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Paranormal Minds with Video

The 3rd Eye Paranormal Investigation team completed a six episode series in an explosive Sceptics Vs Believers battle in some of the UK’s alleged Paranormal locations. Joining the 3rd Eye Team were eight ordinary members of the public 4 Sceptics and 4 Believers who were given the chance to go head to head proving and disproving Ghosts or Spirits exist at each the locations.

And after some very heated battles the series ended with both sides locking horns in a final episode like no other.

If you would like to see the first episode of the series which was filmed at the Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunk (Nantwich Cheshire) make sure you tune in at to Showcase TV, Sky Channel 261 - Freesat 402 - Freeview 254 at 9.00pm GMT Wednesday 20th January 2016.

Frank Humphries

Frank Humphries

Frank has investigated many locations over the years but is still not convinced spirits exist, he says after his first full series he has seen a change from the public Sceptics but still he stands Strong as a Sceptic.