing I knew, I was at the bottom of the stairs in a heap with a huge lump on my head and what ended up being a broken wrist.”.

“I really don’t know how I ended up at the bottom of the stairs, the bathroom door is on the right and the stairway is further along the landing on the right, I obviously cannot say for sure, but I think I was forcefully pushed”

For obvious reasons the overnight stay was brought to an abrupt end. The owners of the property arranged for Laura to go to hospital. Jaine made this comment about the incident.

“I heard Laura open the bedroom door about 1.30ish, I woke because I’m a light sleeper and my daughters door sometimes sticks, I was worried she wouldn’t be able to open it, but I heard the bedroom door and then I heard the bathroom door open, all of a sudden I heard an almighty thud, I lay in bed for a moment wondering what it was, wondering if the boys had fallen out of bed, or if Laura had slipped in the bathroom. Next thing I heard was a cry; I ran out of the bedroom and found Laura at the bottom of the stairs.

It was really strange, there was no tumbling noise or anything to suggest she had hit a number of steps on the way down, it was if she had completely missed all 13 steps and hit the bottom of the hallway in one almighty fall.”

Thankfully Laura got away lightly with a broken wrist and bruising, it could have been a lot worse. We arranged to do an investigation leaving trigger objects and recording equipment for a few days later.


Investigation abandoned

Jaine Davies

Jaine Davies

Barrie-Jaine Davies is a Reiki Master, Proprietor of Another Fairytale, Local Talent show organiser, Founder of ‘Famous but Frightened’ 2008 and 2010.

Jaine,as she prefers to be called, has written many articles for paranormal groups. Winner of a short story competition for a local newspaper in 1994 and one of her poems published by ‘The International Society of Poets’ in 1995. Mother of 3 grown up children, Jaine now has the time to continue her passion of writing short stories.