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Soul Connections

There is no separation, just the illusion created by physical limitations. The same laws apply to our relationships with our deceased. The connections we build in life… the love we share between us is the glue that binds and the line that communicates. When we love each other we begin to receive more information between us, as anyone in a strong relationship knows when something is wrong even if the loved one is far away.

There is a constant communication of thoughts, emotions, desires, and intentions moving between us, even if we are unaware. By creating happy memories with loved ones we store emotion and information for use by your loved ones later. When you tap into a memory you can remember details about what was going on, clothing, etc., but what is most prominent is how we felt.

We attach our memories through emotional bonds. After a loved one is gone it is through these investments that they can help and inspire once they pass out of the body capabilities. As many people will become aware of a memory about something a loved one said or even just a comforting warmth when it is most needed.

The memories you leave behind are your true legacy and greatest investment that continues to affect and create. It is through these memories that we ourselves will be able to reach across the veil and assist those loved ones when they most need us even after we are gone. However, we cannot pull on a memory that is not there. Those words that should have been spoken or those loving moments cannot be repeated once you are gone.

Be mindful of the bigger picture as you will regret watching your loved ones suffer with bad memories and your negative actions in life continue to support fear and bad choices in their lives. It is a big responsibility to co-create someone’s reality. We do this with everyone we cross paths with.

Try your best to remain aware of that cashier or that child even when, you are frustrated or distracted. Every word you speak, every compassionate action is never wasted. Leave flowers and fruit all along the journey. Every encounter is important even if you cannot see it now, try your best and you will leave with no regrets.

David Lawson

David Lawson

David’s writings cover varying subject matters broaching a wide range of topics on the unknown from spiritual to ghost hunting to the occult. He is one of the lead empaths and researchers with the global organization, The Hunt with Holzer. Through reflection he is able to share his perceptions to help others look at their own. His writings and teachings come purely from the desire to give back to the community and to inspire others to do the same. For further details about this writer, please visit: