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The Puzzling Questions of the Paranormal.

The Paranormal is a huge umbrella of topics, questions and more head puzzling answers, which derive from brave investigators, parapsychologists and scientists who dare place their own theory or logical explanations for things that science struggles to explain for the world to judge upon.

I have been looking for answers for over 21 years and have built a huge amount of information from researching and investigating throughout the years and currently spend most of my time investigating ghosts, poltergeists and apparitions. After every book I finish or every investigation I undertake, there is one definitive question that is either in the back of my mind or slaps me in the face from time to time, and it is, “Will the Paranormal ever be proved or disproved once and for all”?

Is the paranormal meant to be unlocked?

How would we all respond to ground breaking evidence of the afterlife?

What would it mean for us to discover life on another planet?

These are just some questions that would surely arise and of course would have huge implications to humanity. Some may argue that we already know the answers and do not need to seek out anymore clarification.

Others simply crave that golden opportunity to hold a piece of flabbergasting evidence, that they will use to springboard their ego to celebrity stature and immortality of paranormal legends, and others simply would like to answer their own questions for themselves.

No matter who we are or what we do, we all crave the same sort of answers in one form or another but like I’ve said, is it meant to be proved or disproved?

My personal opinion is, not yet….

I truly believe us humans on this tiny blue planet in space are just simply not ready for answers that would truly change the way we think and act towards humanity in a whole.

My reasons being for my conclusion is that if we take the subject of ghosts and poltergeists, it is an age old topic that goes right back in time. Many have tried to understand and explain in rational terms of how an outbreak of poltergeist activity occurs but again people either accept or shoot a theory down in flames which then causes some forward thinkers to go back to the drawing board as such. The technology back then could have been an important factor as to the evidence gathered or simply the lack of it, but in our time we have no excuses for the technology side of things.

For me there is nowhere near enough evidence one would imagine to gather up, after so much time. At this moment, the mass number of smart phones, digital cameras, camcorders etc., that are owned on the planet is huge and you would of thought that there should be by now a decent percentage that have caught a ghostly apparition of the white lady, or somebody who is the victim of poltergeist activity must have recorded the chair moving on its own accord, but what we are left with is hoaxers filling up the field that want financial gain like some say was the cause of “The Cock Lane Ghost” back in 1762, or simply hoaxers that crave the personal public attention.

The field is full of confusion and is very frustrating for those serious enough to try and understand and study the paranormal, are these ghost’s camera shy because they have the answer to humanity? The jury is out and the world is watching and waiting with baited breath.

We do however get rare cases that do truly define explanation and we do very rarely view some footage or image that does point towards something of being supernatural in force. Have these tit bits of the unexplained been agreed to be seen and recorded, by forces unknown to simply dangle the carrot as it were in front of us mortal humans to entice and keep us on the path of the truth? this maybe so and has honestly gripped my attention for a long time and I’m sure will continue to do so for many years to come.

The field has sadly become a bit of a circus in recent times but then again has it not always been like that? I think we all need to work together towards the same goal in one form or another, we need to share and encourage ideas and theories, and not to place any sort of negativity as its not helpful and causes some to completely wash their hands of the paranormal and in so many situations it causes people to give it all up completely.

It may just be the case that one of you out there has the key to share and unlock the mysteries to the paranormal, you may be sitting on something incredible. If we all work together as one and head in the same direction it may be the case we gather more evidence, have a better understanding of the paranormal that may unlock that defining moment in humanity.

The answers are I’m sure out there, but we all need to show not just the supernatural that we are ready for the truth, but to prove to ourselves that the human race can show level headed understand and to work as one, because we are all the same, no matter what walk of life you are from and of course you never know, you may become the main cause of a new rare case of ghostly occurrences, that see yourself in another dimension looking through from the other side to a dimension you once walked and breathed…..

As your ghostly footsteps patter down your once dearly loved spot, would you allow a group of investigators and scientists record you? or would you simply shy away, for them to keep guessing as to what was making the sounds of those footsteps

Tomo Warrington

Tomo Warrington

I started at the age of 10, when receiving a book about the Enfield poltergeist. When I was young I used to cut clippings out of pares of haunted houses and used to try and estaablish meanings of the hauntings. From then on I knew my path and as I grew older I studied credible researchers like Guy Lyon Playfaire. I have been involved with many paranormal teams and have travelled up and down Great Britain. I have been very privileged in the paranormal world meeting many known and unknown researcher’s and investigators, I am currently working towards diploma in parapsychology and also I write for a number of magazines. I have lso started up a paranormal age on facebook for all people who are intrigued…..