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Ms. Lizbeth

As a medium, I often encounter people on the higher side from all walks of life. Most of the time, I know nothing about them other than what they choose to tell me; and this information is usually given for two reasons: as evidence for loved ones during a reading or as a part of a lesson I am supposed to learn. This is one of those times that involved a major lesson for me to learn, and I learned it from a pretty fascinating woman.

Three years ago, I received a visit from a woman who had passed away in the 1920’s. She introduced herself as Ms. Lizbeth, and paused, as though she expected me to say or know something about her. I didn’t. Instead, I smiled, welcomed her and thanked her for visiting. Then, I asked her what the purpose of her visit was. I knew she would’nt have made the trip to see me for no reason.

My question opened a floodgate for her, and she began to talk rapidly; as though she had never been heard before at all. She did pause in mid-stream, as the look of confusion on my face was more than evident. I had no idea who she had been in life, and she spoke to me as though I should absolutely know. My guide Roman, who stood with us the entire time, leaned down and advised me that I was speaking with a woman named Lizzie Borden. Ok, that didn’t help much. I still had no idea who she was, and once Ms. Lizbeth realized this, she continued talking happily. She concluded her visit with a request, “Please visit my houses to discover all of the things I have shared with you.”

I was so confused. After the conversation, I wrote everything down and drew pictures of the items she shared with me. Then, I did some research and discovered she had been accused and acquitted of murder. And, her houses were not far away from where I lived. There was one problem, though; these murders she’d been accused of were committed in one of her houses. I didn’t have a very good track record when it came to places like that.

Once, while in North Carolina visiting my aunt, I discovered her home was haunted and didn’t sleep a wink. I found out later that two people died in her house. Another time, while visiting family in Southern Illinois, we decided to visit and tour this old house that was built before the Civil War. I barely stepped foot on the porch when I turned completely white and nearly passed out. My mother had to catch me to keep me from falling. Among other atrocities that occurred there, the house was part of the Reverse Underground Railroad, as escaped slaves were recaptured and resold back into slavery from this house.

So, I could only imagine what it was going to be like for me to willingly walk into a home where two people were brutally murdered, supposedly bludgeoned to death by the woman who sat across from me. I also do not have a fascination with haunted houses or the manner in which people transition from the Earth plane. It is part of my service to spirit that I am privy to these experiences. And, I have a reverence for the fact that I was chosen to share in that most personal and private moment, even if it is gruesome. .

I took my entire spiritual team and a friend with me to visit the home that is open to the public. My friend let it slip that I was a medium; which turned out to be a good thing because the staff shared with me photos of orbs, faces and other pretty amazing ghostly stuff that had been taken in the house. They asked me why I decided to visit the house, so I told them. I don’t think they were expecting to hear that Lizzie herself asked me to come.

The second I stepped up to the front door of the house, I immediately realized that a different kind of vision had been opened up for me. I am mostly clairvoyant; which means I see spirit in many ways. But, I am also clairaudient and clairsentient; which means I can both hear and feel spirit as well. All three were amplified and combined within the house.

I felt spirit touching my shoulders, tugging at my shirt, pulling my ponytail. There were times my feet would not move from certain spots. None of these things are usually allowed, but to actually feel it truly fascinated me. Ok, and it scared me. I wasn’t expecting it.

I also could hear spirit, loud and clear. This wasn’t a repeating energy pattern, where spirit says and does the same things over and over. No, this was interactive. I would ask questions and get answers from them. I demanded, for example, that they stop pulling my ponytail and I clearly heard the word ‘no’ in response.

Clairvoyance, though, was the hardest part for me to adjust to. I saw in layers. It’s easiest to liken the experience to creating an image in Adobe Photoshop; which is done in layers. The first layer is the background, and then you add an image, then text and continue adding in layers until the entire image is complete. The first layer for me was the house in its original state, as it was when people entered it in August, 1892. The second layer was the one on which I saw spirit in the house. The third layer was how the house looked in 2012. And the fourth layer was a more angelic layer that allowed me to see the bigger picture, not just for the house and its history, but also the lessons for me to learn there.

I found the things that Ms. Lizbeth asked me to look for, even the things I drew. At the time, I figured this was a lesson for me in paying attention to detail, as well as a lesson in how to control my boundaries in a place that clearly pushed them to their limits.

I let go of Ms. Lizbeth and forgot all about her until a little over a month ago. My roommate (who is also a medium) came to me one day and said, “I have a message for you from a Lizbeth.”

My jaw hit the floor. “Ok.”

“She wants you to write about her.”

Ok. I didn’t really want to revisit all of that crazy energy. I visited the “murder house” a total of three times; each visit only expanded on my original experience, and I figured I had enough. So, I just acknowledged the message.

Then, articles about Lizzie Borden began to pop up on my news feed, seemingly at random. Ok, she meant business, but what was I really supposed to write? I thought I’d already learned my lesson.

In April, my roommate was on her way back from Florida, traveling by RV, when it broke down. While walking on the side of the road, she came across a grave. The person’s first name was “Lisbet.” Once she relayed this to me, I could no longer ignore the request. It took a while to figure out what I was supposed to write, but as I sat down to write this article; it occurred to me that I missed the point entirely.

The lesson I thought I’d learned about controlling boundaries and paying attention to tiny details was definitely important. From my first experience in the house, everything was amplified. I was suddenly able to experience spirit in much more distinct and clear ways. I credited my visit to The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast as a sort of spiritual awakening; when actually it was Lizzie herself that sent me there.

Why? Why did I allow myself to be talked into visiting a house where such gruesome murders occurred by the very person accused of doing them? Further, why did I allow my boundaries to be so tested, almost to the point that I felt actual fear and terror? Finally, what did I ever hope to gain by witnessing and experiencing everything I did in that house?

The answer is simple: because I trusted. And, it wasn’t so much about trusting spirit. I’d worked hard to make trust in my spiritual board innate, inherent and pretty much a part of my spiritual DNA. So, as long as I had the angels and my guides and loved ones, I knew nothing bad would happen to me in that house.

Trust in me was at the core of the lesson. Far too often, I would share my experiences with others, only to have them ripped apart by those who couldn’t understand or were jealous. I would allow their opinions to quickly sway my own experiences from fact to some kind of random fiction invented for entertainment purposes, or to just plain try and get one up on those with whom I shared them.

This time, however, I believed in myself. And, I realized that was a turning point for me.It was because I trusted myself that all of the ways I experienced spirit was enhanced. I wasn’t afraid of what other people might say or do.I recall that the first thing the staff did upon learning that I am a medium was to show me actual photographic validation, and then they asked me “Would you share whatever impressions you receive with us, please?”

That was a first for me, and it was because I believed in me. Again, I have gone through a spiritual awakening and a return to trusting myself after a very long hiatus.Thank you for the reminder, Ms. Lizbeth. And, thank you for your persistence.

KJ Hamilton.

KJ Hamilton.

KJ is a published author whose short stories and poems have been published online and in print. Her first novel, Fanatical Betrayal, was published in November 2004. KJ is also a natural-born medium who has spent many years studying and perfecting her natural spiritual gifts under the tutelage of many teachers and mentors. Her goal is simple: to bring love and healing, to build a bridge betweeen the planes and to provide continuity of life beyond all doubt. As such, she strives for excellence in her work.