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Haunted New Zealand Roadtrip

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Haunted New Zealand Roadtrip

Following on from Mark’s first two books Voices in the Walls, and Talking to Shadows, this continuation sees him again heading out on roadtrips covering the length of the country, private home cases, and gaining rare access into some of New Zealand’s most allegedly haunted historic locations. Sometimes with his team in tow, alot of the time, solo.

Mark takes the reader on a top to bottom journey across our stunning landscapes, to search for answers in an attempt to make some sense of the many stories and urban myth, that have transcended the generations. From wandering highway spectres and ghostly hitchikers, to lakes of much mystery and fear, to a terrifying goat - man creature. After reading this collection of stories, urban legends, personal anecdotes and true life ghost experiences, youll be sure to sleep with the light on for many nights to come!

Available from New Holland Publishers

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Mark Wallbank

Mark Wallbank

Mark Wallbank is the founder of New Zealand based paranormal research group, Haunted Auckland, and has been fascinated in all aspects of the paranormal spectrum his entire life. From Ghosts and hauntings, UFOs and aliens, Cryptids and mysterious creatures, through to our country’s intriguing urban myths. His team is New Zealand’s most active and recognised paranormal research group.

Since the early 80s, Mark has been an experimental electronic musician, ran a music / events label and retail outlet, published two indie music magazines, has been a research consultant, worked in the print industry, a photographer, a social networker, a collector of creepy things and a public speaker.

He has written three books on the paranormal subject; Voices in the Walls, Talking to Shadows and Haunted New Zealand Roadtrip with a couple of others currently in the works. Plus many articles and reviews for numerous print and online magazines through the years.

He doesn’t consider himself a ‘‘believer’‘, more an open minded agnostic who has experienced enough in his life to realise that there is definitely something to all this: it isn’t all delusion, and any research is very much worthy and valid. His research has led him all over New Zealand as well as exploration and investigation internationally.

Mark has given talks on cryptids and ghosts at many paranormal events around New Zealand and Australia.

For the Seriously Strange event, Mark will be highlighting some of New Zealand’s fascinating and elusive mysterious creatures. From Hairy ape-like Bipeds, Lake monsters, horrifying hybrid beasts, out of place fauna and long thought to be extinct animals that appear to be leaving indications they might not be as dead as experts may suggest.