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Kundalini and dreams

… A Kundalini Teaching

The dream life is one of the main areas of communication between the Kundalini consciousness and the human ego or psychological consciousness. These dreams will be customized towards the individual consciousness as it is this consciousness, along with all other bodies of awareness that is being transformed.

Often this communication will come in the form of a symbol or groupings of symbols that will represent certain aspects of an individual’s life. Such as, a house in disarray indicating the need for some personal organization or as a need for further balancing of mental and emotional struggles or a beautiful scene, indicating a loving communication from nature. These are symbols of movement from one expression to the next.

In our lives we can experience a great many events and experiences that can last many years within our psyche. These thoughts and feelings can color the present time existence in ways that are quite challenging to our inner happiness and complacency. Kundalini dreams will seek to balance these areas. Many of the Kundalini communications will be designed for the amelioration of these inner areas of turmoil or confusion gently or roughly guiding us into a healthier and greater awareness of what it is we are to learn and absorb through these experiences.

We are often given dramas with modulating story lines that point to a certain set of behaviors and actions, feelings, and thoughts that we are to adopt or cleanse ourselves of. Sometimes we will be given these over and over again until we begin to internalize them to the point of conscious expression of these teachings within our daily and nocturnal activities.

Within the Kundalini dream divine personages or teachers may come and give specific guidance towards the purification and inculcation of the Kundalini divine agenda within and upon the individual. These teachings are often accompanied by blissful or exalted feelings of love and appreciation from the dreamer. Sometimes they come in ways that can be as a sharp rebuke for certain activities that must be stopped immediately. Drug use or addictions of many various natures would fall into this category.

Often within the Kundalini dream a type or many types and varieties of animals may come. Some species show up more than others such as the serpent or the tiger or panther. Spiders and birds are other manifestations of the Kundalini consciousness as it begins to help a person understand that the true source of divine transformation is held within the arms of nature. Mother Nature to be more precise as Kundalini in its feminine expression is the manifestation of this force.

As the primary conditioning factor for Kundalini begins its expression into the person it is the Sacred Feminine that takes the lead beginning to help her Kundalini child embrace a new world of expression and understanding while still immersed inside the world of the mundane physical.

These animals will most certainly appear in the Kundalini dreaming life of many people entering into this supreme expression. Yet one of the many differences of a Kundalini dream and a non Kundalini dream is that the Kundalini dream can literally bleed into the waking reality of an individual. Meaning that as the person begins to awaken or is completely awake the Kundalini dream will persist in all of its glorious manifestation into the waking reality! This can rock the reality of the now awakened person, sparking the creation of many questions and concerns within the person and in some cases eliciting a fear response.

In many ways the veil of separation realities have begun to blend and it is in these ways that the Kundalini dreamer is being prepared for the future stages of being that accompanies the Kundalini awakening process.

These dreams can become the source of much fear. When a person does not know what is occurring they can begin to feel as if they are approaching a state of insanity. They can self commit due to these fearful dreams and the intrusive quality of these dreams into their real life. Kundalini is relentless and yet at its foundation Kundalini has the best interests of the individual at its core.

Fear dreams or nightmares can become a common theme if the individual is resisting the Kundalini or so fearful of any change that they immediately freeze up during the Kundalini instruction. And yet even in these circumstances will the Kundalini continue to treat and assist the person inside of their transformation. Kundalini understands fear. And it is as a separate and distinct aspect of our being. It is conscious and cogent of what needs to be given to any individual at any time and does so with a continuous methodology of subtle or gross transformation.

Dreaming in Kundalini can take on many different stages and qualities of expression. The out of body activity or OBE is a common feature leading into the Kundalini expression. As this activity occurs many lessons and a shift of the normal understanding of reality can occur as the dreamer views themselves sleeping thus identifying with more than the physical body lying asleep below

them as they float gently above it. This of course can cause another fear response if the occurrence of the phenomena is an unknown for the person.

Lucid dreaming or becoming conscious inside of the dream will also serve as a function of the Kundalini dreaming experience as it may be necessary for the individual to have an awakened psychological conscious awareness inside of the dream state for a discernment of what the Kundalini dream is offering. This can occur in order for the lesson to be received.

The dreaming state can be instantly turned into a Kundalini spiritual vision as a component of the transformation in the later stages of the Kundalini awakening dream experience. These visions are as a real representation of a Kundalini communication and are often superimposed upon the awakening individual’s daily conscious understanding and reality. In the afternoon so to say or at lunch can a vision occur or at any time of day or night of the Kundalini consciousness choosing.

In many ways are we gifted with the Kundalini awakening awareness given to us from the Kundalini process. The dreams are a very real and valid vector of open and personal communication for the individual within the Kundalini awakening process. There is no denying it as we will sleep eventually and these dreams will come.

Open to these dreams as you open yourself to the inner divine transformation. Do not fear any aspect of the Kundalini communicating to you even though it may take on a fierce quality to test your levels of fear response. Open to the inner transformation and take no resistance in any form against the Kundalini. Even inside of the scary or frightening dreams are very real treasures and gifts of enlightenment that are waiting to be found by you within these states of consciousness and change.

Let yourself open and become enthusiastic about where you are going and how you are getting there. This is merely one aspect of the Kundalini process but it is a very important aspect and merely requires that you begin to accept and initiate a non-resistant attitude of grace and openness to the Kundalini and its ways of communicating and teaching and transformation within the dreaming expression.

Kundalini blessings to all! © chrism

My name is chrism ....... I teach the Kundalini and activate those who clearly are ready. I radiate Kundalini and it radiates through me. As it moves through me it will move through you as well. What I write is merely another opinion on your path. I offer seminars around the world.

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Chrism came into life with a fully awakened Kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened Kundalini he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own Kundalini energy and