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Does Actor James Dean Have Something To Say From Beyond?

Before there were cell phones with cameras and paranormal pop-culture upsurge cable television shows, there were actual ghost stories floating about the globe. A man named Tom Angeloni simply shares his true and simple ghost story on his possible encounter with the ghost of James Dean.

“My ghost story (for lack of a better term) happened back in 1991. In May of that year my friend Mike and I were invited to play an acoustic guitar set at a party that our high school friend Kevin was having to celebrate the annual Paso Robles wine festival. At the time Kevin had just recently moved to the area from southern California and was just getting into the budding wine industry up there. He now owns his own winery but back then he was just a winery employee learning the trade.”

Tom continues on with his backstory of how he potentially met up with James Dean’s rather curious ghost.

How It Began

“The day after his party the three of us had gone out to a local bar and grill to have dinner and a few drinks. We were chatting about the weekend of fun we had when the conversation turned to the long drive up from Los Angeles when I mentioned seeing a sign on highway 46 that said James Dean Memorial Highway. I recall that I asked Kevin about this and he informed us that that was the road where James Dean had died in a car accident many, many years ago. I had no idea that it happened up here. I had thought for some reason that it happened in L.A. somewhere.”

Tom says that he was very surprised to have learned about the actual location because he recalls, “I remember as he was telling us the story our waitress was at the table next to ours and kept looking back at us. When she finished she came over to our table to take our order. When she returned with our drinks, she told us that she had overheard our conversation and we all started chatting about the crash. And as we were all young guys in our mid-twenties we did some flirting with her too. I don’t remember how it came up, but I believe she then told us that there were stories around town that the crash site was haunted.”

“I recall we all laughed at this as we didn’t exactly believe in ghosts…well everybody except me! The waitress then said “well if you’re not afraid of ghosts why don’t you guys go out there and check it out.” Mike and Kevin said that’s exactly what we’re gonna do!”

“We left in Mike’s truck and drove the 25 or so miles outside of town to where the waitress told us the crash took place, near the intersection of highway 46 and highway 41. It took about 45 minutes, as I remember, through the rolling countryside of California’s central coast. The area was covered in high grass with small clusters of oak trees here and there. When we got there we parked the truck on the side of the road and got out to survey the area. We were there for a few minutes listening to the sounds of the night.”

Tom recounts the most vivid moment of that evening. “We walked around acting like idiots smoking cigarettes and laughing at the idea that the place could actually be haunted. Kevin being the macho guy he was, started daring any ghost to show itself. I had a bad feeling about this but didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to look like a wimp in front of my two friends. He continued to try to antagonize, poking insults at James Dean calling him a horrible driver and a two bit actor. Not a smart move. This is where it got kinda weird. At this point I got mad and told Kevin to knock it off but he continued telling me not to be scared and that he would protect me.”

Precognitive Warnings

There have been many claimed “warnings” mentioned to the actor after purchasing his Porsche Spyder as many mechanics and owners have said that this model car was very unstable due to its design. Then came the premonitions in the time leading up to James Dean’s death while the actor was excited to show off his new race car. There were friends of James that included Eartha Kitt and a former girlfriend, Ursula Andress who felt that the vehicle had a malevolent presence. Many people today still believe an object can hold negative vibes or even an evil spirit and so perhaps here, this was at play. “James, I don’t like this car; it’s going to kill you,” Kitt is reported to have said to James while the two were out for a drive the week before his crash.

Around the same time, James Dean met Alec Guinness and asked the actor’s opinion of the car. Guinness stated that the car was sinister, and said that if James got in it, he would be dead within the week. Is it possible that James Dean knew of his pending doom and demise by his friends opinions of his newest purchase? There were signs that could lead one to think or even believe James somehow also felt, his car would be his last moment in time spent on earth. Would he be back to somehow claim vengeance, or state how angry he is for the whole incident?

While filming a commercial for the National Safety Council, a paradox occurred where James ad-libbed the words of the script from “Please Drive Safely. The life you save may your own,” to “The life you save may be mine.” Perhaps he is a bit angered in the after-life as to his decision in keeping and using this vehicle knowing somewhere in the back of his mind, it was not going to end well therefore creating a still, lingering resentment on the highway he perished on in 1955?

The Ghost Of James Dean

Tom continues with his ghost story, “The next thing that happened was that the air became completely still. All the regular night time sounds, crickets, leaves rustling, just stopped. It was completely still and quiet. We looked at each other uneasily and then Mike pointed out a small patch of fog, or what looked like fog, forming about 20 yards away near a cluster of canyon oaks. Tule fog was not uncommon this time of year but this was not the kind of fog I had seen many times before. It had a bit of a greenish- blue haze about it, and it began to move, slowly at first but then a bit faster. It rose up from the ground where it formed and began moving in a slow whirlwind shape. We just stood there staring at it in disbelief for what seemed like an eternity.”

“In actuality it was more like 2 or 3 minutes. Mike leaned over at me and said “Tom what is that?” I didn’t say a word, I was scared. The hair on my arm was standing on end and I had goosebumps. As we watched the fog swirling, it slowly formed a small ball of greenish-blue light, not very bright, about the size of a quarter. It moved back and forth in front of the oak trees slowly getting bigger and bigger until it was the size of cantaloupe, maybe 8 inches in diameter though it was hard to tell at that distance. At this point Kevin was as quiet as a church mouse. I glanced over at him and his eyes where as wide as saucers. Needless to say he was not laughing anymore. The ball of light started coming closer to us. When it was about 10 yards away from us, Mike blurted out, “let’s get the outta here!” Nobody had to tell me twice, I was running at a full sprint toward the truck. All three of us jumped in the truck and peeled out heading back to town as fast as his truck would take us.”

Is James Dean Stuck?

In conclusion Tom recalls that when they got about 4 or 5 miles from the area, he thought his heart beat finally got back to normal! “I think Kevin was the first to speak. He was talking a mile a minute asking what the heck was it that we had just seen. Was it a lightning bug? A hive of lightning bugs? Well I know it wasn’t. I know it was right near where James Dean died. And I have never experienced anything like it. To this day we still tell the story to new friends (although Kevin has come up with a million “logical” explanations of what we saw) and I’ve told it to my nieces and nephews along with other paranormal experiences I’ve had. Was it James Dean? Maybe, maybe not. Was it paranormal? Yes.”

Is he haunting the place of his death and does he have more to say? James Dean sadly collided his Porsche Spyder race car with another car while on the road near Cholame, California on September 30th, 1955. He had received a speeding ticket just two hours prior. He was killed almost immediately from the impact from a broken neck. He was 24. His short career, violent death and highly publicized funeral catapulted him into a cult-like and iconic object of timeless fascination.

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Alexandra Holzer

Alexandra Holzer

Scientific Paranormal Researcher Alexandra Holzer, is no stranger to the world of the supernatural, publishing or art. She attended The Fashion Institute of Technology following her mother Artist Countess Catherine Buxhoeveden (related to Catherine the Great), who also attended. She follows in her late famous father’s (Parapsychologist Dr. Hans Holzer) ghostly footsteps (Original Ghost Hunter, NBC’s In Search Of, Amityville Horror, WOR Radio with Joe Franklin.) Hans Holzer was also an Assistant Professor of Parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology, Research Director of the New York Committee for the Investigation of Paranormal Occurrences, and a member of the College of Psychic Studies in London, as well as a lecturer at leading colleges.