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So, You Think Your House Is Haunted

So, you think your house is haunted? Bummer, sharing you home with the breathing impaired can be a disconcerting situation depending on how you’re being haunted. If you’re lucky your spirit might be some sweet little old lady ghost that just wants to make contact. Or perhaps you have a really annoying spirit that likes messing with you. While a few people may be dealing with something truly horrifying. Either way you are truly inconvenienced.

Before we go any further, I feel compelled to ask, how did you come about the conclusion you have a haunting on your hands? You say you have pictures of brightly lit balls of light floating about your house. Ok. You hear what sounds like scratching coming from your walls. Gotcha. Your basement is unnaturally cold and you feel you have some unseen presence watching every move you make. I see, what you’re saying. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a haunting on your hands.

While the strange stuff happening in your home is certainly indicative of a haunting, it’s also indicative of other, more natural reasons. So before you hit the internet looking for your friendly neighbourhood ghost hunter or go running to a priest for an exorcism, you may want to consider other explanations. Let’s start with those bright balls of light in your pictures. Or what we call in the biz, “spirit orbs.”

Everyone really seems to either hate or love the orb. There are literally millions of pictures of these little balls of light choking up the paranormal pages on the internet, and people really seem to lose their freakin minds when they catch one on film. Love or hate them they are are to stay.

Unfortunately, I must be the bearer of bad tidings, but these little balls of light people lose their minds over, are nothing more than dust, bugs or condensation. When the flash from a camera illuminates a room the light bounces off whatever may be in its way. Including dust particles floating in the air. When light hits these particles the light makes them seem bigger than they really are. Mystery solved. Well not exactly.

Throughout the history of paranormal research there have been a few cases that weird balls or even streaks of light are not bugs or dust. One case was the so-called “Entity” case in southern California, where are single mother was being attacked by a violent spirit. The investigators caught many orbs and light streaks on camera that were not the usual suspects. I myself watched as three balls of multicolour lights flew around a room on a case I worked in Crystal Lake, Illinois. So although some light anomalies may be legitimate spirit activity 99% can be attributed to wholly natural causes.

Next, that unnaturally cold breeze that blows through your home when you least expect it. Most paranormal investigators agree that cold spots occur when a spirit is attempting to manifest. I, myself communicated with a spirit by asking it to raise and lower the temperature in the room during an investigation. This may seem dramatic but not all cold breezes are spirit activity.

Believe it or not some house builders have no problem cutting corners and costs while constructing a home. And one of the things they like to cut is properly insulating a house. That cold breeze you think is a ghost might be shoddy insulation or draftee windows. Before consulting a ghost hunter consult a builder first.

A common feature of a haunting is that creepy feeling some unseen presence is watching people. Sense of presence, as we call it in the field is a common complaint and there is nothing more unnerving than that feeling you is being watched. But, like everything else, there may be a real world explanation not involving ghosts.

Exposure to high levels of electro-magnetic energy can trigger that weird, uneasy feeling of being watched. Long term exposure to high EM fields has been known to cause paranoia and anxiety. If left unchecked high EMFs can be somewhat dangerous to your health. You may want to have an electrician come to your home or business and check the electrical outlets and wiring before you consider the ghost option.

Besides high electro-magnetic fields causing that very unpleasant feeling, there are two other common and dangerous reasons for that sense of presence.

Infrasound is a low decibel sound that cannot be heard by the human ear as it operates less than 20 hrz. too low for humans to hear. However, it can still affect you in a serious way. Infrasound, like high EMFs, can cause paranoia and anxiety as well as nausea. Strangely enough, infrasound can actually make your eyes wobble causing some to think they are seeing black shadows moving out of the corner of their eyes. In certain places, such as subways and airports, there is a great deal of infrasound. The London Underground, which has a long time reputation of being haunted also, has high levels of infrasound from the trains. Are these truly ghosts of London’s part, or low sound decibels messing with the human mind?

Another cause of that sense of presence is the most dangerous, exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is often called the “silent killer” as it has no smell and no taste. Dozens of people each year die from exposure to carbon monoxide, either from a faulty furnace or intentionally inhaling the gas as a means of suicide. Exposure to low levels can cause hallucinations, anxiety, nausea and even death. If you suspect exposure to low levels of CO2 have your local fire department inspect your home or place of business, it may just save your life.

To the seasoned investigator this may seem like common sense. However, this is not intended for the veteran investigator but rather for the uninitiated person who believes they may be experiencing a haunting. While I believe consciousness survives the death of the body, I also believe that some “hauntings” can be explained and easily remedied by upkeep of your home and business. And if you can dismiss these real world factors as being the cause of your problem and you still have activity, then give me a call. I may be able to help you out.

Rick Hale

Rick Hale

Rick Hale has spent his life in the pursuit of the unknown after witnessing an apparition at his grandparents’ house on the north side of Chicago.

Over the past 20-plus years, Rick has been on dozens of investigations with large paranormal groups to being completely independent.