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Lurking in the shadows

Not long ago I was asked if I believe in what some call shadow people, I have to say at that time I was a sceptic, until one night as I do, I went out for a mid-summer evening walk and sure enough out of the corner of my eye I spotted movement, as my eyes shifted to my left lo and behold peering from behind a tree in my front lawn was a dark shadowy figure, Darker than the night that wrapped itself around everything visible in the dull moon light, Luckily I was fortunate enough to get a full on look at this creature, baffled my curiosity instantly took over and I took chase, the entity bolted greasy fast behind my garage never to be seen again.

what I saw had no discernible features except that it was human in appearance from the distance I was (#10 yards or around #30 feet) it looked to be five to six feet in height thin build but shimmery almost as if it were dark black smoke with human form, two legs, two arms head shoulders, torso, No facial features or noticeable clothing, I did not see the often notorious glowing eyes.

This encounter set me on a path of research into the phenomenon of shadow beings, below is a short overview of that research, as with most witnesses, the research is hardly complete and created more questions than answers.

The shadows:

Allusive and mysterious (the Shadow people), Dark shadows hiding just outside the normal field of vision, familiar shapes typically seen lurking in the dead of night in the corner of a room, peering from behind a tree or around a corner, Shadow people observe the souls they stalk from a distance and are known to flee if they realize they have been detected.

These Dark entities are the most misunderstood and allusive of all the paranormal beings reported by the living.

The Living tend to fear what they cannot see with understanding, the very word shadow coupled with person instills anxious thoughts of pending evil, largely due to misconceptions brought about by the entertainment industry, However there have been reports of the Living waking from sleep with a shadow person holding them down or choking them.

Shadow people are reported in all shapes and sizes from full grown adult, small and childlike, both male and female features, some with noticeable hats attached to their heads, some reports of just a black mist ominously hovering in a darkened area just outside the Human field of vision, some shadow people have been described as having red low glowing eyes.

There is a long on going interest in the phenomenon of shadow people by paranormal researchers from around the globe, what are they? Ghosts, Other-Dimensional Beings, Time Traveling Humans from some distant point in the future, manifestations of the imagination or something else altogether?

To label or list these creatures alongside common definitions like ghost, spirit or apparition demands clarification, unlike common manifestations of such energies we can classify, shadow people are yet to be fully understood as a part of the earthly spirit family.

The dark appearance and malevolent feelings that accompany reports of these creatures has led researchers to speculate that they are demonic in nature

The jury is out as to what these creatures are and how we can classify them but the overwhelming evidence and eye witness accounts push the shadow people directly into the open arms and minds of the paranormal community for further investigation

Mark Varricchio

Mark Varricchio

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